Alt Balaji released a crime thriller Apharan in the ending month of 2018. The series remained quite successful and popular among web show lovers. Fans liked all the characters and story and that why it got such awesome ratings on IMDb.

Now, a fair enough time has passed since season 1 was released and that’s why fans are looking forward to hearing something positive about the crime drama.

Meanwhile, a spark has arrived in their nerves to know Apharan Season 2 release date and many more things. In fact, I too was impatient for the last couple of months to know when will season 2 arrive? So, finally, I discovered all the fresh information regarding next season to share with you. So, let me begin.

What is the Release Date, Cast, Trailer, And Plot Of Season 2?

Has Apharan Season 2 Release Revealed?

Apharan Season 2 release date

Before lockdown the answer to this question was unknown but now the secrets have been disclosed. Recently, writer Varun Badola has revealed that the whole script for Apharan Season 2 episodes has been created.

He revealed that he has already sent the script to director Siddhart Sen Gupta and the production team at the beginning of this year. He further said that the work on the cast and pre-production was already going on but suddenly this pandemic arrived due to which they all paused the work.

Varun told that if COVID-19 had not arrived then Apharan Season 2 would have come. Talking about part 2 he disclosed that it will be more thrilling than the previous season. He told that as the situation comes under control they will start shooting season 2.

However, Varun has refused to say anything on the Apharan Season 2 release date. But, one thing is clear that very soon we will be able to see a much more entertaining and adventurous drama in the coming days.

How will the Apharan Season 2 Plot be?

Apharan Season 2 release date

In season 1, we have seen a police cop Rudra Shrivastava(Arunodhay Singh) belonging to the Uttrakhand Police Department. He is sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment because he has been found guilty of doing corruption. Due to all this, a big threat arrives in his married life. Now, when Rudra returns from prison he makes his full efforts to stable his married life.

To do so he also searches for a job but things are going out of his hand. Suddenly one day he talks to Madhu (Mahie Gill). She is the second spouse of a rich businessman who deeply adores his child Anusha(Monica Chaudhary) and he can do anything to make her happy. Now, two females make schemes to abduct her and attracted Rudra by saying that they will give him some amount.

There were no other options available so he(Rudra) became ready to work with them but God’s will is something else for him. All scheme fails and instead of getting any amount, he becomes the main culprit behind this crime. In this way, a series of incidents occur in season 1.

Meanwhile, season 2 will begin from here. Now, it will be interesting to know how makers will continue the story for next season. Varun hasn’t hinted about the story of season 2. But he has cleared that this time episodes will be more entertaining and suspenseful.

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Who will be Part of Apharan Season 2 Cast?

Apharan Season 2 release date

Viewers have liked the performances of stars who have acted in the previous season. They have delivered the dialogues in a very effective way. In fact, not only viewers have applauded them but also critics have praised their acting skills. As per reports of IWM Buzz Arunoday Singh and Nidhi Singh are also part of season 2.

Apart from them, there is still a question on the remaining cast of season 2. But as per predictions, there won’t be many changes in the upcoming season. So, as per that previous actors will be again seen as replicating their respective characters. If it is going to happen then –

  • Arunoday Singh will be seen as Rudra Srivastava.
  • Mahie Gill will play his role as Madhu/Malini.
  • Monica Chaudhary will portray the character of Anusha Tyagi.
  • Nidhi Singh will display the character of Ranjana Srivastava.
  • Varun Badola will be seen as Laxman Saxena.
  • Saanand Verma will play the character of Satyanarayan Dubey.
  • Neha Kaul will deliver the role of Madhu Tyagi.
  • Pawan Chopra will display the character of the Commissioner.
  • Ram Sujan Singh will be seen as Mishra.

Apart from them, actors like Surender Singh, Sanjay Batra, Nilesh Mamgain, Snehil Dixit Mehra, and Shweta Rajput can be seen as reprising their earlier roles.

How Many Episodes Will Be In Apharan Season 2?

Apharan Season 2 release date

In season 1 we have seen 12 episodes including –

  • Episode 1: Ek Haseena Thi, Ek Deewana Tha
  • Episode 2: Ek Hi Bhool
  • Episode 3: Le Jayenge Le Jayenge
  • Episode 4: The Whole Thing Is That Baby Sabse Bada Rupaiya
  • Episode 5: Firauti Ke Khel Mein Sabka Katega
  • Episode 6: Dekha Ek Khwaab Toh Yeh Silsile Huye
  • Episode 7: Ae Ae Ae Phansa
  • Episode 8: Gumnaam Hai Koi
  • Episode 9: Kati Patang
  • Episode 10: Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyaar Ke Charche Har Zabaan Par
  • Episode 11: Chahe Koi Mujhe Junglee Kahe
  • Episode 12: Pyaar Mein Dil Pe Maar De Goli Lele Meri Jaan

As Varun has told earlier he has made this time a more intense story. So, as per that Apharan Season, 2 will have 10-12 episodes.

Has Apharan Season 2 Trailer Arrived?

Varun has previously shared with us that he has framed the story for season 2. The team of the drama is now analyzing the external situations, they are checking whether conditions are favorable for a shoot or not? Once the shooting starts after that we can expect the trailer to arrive in 3-4 months.

Hence, right now there is not any trailer available for season 2. Till its arrival, you can recall the moments that you witnessed while watching season 1 by watching its trailer inserted above.

Where will Apharan Season 2 Episodes Arrive?

Apharan Season 2 release date

We all watched season 1 of the drama on Alt Balaji and this time too season 2 will arrive on the same platform. So, just make sure that you have downloaded the alt Balaji’s app before the season 2 release to avoid any interruption watching season 2 episodes. By the way, if you haven’t seen part 1 of the series then you can easily watch it on the ALTBalaji app where all 12 episodes are available.

So, these were the major updates regarding Apharan Season 2 release date, story, and all things. To know more future news about the drama stays connected with us.

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