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Centered on the Dutch mystery and investigation books of Nicholas Freeling, Van der Valk is a TV series that debuted in 2020. The show is based on investigator Piet Van der Valk’s research as he works to decode difficult mysteries in Amsterdam. It has had two seasons, and the Van der Valk Season 3 release date is keenly anticipated.

The show possesses an urban vibe and highlights the city’s current society and construction. It is believed to be an updated version of the main series, however with fresh actors and an entirely distinct plot using the same title as Van der Valk, which ran from 1972 to 1992.

Let’s take a look at the Van der Valk Season 3 release date, plot, cast, and other burning updates!

Van der Valk Season 3 Release Date – Will It Come In 2023?

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Source – The Telegraph

Van der Valk season 2 has now concluded; other than that, an additional season is currently in the works. ITV’s recreation of the original show, which ran for 32 episodes and was based on Nicholas Freeling’s writings, has turned out to be quite famous.

The show’s executive producer, Michele Buck, stated that they are thrilled to share certain exciting news with the fans who have been expecting the Van der Valk Season 3 release date.

Dear Van der Valk fans, Season 3 has already been shooted in Amsterdam and is coming back to your TVs next year.

At this point, it is not known if the next season will have three episodes, similar to the previous seasons, or a lot more. Yet, obviously, we are able to anticipate Marc Warren reprising his role as Piet Van der Valk, previously portrayed by Barry Foster, alongside his squad.

Maimie McCoy shared an outline for Van der Valk Season 3 on the social network earlier this year as well as stated that she’d be “back keeping the streets safe,” so the continuation comes as not too surprising.

Warren earlier told as well as other media sites that he would perform the role “as long as people want it,” implying that the upcoming season might surpass the previous season’s success. So the potential Van der Valk Season 3 release date could be in 2024.

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Van der Valk Season 3 Plot – What Will Be The New Storyline?

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Source – The Times

Van der Valk season 1 of the show consists of three interconnected episodes. In the first episode, “Love in Amsterdam,” the group looks into the killing of a lady whose corpse was discovered in a waterway. Van der Valk, along with his group, continues the search and uncovers a web that is corrupt, including affluent and influential Amsterdam residents.

Van der Valk looks into the killing of an entrepreneur in his hotel suite in episode 2, “Only in Amsterdam,” leading him to an array of valuable art collections and a global illegal company. In “Death in Amsterdam,” Van der Valk and the group look into the strange passing of a well-known Dutch writer. Their investigation brings them into contact with governance, authority, and activism as well.

Van der Valk Season 2 features a total of 3 episodes in which an investigator solves various crimes. Van der Valk as well as his companions begin looking into the odd killing of the girl Susie in episode 1, “Plague on Amsterdam,” when they discover a piece of writing in his coat that indicates an odd relationship with the philosopher.

In episode 2, “Blood in Amsterdam,” the investigator and his companions attempt to address the unsolved killing of a worker of the recognized jewelry store Cuypers Diamonds. Van der Valk attempts to identify a hint that will lead him to the cause and discovers several interconnected instances along his journey.

In the third episode, “Payback in Amsterdam,” a member of the orchestra is killed by an acid assault. Van der Valk discovers additional information about the perpetrator as he investigates the matter and attempts to figure it out more thoroughly.

Additionally, there is also going to be a third season, but since its makers have not revealed an outline, we cannot speculate on its details.

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Van der Valk Season 3 Cast – Will We Get to See New Faces?

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As of now, we do not know about the exact cast of Van der Valk Season 3. However, the members who contributed to the previous seasons’ success are listed below:

  • Marc Warren as Commissaris Piet van der Valk
  • Maimie McCoy as Inspecteur Lucienne Hassell
  • Luke Allen-Gale as Brigadier (Sergeant) Brad de Vries
  • Elliot Barnes-Worrell as Job Cloovers
  • Darrell D’Silva as Hendrik Davie
  • Emma Fielding as Hoofdcommissaris Julia Dahlman
  • Django Chan-Reeves as Sergeant Citra Li
  • Azan Ahmed as Sergeant Eddie Suleman

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Van der Valk Season 3 Trailer – Is It Coming Soon?

The trailer for Van der Valk Season 3 is not available. As of now, the season is still in the works. However, you can watch the trailer for the previous season, linked above.

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Is Van der Valk Worth Watching?

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Starting with IMDb, Van der Valk currently holds a rating of 6.8 out of 10 based on user reviews. This score suggests a generally favorable response from the audience, although it falls within the average range. IMDb ratings are based on the votes and reviews submitted by registered users, providing insight into the viewers’ opinions.

Moving on to Rotten Tomatoes, Van der Valk has a mixed reception among critics. The show’s average critic rating on the platform stands at around 77%. This indicates a polarized response, with some reviewers praising the series for its atmospheric setting and intriguing storylines, while others criticizing it for its pacing issues. Rotten Tomatoes aggregates reviews from approved critics, offering a broader overview of critical consensus.

Overall, Van der Valk has garnered a modest following, with a lukewarm response from both viewers and critics.

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Where To Watch Van der Valk?

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Van der Valk can be streamed on ITV. With this, we are concluding the article regarding the Van der Valk Season 3 release date. As already mentioned, there is no particular release date that has been announced yet. However, as soon as we get any further information, you will be updated on our page. So stay tuned for more information regarding the show.

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