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Created by Karl Schaefer and John Hyams, Black Summer is a rip-roaring horror series available on Netflix. This series is a trailblazer to Z-Nation. Filled with horrifying and action-packed face-offs with the zombies along with extreme and testing situations, Black Summer is known to take its viewers for a ride.

Two seasons of the series have already been released and the wait for the third is on. As of now, the future of Black Summer Season 3 is highly uncertain due to various reasons. Here, we(fiferst) have for you all the details that will keep you updated with all the changes and information that you would want to know as a fan of Black Summer

Black Summer Season 3 – About The Show

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Black Summer is a horror series, the first season of which was released back in April 2019. This Netflix original revolves around a disastrous and alarming situation created by the sudden rise of zombies and explores what happens after that.

The mother-daughter duo of Rose and Anna get separated because of the chaos. Rose decides to search for her daughter as she lands up in the middle of refugees in North America. The show traces the choices and decisions that Rose has to make to survive the tough time while also showing the horrifying situation created by the undead.

Both the seasons of Black Summer have focussed upon the hardships faced by the characters to survive. The transformations and phases that the characters go through along with the changing emotions and reactions, set up the plot of the show. It is a quest for survival while trying to relocate the loved ones who have somewhere been lost on the way after the zombie apocalypse.

Black Summer Season 3 Release Date: When is the third outing hitting our screens?

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The second season of Black Summer was released in the early part of 2021. It has been months but the makers have made no confirmation about the chances or scope of Black Summer Season 3.

The truth might be a little harsh for the fans of the series but it is a fact that the second season of Black Summer did not enjoy a very warm reception from the viewers. The situation was similar worldwide with no real help could be provided even in the United Kingdom and the United States

However, there does exist scope for the renewal of the show as the plot does have potential. Jamie King, who is an important part of the series, has commented about some ideas for the plot of the coming season, which points out that Black Summer Season 3 could be in the queue. Her words have indirectly hinted that the third season could also be the final installment of the series.

The fans had to wait for more than a couple of years for the second season after the first season of Black Summer. If this is how it goes again, Black Summer Season 3 is expected to be released in 2023. However, this is just a speculation based on the analysis of the previous seasons. To have a better idea, the first thing that we need to get is an official confirmation for the third season.

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Black Summer Season 3 Cast – Who All Are Coming Back?

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Black Summer is not a depiction of utopia for the audience in any way. In its two seasons, many characters have entered, lost their lives, and exited the show. However, the major cast does not really change. It is expected to stay the same even in Back Summer Season 3.

Jamie King would be back as Rose who is facing separation from her daughter as a result of the catastrophe caused by the rise of the zombies. Justin Chu Carry would return as Julius James with the identity of a dead soldier, Spears. Christine Lee is likely to return as Sun who is looking for her lost mother. Zoe Marlett is expected to be back as Anna once again.

Bobby Naderi as Ray Nazeri, the antagonist of the second season is also likely to be seen. Many guest appearances are also expected to be a part of the show. Also, a few characters from the previous seasons might return if the need arises and the plot demands.

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Black Summer Season 3 Plot – What shape would the story take in the third season?

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Those who have followed the previous seasons of the drama, know that many questions have been left unanswered. The only possibility of getting these answers would be through Black Summer Season 3.

The climax of the second season of Black Summer saw Rose, played by Jamie King, causing a blast. She, herself, also gets hurt in the process. Nazeri is himself immobilized. Sophie meets her end at the hands of the zombies while she is trying to escape. Nazeri wishes to commit suicide but is unable to.

Sun gets on the plane and it takes off. In order to save Anna, Mance makes an attempt to kill the zombies. Nazeri stands up face to face against Rose and Anna for having messed up his plans. Anna figures out that Rose is still alive and brings a car to help her escape, however, things do not turn out this way.

Black Summer Season 3 is likely to show how Anna helps Rose slip away to safety. What would happen with Nazeri is another question in our minds. The next plan and scheme of events for survival would shape up the plot of Black Summer Season 3. What exactly would happen and where would each character land is a question that cannot be accurately predicted as of now.

Let us wait to discover what’s in store for us!

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Do we have a trailer for Black Summer Season 3?

No official confirmation for Black Summer Season 3 has been announced or hinted yet. Naturally, expecting a trailer this early would do nothing but lead to disappointed fans. Even if everything falls into place, the trailer is not likely to be seen anytime before 2023.

Till we(fiferst) have a final word, here’s the trailer of Black Summer Season 2 for you to revisit the thrilling experience if you’ve been missing it –


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