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It is often said that with popularity, always comes money. While it is a fairly logical statement, it doesn’t always true. Why is Team Fiferst saying that? Because of today’s celebrity: Angelyne. We’ll today be talking about Angelyne net worth.

Well, you wanted to know, and here we are with it! A woman of various professions. One might wonder what Angelyne net worth is – curious mind it is! And to quench the thirst of your curious mind, Fiferst is here with the answer.

But before we dive into Angelyne net worth and life, we must know a bit about her. Nicely enough, Fiferst has taken care of that too and has mentioned things one might want to know about her.

Read more to find out everything – including Angelyne net worth.

Who is Angelyne?

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Source – Forbes

As we said above, “a woman of various professions”. Angelyne is an American media personality. She is a singer, model, and actress as well.

We’ll discuss more about her in the coming sections. Let’s start with talking about her early life and career.

Angelyne: Early Life And Career

Angelyne was born on October 02, 1950. It may come as a shock to you but Angelyne is not her real name. Her birth name is Ronia Tamar Goldberg.

Early Life

She is a strong woman. A warrior.

If you don’t believe us saying that, you will, when we tell you she is the daughter of survivors – her parents have survived the Holocaust!

After that, Angelyne’s parents moved to the US and started a new life in Los Angeles. When she began her schooling in the states in the James Monroe High School, North Hills, California, she preferred going by the name Renee Tami Goldberg.

Rise To Fame | Career

Her life took a steep turn in 1978 when she joined the band Baby Blue. It was a punk rock band that had her boyfriend of the time. The band would usually perform at the clubs in Los Angeles.

A single was released by the band in the same year called “Rock n’ Roll Rebel”, it was also called “Fantasy Man”. The song had a very confined sale – the only distributing country of the song was England and sold a few 1,000 copies of the song.

In the next year, 1979, Angelyne released her single called “Too Much To Touch”. The song was then followed by her original album in the next three years, in 1982.

It was in that year her life went upside down when Angelyne met Hugo Maisnik – a local display printing business owner.

When Angelyne met her, she was trying to get her a post as large as the size of a billboard.

It was the year 1984 Angelyne’s first billboard went up with the caption “Angelyne Rocks”.

In the next two years, by 1986, her next album “Driven to Fantasy” came out and in 1987, her mural, as high as 85 foot was painted on a building in Hollywood.

In the coming years, she also achieved many milestones, like recording songs with Michael Dosco. By now, she has been on over 200 Los Angeles billboards – told you; the lady is a living legend!

(Not so) recently, in 2013, Angelyne and Michael Kuluva, a fashion designer, signed a deal that was rumoured to be about $300,000-$500,000. The deal was that Angelyne will be the face of his Tumbler and Tipsy Clothing line.

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Where Did Angelyne Get Her Money From?

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Source – Entertainment Weekly

Angelyne’s money comes from her starring in the Hollywood tours in 1997 and in the short film that went by the name “The Angelyne Dream Experience”. She also draws portraits of herself.

Her money is also a result of a specific deal between her and the designer Michael Kuluva. More has been discussed about it above.

Why is Angelyne Famous?

Angelyne is famous as she is a popular media personality. An American actress, model, and a superb singer. Her popularity became distinct when her billboards were seen by people. Seen and appreciated.

Angelyne Relationships, Marriage, and More

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Source – ID Magazine

In 1968, Angelyne married to Michael Strauss. It was said that it was their common friends that were the chain and reason that they met.

Sadly, the relationship couldn’t become “relationship goals” and they divorced shortly after – in 1969.

Except that she was also in a relationship with Jordan Michaels in the 1970s and with her then-assistant Scott Hennig.

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What is Angelyne’s Net Worth?

Now the thing we’re here for – Angelyne net worth!

At the beginning of the article, we said –

with popularity, always comes money.

And we also added that it might always not be true. This seems to be the case with Angelyne.

Angelyne net worth is $500,000 (Five Hundred Thousand Dollars).

Perhaps this is a lot of money, which it is. But as compared to other high-end celebrities, 500,000 dollars seem fairly close to nothing.

Summing Up | Angelyne Net Worth

Angelyne’s self-portraits and her billboards are a delight to watch. She had everyone under her when her billboards went up and her music came out.

Angelyne net worth 2022 is estimated to be about $500,000 (Five Hundred Thousand Dollars). Her iconic billboards will never be forgotten.

This was all for Angelyne net worth 2022. Fiferst hopes that we answered all the queries you had about Angelyne and especially, you got to know why you came here for – Angelyne net worth!

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