All the lead characters of Stars Align Season 2 are seen together in a poster.

A large portion of the reputable shows in the classification of Sports dramatization figured out how to track down a lot of watchers and is also one of the most popular genres. Spinning around a game called soft tennis, Stars Align is just one such anime.

Though an ordinary game storyline is followed in this series, its characters figured out how to stick out and improve the show in juxtaposition with others of a similar kind. Therefore, Stars Align Season 2 is highly requested and anticipated by the fans to see a greater amount of them.

All in all, when will the anime get a continuation? Read on to know all the hot gossip and factual data on the same.

Stars Align Season 2 – What is all we know so far?

The two mates are trying to figure out something.
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Composed and coordinated by Kazuki Akane at Studio 8bit, Star Align is a Japanese unique anime TV series. It finished with the twelfth episode in December 2019.

Director Kazuki Akane announced a brief time frame later that the series, initially arranged as Two-Cour, would get a Stars Align Season 2, to which he has now delivered a notice.

Up until now the narrative of the middle school’s soft tennis club has been followed in this series, which, on account of the absence of interest from students, is nearly being closed down.

Touma Shinjou in desperation of saving his club asks a skilled fellow mate Maki Katsuragi, to be a part of the group aspiring to address their school together in a forthcoming tournament.

Katsuragi concurs, however consequently cash has been requested by him in return. Both of them then, at that very point, seal a deal to not only be the next state champions but also rescue the tennis club of their school.

Stars Align Season 2 Release Date – When can we expect the launch?

The team mates seem to be ready for some game.
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In the year 2019, the principal season of Stars Align came out to be amongst the most incredible anime series of the year. It got a gigantic gathering from not just the audience but critics as well.

The show holds a score of 7.57 on MyAnimeList at the hour of composing. The gathering, as well as the prominence of the anime, is extraordinary as well. Its MAL bunch has around 147K members and is positioned at #1170 in terms of fame.

These numbers are to the point of persuading the producers to revive the anime for Stars Align Season 2. Constant requests and surprisingly, tons of messages have been sent by the fans to the team connected with its creation. Nobody, however, apart from the head of the series reverted back.

To address the inquiries of the abroad enthusiasts of this sports dramatization, the creator of Stars Align came forth with a tweet. He acknowledged the global devotees of the series for all the messages that he had been receiving regarding the present status of the spin-off.

The show primarily intended to run for an aggregate of 24 episodes. Its thirteenth episode, however, got crumbed. It was declared by Akane that now they don’t have the arrangement to deliver more episodes.

However, his explanation was changed via his new tweet where he apologized for illuminating the fans with the update that he hasn’t observed any creation organization or anyone who will support Stars Align Season 2. He further added that is as yet planning to make 13-24 episodes.

In addition to these, he specified that the anime will return in some structure and till then, enthusiasts of the series should remain supportive in every way as they’ve always been. So since one more portion of the anime has been guaranteed by the overseer of the show, the fans can surely anticipate the revival of the series via Stars Align season 2 in the nearest future.

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Stars Align Season 2 Cast – Who all would be part of it?

All the lead characters seem enthusiastic to win a championship.
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Maki Katsuragi voiced by Justin Briner, being the lead character would undoubtedly be seen in the forthcoming Stars Align Season 2.

He is a student exhibiting some promising skills in tennis that consequently gets him transformed into the best player in the soft tennis club despite being an amateur. After the separation of his parents, he resides with his mother and invests his energy doing family errands.

The character of Toma Shinjo voiced by Josh Grelle would be a part of the Stars Align Season 2 being a captain of the Soft tennis club of the school. He was the only one who viewed the game in a serious way before enrolling Maki.

Besides these characters, Itsuki Ameno is voiced by Derick Snow, Rintaro Futsu is voiced by Garret Storms, Tsubasa Soga is voiced by Rico Fajardo, Shingo Takenouchi is voiced by Adam Gibbs, Nao Tsukinose is voiced by Matt Shipman, Taiyo Ishigami voiced by Dallas Reid, Yū Asuka voiced by Brandon Mclnnis, Kanako Mitsue voiced by Rachel glass, Kei Takada voiced by Madeleine Morris are highly expected on the Stars Align Season 2.

In addition to these, Kaori Kasuga voiced by Tia Ballard, Aya Katsuragi voiced by Mikaela Krantz, Kenji Kyobate voiced by Brandon Potter, and Toma’s mother voiced by Kristin Sutton are anticipated together on the show as well.

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Stars Align Season 2 Plot – What would be the plot?

The audience seems startled with some view.
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The soft tennis club has become a subject of mockery in the center school. Aside from not being able to make wins close to the girls’ group, their teammates additionally appear to be languid, entitled, and just for the most part weak, with the striking exemption of group chief Toma Shinjo.

He’s already baffled by his colleagues’ conduct and on top of that things reach a critical stage when it gets declared by the leader of the understudy committee that clubs with terrible outcomes will never again be financed by the school.

Along these lines, on the off chance that the soft tennis club doesn’t succeed in at least one match at the late spring competition, they’d be nothing but a group in the past.

Albeit the entire group concurs that this is uncalled for, just Toma is genuinely upset, and he attempts frantically to consider a method for making something happen.

It is at that point when a childhood acquaintance of his, Maki, moves back to town and demonstrates to have grown some promising skills, Toma breathes an air of relief.

This was the main plot around which the story of the primary season revolved and since the Manga has 24 episodes with just 12 animated on-screen yet, the fans can anticipate the same plot to run further in the Stars Align Season 2.

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Stars Align Season 2 Trailer – Is the trailer out yet?

The Stars Align Season 2 was verified by Akane on April 19, 2021. Since the working of a project requires time for it to be a masterpiece, there hasn’t been any trailer or teaser as such for the Stars Align Season 2.

But since the next season is verified by the creator himself, the fans can expect it to be out in the nearest future. We’ll update the article with the same as soon as we’re sourced with any hot gossip on the same.

Till then, for the ones who haven’t yet watched the anime, the trailer of the primary season might come in handy to decide whether the anime is fascinating or not…?!

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Stars Align Season 2 Review – Is it worth watching?

The two characters of the show seem to be indulged in some sort of rivalry.
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The makers worked really hard layering the story and making it significantly more than simply the game of soft tennis and a club. The growth of the story and character development is very well depicted throughout the 12 episodes.

The creator went into the profundity of the existences of every teammate and they refined them as in they all went through their own individual issues very much like somebody in reality would.

It’s nearly similar to all the young men going through a type of difficulty yet they proceeded to push and remain in the group on the grounds that soft tennis is what the future holds and brings happiness and pride.

Over and above all, since the series is an aggregate of 12 episodes only, I’d suggest watching the show on your own and coming up with the reviews and dropping them in our comment box.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions Related To Stars Align Season 2 –

1. Will there be a season 2 of Stars Align?

The director Akane Kazuki has shown positive intent for the second season in spite of its sudden termination.

2. How many episodes are in Stars Align?

The first season has a bunch of total 12 episodes.

3. Is Stars Align a good anime?

The animated drama has got a rating of 7.4/10 on IMDb and 7.6/10 on MyAnimeList. So, if we consider the ratings of the series, it’s a good drama.

4. Why did Stars Align get Cancelled?

Some credible sources are stating that the show was called-off as the producers were not ready to further invest in the show.  So, the scarcity of funds was the reason behind the cancellation.

5. Is the Stars Align anime completed?

Initially, the series was planned to have 24 episodes but only 12 episodes were released. So, according to this fact, the drama isn’t completed.

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