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The ninth and final season of The Flash series recently went off the air with its 13th episode in May 2023. Fiferst is here with the review of the 12th episode. In this post, we dissect all the critical aspects of the episode and create insights.

So, let’s get started with The Flash season 9 Episode 12 review!

Before disappearing, the Speed Force alerts Team Flash that Barry and the crystal have arrived in 2049. Eddie observes Korber being drawn into a singularity that appears over his grave. Not just that, a girl who resembles Nora West-Allen is also spotted who claims to be his daughter.

What Is The Flash Season 9 Episode 12 About?

The Flash season 9 episode 12 is called “A New World, Part 3” and continues in Part 1 and 2. The episode was directed by Stefan Pleszczynski and written by Jonathan Butler and Sarah Tarkoff.

Following the weekly release of the show, episode 12 of season 9 aired on  May 17, 2023.

The Flash Season 9 Episode 12 Review: Episode Storyline

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Before disappearing, the Speed Force alerts Team Flash that Barry and the crystal have arrived in 2049. Eddie observes Korber being drawn into a singularity that appears over his grave. Not just that, a girl who resembles Nora West-Allen is also spotted who claims to be his daughter.

The twist happens when the real Nora reappears and stops him from making the grave mistake. Meanwhile, Eddie is inadvertently unlocking the singularities, according to Team Flash 2049. Barry shows up and flees with Eddie when Nora becomes possessed by the crystal and tries to seduce him into accepting its power.

He becomes outraged when he realizes that all his sacrifices have gone in vain and all his efforts to unalive Reverse-Flash are nothing more than crapshow and he is still alive. While he was forgotten, Barry was still alive and was now, married to Iris.

When Cecile finds out that she doesn’t often see Joe because of work, she returns to her 2023 self after having her awareness projected onto her 2049 self. She reappears and releases Nora from the crystal’s hold after Chester comforts her (at Khione’s persuasion).

Iris in 2049 declines Eddie’s request to reunite with her. Barry has a conversation with 2049 Iris before he is yanked away once more as the Negative Speed Force starts to split the timeline. Eddie now has the crystal in his grasp, and he accepts its power by creating a doorway.

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The Flash Season 9 Episode 12 Review

The duo is looking at someone. The Flash season 9 episode 12 review
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Now that we have gone over the events of the episode, now is the time to finally drench in The Flash Season 9 Episode 12 review.

Let’s go!

Drink a lot of water because Eddie is not dead and the episode begins with a disagreement between him and Korber. The disagreement is not very different than the one that took place in the 11th episode of The Flash Season 9.

SPOILER ALERT! The argument hubs on him discovering who he is. That is, until a wormhole unexpectedly draws Korber through it, killing him.

The flashy thing that’s also revealed in the episode is that we are made to discover that Eddie was not in the present. They had gone way ahead in the future, in the year 2049.

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What do we think about that? | The Flash Season 9 Episode 12 Review

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We feel like the argument/disagreement could have been a little more coherent hence, making it bearable. Meanwhile, the revelation that we are in the future could also have been a lot smoother.

It’s confusion that traverses for a mystery rather than confusion designed to create mystery.

Moving ahead with The Flash Season 9 Episode 12 review.

The most enjoyable aspect of the episode is whenever Barry and Eddie are together. This comes out after Eddie’s realization that what he did in the past—sacrificing himself to wipe Eobard Thawne from existence—meant nothing.

When you think about it, all this build-up, mystery, and drama does not make a lot of sense. Why, like it does with the crystal, can’t the Negative Speed Force just endow Eddie with power? Even while they claim that it can only temporarily take over a person, the way we see it has shown that it can also be forced or freely leave.

Nevertheless, 10/10 for the efforts. The makers have tried their best to keep their audiences hooked.

If you are a viewer who has carefully followed the show from the very beginning, you would have noticed that there were quite a few interesting stories and leads that the writers could have followed that would have later developed into something amazing but they were never followed.

Giving Eddie the supernatural abilities in the first place, having him work with Barry while assimilating to his new environment, and having the Negative Speed Force stalk him would have been so much more interesting.

Well, yes this suggested storyline is a little conventional, but conventional does not always mean bad.

The fact that Eddie transforms into Cobalt Blue in the episode’s last scene while depressing pop music is playing, speaks volumes about the quality of this program as a whole throughout the whole season.

Well, you can also see a time shift in the episode. The show has gone 26 years ahead and well well well, guess who has wrinkles now? Yes, that’s right – NO ONE! Sure, they are all immune. But c’mon dude – THINK.

To pin more to the show’s mood board, you would also notice that in the last episode, by the end of it, Barry was hauled away once more. But why does Barry not emerge until halfway through this episode and then is promptly rendered inoperable by the Negative Speed Force?

Well, we don’t know. And apparently, neither do the writers.

One can think about breathing a little when you think that even if Nora is controlled by the Negative Speed Force to control Eddie, she is as fantastic as usual. It would have been better for us to see more of Nora making use of her brain but well, either way, she was always smart.

The Flash Season 9 Episode 12 Review – Final Voice

Team Fiferst feels like the episode and the whole show could have been a lot better if the antagonist was able to put up a little fight with the protagonist.

The fact that the Negative Speed Force could be beaten so easily does not make them much of a villain.

The penultimate episode of The Flash is indicative of the entire season. awful choices after awful choices, most of which have minimal impact.

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