Tvf pitchers season 4 release date

In 2015, Youtube’s popular channel The Viral Fever(TVF) released TVF Pitchers. The drama became a massive hit within a few days after its arrival and a collected bunch of praises from the viewers. Not only it got fabulous reviews from people but also it gathered impressive ratings. Especially the young generation liked the concept of the series a lot.

Since the release of the first season, viewers kept asking when will next come? More than 5 years have gone and now their patience is running out. Their ears are yearning to know TVF Pitchers season 2 release date and everything about the upcoming season. So, let’s see whether their hopes will be fulfilled or not?

What are the Latest Updates Regarding the Next Season?

Has TVF Pitchers Season 2 Release Rate Revealed?

Tvf pitchers season 2 release date

Initially, there were plans to release the series in 2016. Even the creators had also published the teaser of season 2. But due to major hurdles makers failed to launch the entire drama officially. Thereafter, during a conversation, Naveen revealed that it will be launched in 2018. But still, nothing took place after that.

Now abruptly again several talks regarding season 2 have caught fire from the last few days. A lot of gossips are going on about the pre-production and all that stuff. But, I want to just inform you that they are nothing more than rumors. No doubt we all want to know the TVF Pitchers season 2 release date as soon as possible so that we can entertain ourselves through it.

But unfortunately, the creators haven’t disclosed anything about season 2. They haven’t made any official announcement about the renewal of the series. Also, the TVF hasn’t given any indications or green light for the making of season 3. That’s why we need to wait for a while to get more updates about the series.

How is the story of TVF Pitchers?

Tvf pitchers season 2 release date

In the series, we have seen episodes describing the story of four colleagues Naveen, Jitendra, Mandal, and Yogi who are now planning to make their own start-up in one of the biggest cities of India, Mumbai. Naveen is furious at his organization as it is not offering proper projects to him and that’s why he consumes alcohol and step down from his job.

All of them are going through different problems in their life. Jitendra doesn’t want to leave his job because recently he got married and after doing so he will have to give his major time in shopping. On the other hand, Yogendra faces trouble in spelling the word ‘Entrepreneurship’.

However, they don’t care about that as they understand confidence and enthusiasm are more vital to make their start-up beneficial. He comes in a state of confusion when receives a proposal of doing a job at Bejing.

Naveen departs to the airport but as he visits the runway there comes an inner voice from his inside which resists him from doing this by saying that he is not made to become an employee of any company. Simultaneously, he gets an idea of another plan when he makes it into the finals of the NASSCOM start-up conclave.

From here a series of incidents happen which helps them to explore the main goals and objectives of their lives. Thereafter, they face multiple hurdles and troubles to execute the plans in real life. The episodes show their entire journey from being an employee to hard-working businessmen.

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Who will be part of TVF Pitchers Season 2 Cast?

Tvf pitchers season 2 release date

The creators of the series haven’t revealed anything about the cast of the upcoming season. However, actors who were part of the season have delivered quite well performances. Especially fans were amused seeing the refined acting of Jitendra Kumar. They applauded his accent, tone, and way of delivering dialogues.

That’s why there is the least possibility of change in the cast of next season. However some new names can become part of it, but lead actors will remain. So, this time to we will witness our favorite actors replicating their previous roles. If that happens then –

  • Naveen Kasturia will be seen as Naveen Bansal.
  • Jitendra Kumar will portray the character of Jitendra (Jitu Maheshwari).
  • Arunabh Kumar will play the role of Yogendra Kumar (Yogi Pandey).
  • Abhay Mahajan will display the character of Saurabh Mandal.
  • Aakanksha Thakur will replicate his character of Saumya Maheshwari.
  • Maanvi Gagroo will be seen as Shreya.
  • Jaimini Pathak will deliver the role of Rajat Khanna.
  • Rajesh Sharma will portray the character of Gary Bhujiawala.
  • Biswapati Sarkar will display the character of Puneet.

How Many Episodes will be in TVF Pitchers Season 2?

Tvf pitchers season 2 release date
In season 1 we have seen 5 episodes including –

  • Episode 1: Tu Beer Hai
  • Episode 2: And Then There Were Four
  • Episode 3: The Jury Room
  • Episode 4: Bulb Jalega Boss
  • Episode 5: Where Magic Happens

Literally, the creators of the drama haven’t disclosed anything about the number of episodes that the coming season will consist of. But some experts predict that it will have 5-8 episodes.

Has TVF Pitchers Season 2 Trailer Arrived?

Presently, there isn’t any trailer for season 2 and it will surely take adequate to be released. So, you have to wait till then to watch it. However, if you forgot to see the trailer of part 1 then you can revive all of the joyful memories that you experienced while watching the series by clicking on the trailer mentioned above.

Where will TVF Pitcher Season 2 Episodes Come?

Tvf pitchers season 2 release date

If I’m not wrong you have watched all episodes of the series on TVF’s official website. And we all are aware that TVF pitchers are a part of TVF Originals, therefore, season 2 will also arrive there. I think there should not be any doubt on this point as it is quite obvious and clear. So, keep in touch with us to know all future updates regarding drama.

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