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Station 19 has been an absolutely sought-after series and is streaming for a good span of time! All the viewers are highly intrigued about Station 19 Season 7 release date! Every episode of the prior seasons is well enjoyed by the audience as it exemplarily blended action, drama, and romance all together!

It is an American series which got premiered on March 22, 2018 and throws light on the livelihood of men and women at Seattle Fire Station 19, it showcases the kin of firefighters and displays their personal and professional lives very efficiently. It has a good number of 85 episodes with 6 seasons in total, further to know about all the latest updates regarding Season 7 of the same, keep reading!

Station 19 Season 7 – What Do We Know So Far?

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The series revolves around the lives of firefighters that reside in Seattle and are unit of Station 19 (Fire Department). It showcases the blend of their household and professional aspects and even depicts their spellbound efforts to evade the emergencies and troubles caused by the fire in their area.

The mixing up of thriller and drama has indeed grasped the interest of people and hence we are really looking forward to Station 19 Season 7 release date! The series very well showcases how Andy Herrera, the protagonist of the story and the daughter of Station 19’s former captain, dreams of achieving the same position as the ‘Captain’ just like her father.

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Station 19 Season 7 Release Date – Will It Come In 2023?

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As we know that Station 19 season 6 is already out and finished its streaming, and fans are highly curious in knowing about the forthcoming season. Is it coming or not? Is It out or not? And tremendous such questions have flooded the internet by now! Let us tell you that as of now there is no official update from the production regarding the coming up of Station 19 season 7.

Also, not to forget that it has not been long since the last season premiered(October 2022) so it’s quite hard to anticipate when will the next season show up, at least right now! All we can do is be patient and wait for the official updates!

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Station 19 Season 7 Cast – Will There Be New Faces?

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The cast members of the show have really aced the game with their suave looks and amazing acting skills! Another reason for the people to really get involved in the series is that the cast has performed its role really very well moreover they’re demanded in the next season highly!

The cast members will most probably return in Station 19 Season 7 if renewed, as they’ve been really acting as the fuel to the engine. Here’s a list of some of the prior members that are most likely to return :

  • Jaina Ortiz for Andrea Andy
  • Jason George for Dr. Ben Warren
  • Grey Damon for Jack Gibson
  • Victoria Hughes for Barret Doss
  • Alberto Frezza for Ryan Tanner

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Station 19 Season 7 Plot – What Will Be The Storyline Of The Next Season?

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As we all know that previously by the end of season 6 Andy decodes out witnesses who’ll be appropriate to testify for the upcoming trial, we even get to look at how Maya and Carina get involved in a troublesome situation and how they manage to confront it! Further, we even see how the car gets completely devastated and how the crew members deal with the same.

The above information clearly defines how fine and interesting the plot of the prior season has been and in Station 19 Season 7, fans are hoping for comparably more twists and turns so that it overpowers the previous one! Unfortunately as of now, we don’t have any information regarding the plot of Station 19 Season 7 but hopefully, we get some teasers from the creators so that at least we get to have an idea of what’s more to come. Let’s wait and watch!

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Is Station 19 Season 7 Worth Watching?

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We all know that the primary way to judge any series is by the reviews and ratings! So far this show has received positive reviews from the audience and 76% of Google users have loved watching the show! It has got a 6.9/10 rating from IMDb and 61% of the average audience score by Rotten Tomatoes.

Also, a sensible rating of 2/5 on Common Sense Media! Hence if we look at the above-mentioned data, we can definitely say that this show is not at all a time waste but really worth watching, so go ahead and enjoy!

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Where Can We Watch Station 19 Season 6?

You can have access to the show on online platforms like Amazon Prime Video as unfortunately, it isn’t accessible without paid online subscriptions.

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Station 19 Season 7 Trailer – Is It Officially Out?


Since we got no official trace for season 7’s release date, we’ve inevitably not got its official trailer too! But until then you can enjoy the previous season’s trailer to reboot yourself!

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