In the last couple of years, you might have experienced that one of the most popular Youtube channels TVF Original has delivered great quality content. Especially, it has become successful in producing series and shows that youth likes a lot. In 2014 the platform released the Permanent Roommates series which got an amazing response from the audience.

After 2 years channel launched another season of the drama. And it proved to be equally effective as season 1. Fans liked it so much that they started asking about Permanent Roommates’ season 3 release date, story, and trailer. In fact, I too want to see the third chapter of this entertaining drama. But will it be feasible in the next few months? Let’s know.

How will be the trailer, plot, And Cast of Permanent Roommates Season 3?

Has Permanent Roommates Season 3 release date revealed?

Permanent roommates season 3 release date

Both seasons of the series have performed splendidly not only in terms of conveying quality content but also in a commercial context. The comedy-drama has secured more than 8.6 stars on the IMDb that made it one of the highest-rated Hindi series. By giving such nice ratings viewers cleared their intent that they are hungry to see further seasons of the series.

It was earlier anticipated that season 3 would be over by 2019. But it did not happen and still is not clear. The creators of the drama haven’t announced yet any official Permanent Roommates Season 3 release date. But as per predictions, the third installment of the drama will arrive in late 2021. However, presently it is quite difficult to say anything about the upcoming season.

How will Permanent Season 3 Plot be?

Permanent roommates season 3 release date

At the ending of season 1, we see Tanya insisting on Mikesh(Sumeet Vyas) for their wedding at Register’s office. Now, season 2 begins from where Mikesh’s guardians(parents and grandfather) have arrived to meet Tanya. His guardians aspire to see them in the wedding get up as soon as feasible but Mikesh is denying to do so.

When Tanya comes back from a business journey he gets to hear that Mikesh is scheming a costlier wedding for them. Now, she denies having their marriage in such a luxurious way but thereafter she feels surprised to come in front of Seema Khatri(their wedding planner).

On the one hand, Tanya and Mikesh try to pause their wedding which has become such a huge occasion while on the other their guardians create another trouble that they now need to handle properly. In the 5th episode, we witness Dr. Mundit who offers them to have dinner at their house along with another wedded pair where he gives them a puzzle to simplify it.

In the 6th episode, we see a mistake that the couple commits when they are coming back from the hospital where they forget a bag. In it, there is an ultrasound picture of the couple’s expected baby. Both of them along with their driver tells the whole mishappening to Dr. Mudhit so that he can decode this enigma of a lost bag.

In episode seven, we see when the whole family is involved in marriage arrangements, Mikesh and Tanya sense feeling of becoming parents because Purshottam drops his young siblings(twins) at their house. In the ending episode audience witness, Mikesh and Tanya’s plan to recall the happy moments to get out of the sorrow stage that has encircled them.

In this way, the drama finishes on an unsatisfactory note and this hints the story has much more left to say. So, it will interesting to see how writers frame for the upcoming season.

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Who will be part of Permanent Roommates Season 3 Cast?

Permanent roommates season 3 release date

People have fully enjoyed watching the acting skills of stars who have remained part of the previous two seasons. Mainly, they have liked a lot the performance of Sumeet Vyas who played the character of Mikesh Chaudhary. They have admired his accent, tone, and body language.

That’s why it seems that makers will not change the cast in season 3. If that happens then our previous favorite actors will come again on screens to entertain us. So, as per that, we will be able to watch them in their previous roles. If it is going to happen then –

  • Sumeet Vyas will be seen as Mikesh Chaudhary.
  • Nidhi Singh will play his role as Tanya Nagpal.
  • Deepak Kumar Mishra will portray the character of Purushottam.
  • Shishir Sharma will replicate his role of Brijmohan Nagpal(father of Tanya).
  • Asrani will play the role of Subhash Chaudhary (paternal grandfather of Mikesh).
  • Sheeba Chaddha will be seen as Lata Chaudhary (mother of Mikesh).
  • Darshan Jariwala will play the character of Mohanlal Chaudhary (father of Mikesh).
  • Ayesha Raza Mishra will portray the character of Ila (Tanya’s maternal aunt).
  • Manu Rishi will play the role of Dr. Mudhit (brother of Mikesh’s mother)
  • Anandeshwar Dwivedi will be seen as Laxman or LLeo.

Apart from them, some additions are also possible in the upcoming part. And other actors like Divyendu Sharma, Ratnabali Bhattacharjee, Maanvi Gagroo, Pradhuman Singh, Rasika Dugal, and Anant Singh can be seen playing their respective roles.

How many episodes will be in Permanent Roommates Season 3?

Permanent Roommates Season 3 release date

In season 2 we have seen 8 episodes including –

  • Episode 1: The Parents
  • Episode 2: The Man
  • Episode 3: The Event – Part I
  • Episode 4: The Event – Part II
  • Episode 5: The Dinner
  • Episode 6: The Memories
  • Episode 7: The Gift
  • Episode 8: The Attempt

Hence if writers again make a gripping story then there will have 8-10 episodes in season 3.

Has Permanent Roommates Season 3 Trailer Arrived?

As we have discussed earlier that the creators haven’t even renewed the drama for a further season and we all know that trailer arrives after the shooting gets finished. That’s why there isn’t any trailer available for season 3. Also, it will take sufficient time to be released. So, till then you can enjoy watching a trailer of part 2 inserted above.

Where will Permanent Roommates Season 3 launch?

Permanent roommates season 3 release date

We all watched the initial two seasons of the delightful series on a TVF play. Then undoubtedly the forthcoming season will also arrive there. So, we will inform you whenever it will release. If you haven’t seen the previous season of drama then you missed an awesome opportunity to amuse yourself.

But still, you can watch it on TVF Play’s official website where all Permanent Roommates season 2 episodes are available. Till then stay connected with us to know future updates regarding the drama.

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