MX player started its 2020 on an explosive note by releasing Bhaukaal in March. Even though there are multiple shows that have been made on the crime genre still the only a handful of them have become successful in connecting to the emotions of the audience.

This drama comes into the list of those rare shows which are inspired by true events. And, that’s why people love it a lot. A constant increment in its fan base has been observed since its release. Now, drama lovers and fans are asking when they will get to know Bhaukaal Season 2 release date in India.

They believe that a series like this deserves renewal. They are quite ardent to see the story going ahead. But will their aspirations regarding the next seasons be fulfilled? Let’s discover the answer to this question.

Has Bhaukaal Season 2 Release Date Revealed?

Bhaukaal season 2 release date

The creators of the drama have understood that people want to see more content like this. Outstanding ratings of the series have proved the immense love of people for it. The drama has been viewed more than 194 million+ times on MX Player’s official app which is one of its biggest achievements.

And with each passing day, these numbers are increasing rapidly. Within 8 months of its release, the crime thriller has added a bunch of milestones in his bag. But despite such awesome reviews, the showrunners haven’t made any official announcement regarding Bhaukaal Season 2 release date. Also, the official streaming platform of drama hasn’t given any indications about season 2.

I think it would be too early to expect season 2 as we have observed that the second installment of major web shows comes at least a year later. However, some sources predict that the next season of Bhaukaal will be released in the last of 2021. So, we require to wait for a fair enough time to get more details about the upcoming season.

How will the Bhaukaal Season 2 Plot be?

Bhaukaal Season 2 release date

The drama narrates a tale of the crime city of Uttar Pradesh, Muzaffarnagar. There are two big mafias in the province one is Shaukeen who tightly controls and rules over the eastern region of the city while the others are Dedha Brothers and they are dictators of the west area of town.

They have put so much fear in the minds of people that they don’t even speak a single word against them. In fact, they treat many police officers of the city like servants. The life of all residents of Muzaffarnagar always remains at risk as they can be murdered any time.

So, to end the monopoly of these dons a loyal police cop, Naveen Sikhera(Mohita Rana) has been appointed and allotted a task to clean the city of  Muzaffarnagar from the criminal activities of gangsters like Shaukeen and Dedha Brothers.

Now, after analyzing the harsh situation of town Naveen is determined to finish all mafias. Neha who is portraying the character of a regional journalist also in favor of eliminating all unlawful incidents that happen often in the city.

That’s why she cautiously supports SSP, Naveen who is taking hard steps to punish the gangsters. At the end of the series, we see that the driver of a cop is also a part of the gangster gang who wants to abduct Naveen, and in this way, the drama terminates generating curiosity in minds of viewers.

Now, whether gangster will become successful in abducting the cop or not? If not, then how Naveen will manage to protect himself from them? The answers will surely be given next season. Hence, this time we are going to see a more thrilling and action-packed season.

Who Will Be Part Of The Bhaukaal Season 2 Cast?

Bhaukaal Season 2 release date

The creators haven’t given any signals regarding the cast of season 2. However, seeing the ending of the previous season it doesn’t seem that they will make major changes in the cast of next season. So as per this, our previous favorite stars will be seen again in the next season. It means that they will reprise their roles in the forthcoming season of the drama. If it will happen then –

  • Mohit Raina will be seen as Naveen Sikhera.
  • Abhimanyu Singh will replicate his character Shaukeen.
  • Siddhanth Kapoor will portray the character of Pintu Dedha.
  • Bidita Bag will display the character of Nazeen.
  • Sunny Hinduja will play the role of Farukh.
  • Pradeep Nagar will deliver his role as Pintu Dedha.
  • Gulki Joshi will be seen as Neha.
  • Rahul Rajpoot will replicate the role of Pooja Sikhera.

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How Many Episodes Will Be In Bhaukaal Season 2?

Bhaukaal Season 2 release date

In season 1 there were 10 episodes including –

  • Episode #1.1
  • Episode #1.2
  • Episode #1.3
  • Episode #1.4
  • Episode #1.5
  • Episode #1.6
  • Episode #1.7
  • Episode #1.8
  • Episode #1.9
  • Episode #1.10

The creators haven’t shared any information about the number of episodes that the coming season will consist of. But some experts predict that season 2 will have 10-12 episodes.

Is There Any News Of the Bhaukaal Season 2 trailer?

No, there isn’t any news regarding the launch of the trailer of season 2. Also, it is not possible to release the trailer right now as the series is even not renewed for the making of further seasons. By the way, if you loved the first season then you can again relive the moments that you experienced while watching it by viewing the trailer embedded above.

Where Will Bhaukaal Season 2 Episodes Arrive?

Bhaukaal Season 2 release date

The drama has secured fantastic stars on all popular rating platforms like IMDb and IWM buzz. We all have given outstanding reviews and strong support to the series. That’s why we don’t want to miss its upcoming season. As we have already discussed earlier that series is a vital part of MX Player originals and there we fully enjoyed watching episodes of season 1.

So, whenever season 2 will release it will arrive there. We will inform you about the Bhaukaal Season 2 release date as soon as we explore something about it. Till then stay in touch with us to get all the latest updates about it.

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