little things season 4 release date

‘Little Things’ the name Millenials loves a lot as its story directly connects to their lives. Netflix launched back to back three seasons of this delightful, gratifying, and appealing series at consistent intervals. People also gave equal superb responses to all three installments, as a result, it earned great ratings. Now, almost a year has passed since season 3 was released.

Now, fans are curious to know whether further seasons of the drama will arrive or not? That’s why they are so eagerly asking for Little Things Season 4 release date, trailer, and everything. In fact, I’m also enthusiastic to know more about the upcoming season, So finally I discovered some latest drama news. Do you want to know what it is? If, yes then let’s start.

What will be the Release Date, Cast, and Story of Upcoming Season 4?

Has Little Things Season 4 Release Date Disclosed?

Little Things Season 4 release date

The previous three seasons of the drama have remained amazing. Now, every web show lover wants to see the story going ahead. And seeing the success of the series, it seems that this will happen. But unfortunately, the makers of the drama haven’t made any announcement regarding Little Things Season 4.

Also, Netflix the official streaming partner of the series hasn’t confirmed anything about its renewal. I think maybe COVID-19 has severely impacted this series too. If so, then season 4 will take a long time to be released. So, As per that we can expect the 4th part to arrive in late 2021 or at the beginning of 2022.

How will Little Things Season 4 plot be?

Little Things Season 4 release date

At the starting of season 1, we witness a very smooth bond between the duo Kavya (Mithila Palkar) and Dhruv, who is sharing a live-in relationship and residing in Mumbai. In the second season, the drama takes a U-turn where the pair is looking sincere and now they are trying to stabilize their love and respective goals.

In season 3 Dhruv and Arya have no other option available instead of having a long-distance relationship because of their profession.  Dhruv departs to Bangalore to do his forthcoming research while Kavya needs to stay in Mumbai to carry on her job. Now, they spent several days without calling and messaging one another.

Both have become busy adjusting themselves to the new place and fresh working environment. New buddies are now arriving at Kavya’s life while Dhruv is dedicating his time to taking education. In the next six months, a moderate reform comes to their personalities.

But at the same time, Kavya also senses the feeling of loneliness due to the absence of Dhruv. Also, in the 3rd season, we get an opportunity to recognize deeply the habits, and perception of a middle upper-class society towards society.

Seeing Kavya viewers understand how it feels when someone close to our life goes away. The scenes make us realize the importance and value of a relationship. The whole story shows us how they maintain their bond despite staying apart from each other.

The drama presents how long-distance failed to become a barrier in their love life. In the ending, we see the pair coming back to their house located in Delhi and Kanpur. Hence we might see them in the upcoming season as getting together. It will be quite fascinating to see how they reshape their love life after returning from such a long journey.

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Who will be part of the Little Things Season 4 Cast?

Little things season 4 release date
Major actors in the previous three seasons were the same. That’s why it appears that this time too the stars will remain unchanged. I think they deserve to be part of season 4 as all of them have delivered awesome performances. People have admired their acting skills and they want to see them again in action in season 4.

Hence there are very few possibilities that the cast will change in the upcoming season. However, some new faces can be seen but prime characters will remain the same. So, this time too, we will be able to see previous actors replicating their earlier roles. If that happens –

  • Navni Parihar will play the role of IIa Kulkarni.
  • Rishi Deshpande will reprise the role of Satish Kulkarni.
  • Loveleen Mishra will be seen as Dhruv’s mother.
  • Vena Nair will portray the character of Mrs. Lata Iyer.
  • Abhishek Bhalerao will display the character of Murthy.
  • Priyanka Arya will portray the character of Sushmita.
  • Varun Tiwari will play the role of Akshay.
  • Anika Ghaisas will play the role of Nupur.


How many episodes will be in Little Things Season 4?

Little Things Season 4 release date

In season 3 we have seen 8 episodes including –

  • Episode 1: Migration
  • Episode 2: Today of all Days
  • Episode 3: Rectangles
  • Episode 4: Senior Citizens
  • Episode 5: Vertical Housing
  • Episode 6: Jet Lag
  • Episode 7: The Sum of our Past
  • Episode 8.Migration II

The creators of the series haven’t uncovered the number of episodes that will have in the next season. However, some sources have anticipated that the much-awaited season will feature 8-10 episodes.

Have Little Things Season 4 Trailer Arrived?

We have already discussed initially that the makers haven’t renewed season 3 of the series. That’s why there is no official trailer available for season 3. It will be only launched after the finish of the pre-production and shooting phase. If you have forgotten to watch the season 3 trailer then you can revive the memories and experience that you felt while watching the drama by viewing its trailer inserted above.

Where will Little Things Season 4 Episodes Launch?

Little Things Season 4 release date

We all are super excited to watch the 4th part of the drama as soon as possible and in doing so we don’t want to face any interruptions. So, to enjoy the upcoming season firstly you have to download Netflix’s official app as we all know Little Things is a part of Netflix Originals.

You might be aware the OTT platform doesn’t offer its services freely. Therefore, you need to buy a subscription to the platform to view anything on it. So, just makes sure that you have done that before next season’s release. If you follow these steps you won’t feel any inconvenience in watching the drama.

So, be ready with all arrangements as soon as we get any clue about the Little Things Season 3 release date, we will let you know immediately. To know future updates regarding drama stay connected with us.

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