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The stiff competition among several OTT platforms is going on, and It is growing exponentially with each passing day. And the web series lovers are taking huge benefits from this rivalry. Every week they get an opportunity to watch new thrillers shows. Recently, a web series named ‘Pariwar’ has been published by Disney+ Hotstar. But before I tell you something about the web series, I have a few questions for you.

Are you a great lover of comedy shows and films? If so, then there is a big surprise for you? Want to know what is it? ‘Pariwar’ web series is based on the comedy genre and it is a sea of funny scenes and dialogues. You will die of laughter after watching its episodes. But, before watching it, here you can check the entire ‘Pariwar review’.

How Many Factors Of The Web Series Are Up to The Mark?

1. Funny Storyline

The web series tells a tale of the Narayan Family whose members reside in the Prayagraj (Allahabad) region of Uttar Pradesh and they are next to Kashiram’s,(Gajraj Rao) property. Kashiram resides singly in the Prayagraj. Badke(Yashpal Sharma) and Chutke(Ranvir Shorey) are boys of Kashiram and there happens no conversation between them.

His elder son Mahipal resides in Banaras, on the other hand, his daughter Guddan is in America. But Kashiram often invokes them by telling them about his health problems. Abhishek Banerjee is presenting the character of Doctor Munna. He carries a soft corner in his heart for Guddan.

Now, the comedy starts as Gangaram(Vijay Raaz) colleague insists Kashiram donate his property valuing ₹30 crores to build a hermitage. Thereafter, a series of punches said by the actors in the episodes entertained a lot to viewers.

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2. Top-Notch Performance By The Actors

Pariwar review

The web series packs talented stars like Gajraj  Rao, Ranvir Shorey, Vijay Raaz, Yashpal Sharma, Abhishek Banerjee, Nidhi Singh, Kumar Varun, Sadiya Siddiqui, Anuritta K Jha, and many others. Ranvir Shorey has previously made us laugh through dialogues like “Agar yeh paise fridge mein rakhte hai … toh dahi kya bank mein jamate hai” and “Isse pehle ke life aapko kha jaaye … tum zindagi ko pee jao” in Bajatey Raho and Dasvidaniya respectively.

This time also he will entertain you by delivering similar funny punches. Not only Ranvir but also other characters of the ‘Pariwar’ cast will keep you laughing from time to time through their phenomenal comic timings during episodes.

3. Banging Script

Pariwar review

If I talk about writers Shantanu Anam and Gaganjeet Singh, they have done a mind-blowing job. They have taken care that the audience must enjoy each and every line delivered by actors. They haven’t left even a single opportunity to make the dialogues funny and entertaining. Their outstanding writing skills have made the Pariwar episodes impeccable.

Along with them, director Sagar Ballary has done admirable work. He has taken care that such a good script is not wasted. He has taken care of every little thing while taking shots of the scenes. He hasn’t committed major mistakes that critics can find out.

4. Splendid Ratings

Pariwar review
A banging script and high-spirited acting by the Pariwar cast have helped the web series to gather a staggering 4/5 stars on Spotboye. Moreover, some Twitter users also applauded the theme and content of the series. They have tweeted appealing and charming responses regarding Pariwar Review.

See what they tweeted about the series:

If you just made up your mind to watch ‘Pariwar episodes’ then I have one more surprising thing for you. Do you know what it is? The thing is that all the episodes of the series are absolutely free to watch. You don’t need to buy Disney+ Hotstar subscription to watch them. Now, what are you still waiting for? Visit Hotstar and begin watching the series.

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