The Unlisted Season 2 release date

The Unlisted is an Australian drama series that is mainly developed for kids and teenagers. The drama delivers a tale of two 12 years old
identical twins whose names are Drupad and Kalpen Sharma. The twins work collaboratively with a squad of vigilant teenagers so that they can stop the mightly government from executing universe dominance over the world’s millennials.

The first season of this exciting series was launched on 15th September 2019. The show airs on ABC network in Australia while Netflix streams the show globally. The beginning season of the thriller was successful in winning the hearts of viewers as well as critics. It scored stunning 4/5 stars on the Deccan Chronicle.

After seeing such a nice season of the series now fans’ eyes are on The Unlisted Season 2. They are super excited to know the status of
the second installment of the series. So, here is what we have discovered about season 2 for them –


When ABC Network Is Announcing The Unlisted Season 2 Release Date?

The Unlisted Season 2 release date


Well, the introductory season of this action-packed drama was premiered in September 2019 on ABC network for Australian audience while it was aired on Netflix 17th October 2019 for the United States viewers. Instead of releasing the episodes of season 1 on weekly basis, showrunners launched all 15 episodes simultaneously on the OTT platform.

Now, if we talk about The Unlisted Season 2, so far no details have been revealed by Netflix and ABC about it. Showrunners haven’t also dropped any hints regarding it. However, both streaming platforms will make their best efforts to renew the series as previous teen shows including ‘Stranger Things‘ and ‘13 Reasons Why‘ have become big hits.

So, if you are a huge fan of this show then as per my opinion you should wait and at the same time, you have to be optimistic regarding the next edition of the drama. Last year was not good for any industry, and probably of this COVID-19 pandemic makers haven’t given any clues about season 2. This year something progressive can be revealed about the upcoming season, so we have to be patient.


How Will The Unlisted Season 2 Plot Be?

The Unlisted Season 2 release date

In the course of Global Child Congress in the first season, The Unlisted breaks into CGI head office, and there Kal and Dru eventually succeeds in releasing people from the entice of Infinity group. However, at the climax, when Kal and Dru go to bed considering it a fine day spider-like bots creeps into their ears which somewhere suggests that the target isn’t finished yet.

In the upcoming season, we will get to see how the guys are going to handle this new obstacle. Earlier, Dru became familiar with this problem as he was already out of the room. He was free from the consequence of the implant. However, both brothers are surrounded by these spider bots, so this time some other person needs to come in order to encounter this obstacle.

So, in this way, the first season finished with a suspenseful ending. Meanwhile, script makers have planned something more thrilling for the upcoming season otherwise they would have finished the last season on a conclusive note. Somewhere first season’s ending hints that season 2 is coming. So, be ready to enjoy another entertaining season of this classy drama.

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Who Will Be Part Of The Unlisted Season 2 Cast?

The Unlisted Season 2 release date


Neither Netflix nor ABC network has given a green signal to the second season of the drama. Also, they haven’t provided any details about the cast of next season. However, we have seen the ending of the first season where all the major characters of the show were alive. So, it’s seeming that these characters will return in the second season.

Ved Rao and Dru Sharma have played lead roles in the drama. The Unlisted season 2 can’t be made without them. Besides them, other actors can also make comeback in season 2. Some new faces are also expected to enter the cast of season 2 but till now we haven’t received any information about them. So, as per recent details, the actors that can become part of the Upcoming season are –

  • Ved Rao will play his role of Kalpen Sharma.
  • Vrund Rao will be seen as Drupad Sharma.
  • Miah Madden will present the character of Kymara.
  • Abigail Adriano will display the character of Rose.
  • Nya Cofie will portray the character of Jacob.
  • Jean Hinchliffe will be seen as Gemma.


How Many Episodes Will Be In The Unlisted Season 2?

The unlisted season 2 release date


In the first season, we have seen 15 episodes including –

  • Episode #1.1
  • Episode #1.2
  • Episode #1.3
  • Episode #1.4
  • Episode #1.5
  • Episode #1.6
  • Episode #1.7
  • Episode #1.8
  • Episode #1.9
  • Episode #1.10
  • Episode #1.11
  • Episode #1.12
  • Episode #1.13
  • Episode #1.14
  • Episode #1.15

ABC network hasn’t dropped any details about the episodes of the forthcoming season so we don’t have any information to share with you. But speculations are suggesting that the upcoming season will have 10-15 episodes.


Is There Any News Of The Unlisted Season 2 Trailer?


There isn’t a trailer available for the second season. Also, it’s not possible to release it now as creators haven’t started filming season 2. We will get an opportunity to watch any teaser or trailer only after the completion of filming and you know it’s not possible right now. It will take fair enough time. So, till then you can watch the previous season’s trailer embedded above.

Source: The Cinemaholic

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