pushpavalli season 3 release date

In the first 1st quarter of 2020, Amazon Prime Video launched the second season of its one of the most popular Hindi web series ‘Pushpavalli’. The drama got phenomenal responses from fans as well from critics and it also earned good star ratings on various platforms. The success of the series increased the size of amazon prime video’s bag of hit shows and movies.

After watching two consecutive awesome seasons of the drama, now fans are wondering whether further seasons will be made or not? They are asking questions like – What is Pushpavalli Season 3 release date? and more stuff similar to this. Therefore, finally, I have explored some interesting news regarding the upcoming season 3 that you should know if you are a big lover of the series. So, let me begin –

Has Pushpavalli Season 3 release date revealed?

Pushpavalli Season 2 release date

I know you are super excited to hear the release date of the upcoming season 3 and want to watch it at the earliest. In fact, not only you but every fan of the drama has the next level of spark in their nerves for watching season 3. But I think we are in a hurry as it will be too early to expect the third installment of the series right now.

The creators, as well as the official streaming partner of the drama, haven’t mentioned their views on the making of Pushpavalli season 3. That’s why we need to wait for a few more months until they make any official announcements. You might have noticed that there were more than two years of difference between season 1 and season 2 release date.

As per this, the next season will take ample time to arrive among us. However as per reports of some sources the highly anticipated season 3 will arrive by the end of 2021.

How will Pushpavalli Season 3 Plot be?

Pushpavalli season 3 release date

In the final episode of the previous season, we have seen where Swati leaves his child at Pankaj’s home as they got disturbed due to the arrival of Vidyuth along with his companion. Vidyuth block himself and Swati’s child inside and then says to Pankaj to connect Pushpavalli(by phone call) to clear all mess amid them.

While Pushpavalli is at Nikhil’s hospital and she is bringing her ill mom at home. She robs the keys of Nikhil’s packhouse and then she completes a tie-up with T-boi without revealing her main objective of doing a big eruption over the packhouse to demolish it. At the same time, she sees a bundle of messages on a group where she is supposed to meet Vidyuth as he has created a mess at Pankaj’s home.

She has been exposed badly and both of them have become aware of his reality. As she talks to Vidyuth, she asks him to pardon her because of doing unreal engagement with him. She discloses that she doesn’t want to marry him. Now, Vidyuth is completely grief-stricken while Pankaj is in full anger mode as she also betrayed him.

Now, Pushpavalli goes back to the packhouse just to check whether there is Nikhil’s car or not. Nikhil is also in the packhouse to discover the keys which he has robbed earlier. Somehow she becomes successful in leaving the home. Also, at the same time, she expresses her anger over T-boi as he destroyed all his schemes.

Pushpavalli has strategized things in a pattern that within a fixed interval the complete area will blow up. But as she leaves the area Pankaj starts questioning his present location on call. She answers him that she has reached PG but Pankaj grabs his lie by saying that he knows she is in the packhouse.

Now, she came to know that Pankaj has reached a packhouse. So, she moves towards the core of the house to leave that area. As she enters into the core a big outburst happens. Even after such a big explosion, she sustains thereafter she can be seen staring at any person.

But the face of that person remains unknown. In this way, the final episode finishes on an unsatisfactory note. Hence, season 3 will disclose the identity of that guy. Also, it will be interesting to see how the story takes in turn in the upcoming season.

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Who will be part of the Pushpavalli Season 3 Cast?

Pushpavalli season 3 release date

All the actors have delivered top-notch performances previous two seasons. That’s why after seeing their acting it doesn’t seem that this time the creators will change the cast. Even though they haven’t revealed the names of actors who will be part of season 3 but as per predictions, previous stars will be again seen as replicating their earlier roles. If that happens then –

  • Sumukhi Suresh will play her role as Pushpavalli Parsuraman.
  • Manish Anand will be seen as Nikhil Rao.
  • Naveen Richard will replicate his role as Pankaj.
  • Ashok Pathak will display the character of  T-Boy.
  • Preetika Chawla will deliver her role of Swati.
  • Latha Venkatraman will portray the character of Amma.
  • Shraddha will be seen as Vasu.
  • Urooj Ashfaq will replicate the role of Tara.
  • Sumaira Shaikh will display the character of Srishti.
  • Niharika Dutt will play the role of Pearl.
  • Kaavya Bector will portray the character of Bhavna.
  • Sonali Thakkar will be seen as Saloni.
  • Rahul Subramanian will replicate his character of Lakshman.

Apart from them, other stars like Gaurav Kapoor, Kenny Sebastian, Manoj Kumar Kalaivanan, Yasmin Sait, Breshna Khan, Sharin Bhatti, Rahul Hota, Pooja Sampath, Shyam Gopal, and others can be seen as reprising their previous roles.

How many episodes will be in Pushpavalli Season 3?

Pushpavalli Season 3 release date

In season 2 we have seen 8 episodes including –

  • Episode 1: Ab aap kya karengi
  • Episode 2: Hai hai naagin
  • Episode 3: Consignment ka date
  • Episode 4: Khadda dekh ke khud hi gir gain
  • Episode 5: Hello Mr. Rao?
  • Episode 6: Kaju!
  • Episode 7: Gayi Behen
  • Episode 8: Badle ki Aag

The creators of the drama haven’t revealed anything about the number of episodes that the forthcoming season will consist of. But some sources anticipate that it will have 8-12 episodes.

Has Pushpavalli Season 3 Trailer Arrived?

As we discussed earlier that the drama will come by the end of 2021. So, the trailer will be launched 20-25 days prior to the release of the series. You might have loved some of the scenes of the series while watching season 2 so if you want to recall them you can simply watch its trailer inserted above.

Where will Pushpavalli Season 3 episodes come?

Pushpavalli Season 3 release date

We have enjoyed watching the previous two seasons of the series without facing any hurdles. And, we want to do the same next season also. As Pushpavalli is a part of Amazon Original, therefore, season 3 will also arrive there. So, to avoid all kinds of disturbances you just download the official app of prime video.

Also, don’t forget to buy a subscription to the platform. We will let you know as soon as we find out the Pushpavalli season 3 release date. So, stay in touch with us to know further updates regarding drama.

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