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It has been only 2 months since everyone’s favorite show The Flash ended, but the only question on everyone’s lips is “Why did The Flash end?” The question is reasonable and all deserve answers.

Usually, when a series is called off, it is usually a rumor first and later confirmed or denied by the officials. But in this case, it is clear and certified that The Flash has ended, but no one is sure why.

Some speculations were made about the circumstances that might have led to the end of the show, but they were all later cleared by the star of the show, Grant Gustin. Yep. You heard that right.

This post is a detailed analysis of WHY did The Flash end? And what led to the end? Stay with Fiferst till the end to have a clear idea about the subject.

The Flash 9 Seasons Summarized!

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Source – The CW

The Flash is your classic “a special human becomes superhuman” kind of drama. The story of The Flash begins when the major lead of the show, Barry Allen (played by Grant Gustin), gains superhuman abilities.

Now, before even gaining those superhuman abilities, Barry was already a kind-hearted man and was also a crime detective. Gaining special powers just makes him extra special as he could do all his work at a top speed now.

The show lasted for 184 episodes panned over 9 seasons. The idea of the ending of the show was to bring all the characters to a peaceful life and do justice – even to the negative characters of the show.

The show was broadcasted on The CW and was also one of the most-watched shows on the network. Bringing a popular show such as The Flash is not an effortless task to do – however, the writers tried their best.

Adding to the list of achievements of The Flash, it was only the 2nd Arrowverse series, and it was so successful that it got its own new branch instead of keeping only intact to the Arrowverse.

If we talk about the ending of The Flash in a nutshell, we could summarize it like this – everyone was happy.

If we go into a little of details and spoilers… well, don’t worry. We will not. However, if you are still interested in the show’s ending, we have written especially about it too.

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Well, if you are still here, you must be really keen to know why did The Flash end. Well, don’t worry. The next few sections of this article are just about that.

Why Should The Flash End?

The lead character The Flash is looking at someone.
Source – The CW

Before discussing why did The Flash end, what do you think? Should the Flash have ended? And if your answer was yes, why should it have ended?

Coming back to facts now, if we really think about why The Flash should end, we will recall that the show was not doing that well for quite a few episodes. The future was always swinging back and forth.

The protagonist of the show, Barry Allen, was not quite convinced to perform in the 9th season of the show. But that was until the show convinced the other co-actor of the show, Candice Patton, who plays the wife of Barry Allen, to act in the 9th season of the show.

One reason Fiferst thinks The Flash should end is because the show’s story has become very slow. There are not a lot of new fights and actions that one can keep coming up with after doing it for 10 straight years. Yes, it has been 10 years since The Flash started.

(Let the show get some break, you guys!)

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Why Did The Flash End?

The poster of The Flash series. Why did the Flash end?
Source – The CW

Now coming to the most prominent question of the article. Why did The Flash end? Why? A lot of people like to believe that the show came to a halt because the ratings were going down and the viewership was also going down well.

Let’s take a moment to tell you that this show was not suffering from any kind of shortage in views or reviews.

In addition to our previous comment, The Flash season 8 was one of the top series streamed on digital platforms and averaging over one million viewers for each episode, The Flash season 8 ended its run as one of the most viewed episodes on the CW between 2021 and 2022.

For the tenth season, the network could not persuade both the leads of the show to appear in the 10th season. This is likely to be one of the reasons why the series came to an end after nine seasons.

One can also put their money on the fact that the show has suffered a lot after the Covid-19  pandemic hit. There were complications in the selection of actors as well. Hence, the show seemed to be the right time to end the show.

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In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Grant Gustin mentioned –

“A lot of people wanted us to get to 10 seasons, but in my mind, we did 10 years — it was 2013 when I was cast as Barry Allen, and we finished in 2023, we had done everything we needed to do, the characters were in a good place, and we had reached the conclusion.”

In addition to that, the actor revealed that the show was not even supposed to be lasting 9 seasons. The show was given only a 6-year run that kept on getting extended. He says –

“Initially when we all signed on, it was a six-year run that got extended to seven. I got married [while filming] Season 5. I had a kid during Season 7 — so obviously you start thinking about life changes at that point. Plus, Arrow had ended with Season 8, so I thought, ‘Let’s end with Season 8.”

Well, although Grant Gustin said that the show was going to end after the 8th season, we all know that it didn’t.

By now, we hope you have a clear idea of why did The Flash end. Now let’s answer some of the most asked questions about why did The Flash end!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why did The Flash End like that?

We have an entire article on why did The Flash end. Read here.

2. Why did Grant Gustin leave The Flash?

One reason for Grant Gustin leaving The Flash might be his personal life. As he mentions: “I got married [while filming] Season 5. I had a kid during Season 7 — so obviously you start thinking about life changes at that point. Plus, Arrow had ended with Season 8, so I thought, ‘Let’s end with Season 8.”

3. Did Grant Gustin stop playing The Flash?

Yes. Grant Gustin has stopped playing The Flash.

4. Is Flash Season 9 the last?

Yes, there will not be any new seasons for the show.

5. Why was The Flash Finale bad?

The Flash finale was bad for a number of reasons. You can read more in The Flash season 9 episode 13 review.

6. Who are the 3 people at the end of The Flash?

They are the new speedsters – Avery Ho (Piper Curda), Max Mercury (Trevor Carroll), and Jess Chambers (Hana Huggins)

7. Who betrayed The Flash?

Killer Frost betrayed the team Flash. Her betrayal could have led to the succession of God of Speed’s conspiracy.

8. Who was the last villain in The Flash?

The last villain of The Flash was Cobalt Blue. You will see them in a face-off in 9th season.

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