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The American science-fiction show, Lost In Space, arrived with its first season on Netflix in the first half of 2018. It was followed by a second season towards the end of 2019. The COVID surge across the globe played an obstructive role after which the third season of the series was released in December 2021. After the third season now having been released, will there be a season 4 of Lost in Space??

The show marks the revival of an old series from the 1960s. The present adaptation is taken from the original series that was based upon the novel The Swiss Family Robinson written in 1812. It was tried to be recreated in many shapes and forms, however, they could not bring much success. The latest season on Netflix did create a buzz worth discussing.

Read on to know all the details and information about Lost In Space Season 4 that you might be looking for as an ardent fan –

Lost In Space Season 4 – How Far Has The Show Reached So Far?

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Set in the year 2046, the series traces the journey of the Robinson family and their spaceship that deviates from its original path and loses its track. The Robinsons end up landing in a territory that is unknown and alien to them.

The show begins with the Robinson family getting a chance to be one of the families who are being sent to colonize Alpha Centauri in a spacecraft. However, the intervention of an alien robot leads some of these families, including the Robinsons, to land in a wrong zone

The journey ahead is full of obstacles, threats, dangers, and discoveries. The characters struggle with all their might to survive and find a way out of this place.

Will Robinson shares an instant and strange bonding with an unknown and peculiar alien robot who goes by the name of ‘Robot.’ Robot is one of the many alien robots that have a huge army led by SAR. These robots, with an unclear origin, try to safeguard and take back the engine stolen by humans from robots. This engine has the potential to make interstellar activity possible.

In the second season, the spaceship of the Robinsons faces an unprecedented collision as a result of which, the family lands up in an unknown sphere. The third season of Lost In Space focussed on the Robinsons on this ‘strange’ planet and their way to safety.

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Lost In Space Season 4 Release Date – Do We Have A Premiere Date?

Source – Netflix

Lost In Space Season 1 was aired on April 13, 2018, and it was followed by a second season on December 19, 2019. Netflix, the giant streaming platform, brought this 2018 adaptation to the viewers.

However, it took a gap of nearly two years after which the third season of the series premiered in December 2021. It could not really have been helped as the worldwide pandemic was ready to spare none. Now, what about the fourth season?

Lost In Space Season 4 would not see the light of the day. Back in March 2020, Netflix did not just confirm the third season but also stated that it would be the last season of the series.

The makers and creators always intended for Lost In Space to be kept as a trilogy and that is how it has turned out to be. With the commencement of the third season on December 1, 2021, this series has come to an end, however, we(fiferst) do hope for the creators to be back with some other venture soon.

On the other hand, if the makers witness a sudden craze and demand for the show like it has happened in the past with many other series, we may be offered something new. But that too would take quite some time and no expectations should be kept at least till 2023.

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Lost In Space Season 4 Cast – What Would Have The Cast Been Like?

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Miraculously if Lost In Space Season 4 gets revived someday, the major roles are expected to be retained by the same actors. If this ever happens, Molly Parker is the go-to person for Maureen Robinson. Toby Stephens is likely to be the one playing John Robinson again.

Maxwell Jenkins would definitely be the first call for Will Robinson. Brian Steele would once again be the Robot to life. Among others, Taylor Russell is likely to be back as Judith Robinson while Mina Sundwall is expected to portray Penny Robinson once more if Season 4 becomes a reality.

In other roles, Ignacio Serrichio would most likely step into Don West’s shoes. Parker Posey would be making a comeback as Dr. Smith. All of these are speculations based upon a highly unlikely ‘WHAT IF.’ As of now, there are no chances for Lost In Space Season 4 to be worked upon.

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Lost In Space Season 4 Plot – Our Take!

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Before we(fiferst) get into this section, we would like to make it clear right from the beginning that the idea of Season 4 is not likely to be materialized and all that we are going to share is based upon what we could have expected if this was not the case. Now READ ON!

The last season of the drama ended on a conclusive note with the Robinsons returning back to safety on Alpha Centauri. The programming did not hold back the robots anymore as a result of which they made their choice and either left or chose to discover the universe and its possibilities with Will Robinson and the Robot.

First of all, Lost In Space Season 4 could have taken up a new adventure or journey that the Robinsons would get themselves into. Also, there is a lot of scope in a show that would solely focus on how and where do Will and the Robot reach. Some other possibilities can also be experimented if the makers decide to step into a different genre.

There is a family in the show. The characters are still alive. If someone takes a genuine interest, a plot with good potential can definitely be generated.

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Lost In Space Season 4 Trailer: Is It Arriving Soon?

No, we have not been provided with the official trailer for Lost In Space Season 4 and we would not be getting one as well. As we have already shared, the show was always meant to be a trilogy and it has reached its end with the third season (not including any change of plans here).

Here’s the trailer for the recently released Lost In Space Season 3 for those who still haven’t watched it –

Some Frequently Asked Questions Related To Lost In Space Season 4 –

1. Will there be a season 4 of Lost in Space?

No, Netflix has already confirmed back in March 2020 that the third season was the final edition and there won’t be any season 4. So, as of now, the fourth season isn’t on the cards of the giant OTT platform.

2. Why was Lost in Space canceled?

Netflix officials haven’t revealed the exact reasons behind this cancellation but some sources are saying that the budget of the series was increasing constantly, and as a result, it got called off.
3. Will there be a season 5 for Lost in Space?
The show hasn’t even got the fourth season. The showrunners have already stated that the third season was the conclusion.
4. Is Dr. Smith from Lost in Space still alive?
The Dr. was alive till the conclusion of the third season. In fact, she is in prison and can be released from there if showrunners ever decide to make another season of the drama.
5. Is Lost in Space worth watching?
Yes, the series is absolutely worth watching. It is packed with multiple sci-fi thrilling scenes and also has an emotional storyline. It should be part of your watch list.
6. How many seasons are in Lost in Space?
The entire series consists of a total of four seasons.
7. Will there be a spin-off of Lost in Space?
The showrunners and Netflix haven’t dropped any news regarding the spin-off edition of Lost in Space season 4. It seems that they don’t want to go ahead with the sci-fi series.
8. Why does SAR want Will?
SAR and their entire squad of robots are craving for Will because he shows the expected dangers of their upcoming move.

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