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Kaleen Bhaiya Ko Abhi Aane Mein Waqt Hai Tab Tak Kuch Aur Dekh Lete Hain‘ – still there is exactly a month for the release of the upcoming Mirzapur season 2 till then we can watch other awesome thrillers that are releasing day by day.

Recently, Voot India has come up with a banging series ‘Crackdown’ to amaze the audience. Similar to its name, the series has a cracking story that directly triggers the minds of viewers. The episodes are loaded with immense suspense and action.

What Made The ‘Crackdown Review’ So Stunning?

1. Jaw-dropping Storyline


Crackdown conveys a tale of DO(Directorate Operations) which is a secret segment of probing authority RAW. They are someone who doesn’t trust the book and is always prepared to take challenges if it helps in completing tasks. The missions of the organization are leaded by Ashwini(Rajesh Tailang).

The main intent of the organization is to identify the dangers and stop them before they can create big damage to the nation. A team of fearless executives wearing bullet-proof shields who are perennially ready to do anti-terrorist missions in Mumbai, Delhi, and Kathmandu.

Saqib Saleem a guy having strong muscles who had a hurting tale of ill-treatment trusts on banishing dangers, whether, the conditions remain favorable or not.

The beginning Crackdown episode shows an instantaneous attack over the terrorist base that gave vital growth to the DO squad as they found a pen drive crowded with the name of hidden executives along with their former operations. Thereafter, the DO squad posts a covert operation to grab all the agents and their illegal activities.

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2. Phenomenal Script

Crackdown review
The writers Suresh Nair and Chintan Gandhi have framed an eye-grabbing script for the Crackdown episodes. They have written the whole script in a twisting and engaging way. Do you know what I was feeling while watching the series, I felt that I’m playing a game similar to Call Of Duty and I had been given numerous missions to finish within a required duration.

Both the writers have made the script very smartly, they have inserted suspenseful scenes after every fixed interval to create a high curiosity level in the minds of the audience. They haven’t left even a single opportunity to make the drama more appealing and eye-catching. Their flawless work deserves a bunch of admiration and praise.

3. Remarkable Acting By The Crackdown Cast

Crackdown teaser
No doubt, Saqib Saleem’s character of Riyaz Pathan is a highlighting part of the series. He impressed the audience through his stylish body and serious role. Especially he attracted the female audience towards himself through his dashing six-pack abs that he showed in a couple of scenes by removing his shirt.

Shriya Pilgaonkar has portrayed the character of Divya(Mariam) who belongs to an ordinary class. Riyaz persuades her to become a crucial member of their mission because her appearance was quite similar to terrorist Mariyam and she had been killed in a secret mission of their organization. Her innocence appealed a lot to the viewers.

Crackdown review

While, If I talk about Rajesh Tailang as the head of the DO agency he was just incredible. His confidence shows the level of experience he carries. Also, Waluscha De Sousa deserves appreciation for his classic performance. Ram Menon has displayed the character of Max, who is a professional hacker and he is there to support Ashwini and Riaz for their undercover Mission.

Zorawar has played the role of junior of chief Ashwini(Rajesh Tailang) and he aspires to remove Ashwini from that post. He disgraces Riyaz and often creates troubles in his path. He too was wonderful on his part. Besides them, Ankur Bhatia and Iqbal Khan have also played their respective characters effectively.

4. Impeccable Direction By Apoorva Lakhia

Crackdown Review

Let me remind you that Apoorva Lakhia is the director who became popular for her top-notch direction in ‘Shootout At Lokhandwala’. His strong narration and fine shots have made people stick to screens until they finish the episodes. His digital debut is mind-boggling. Even critics have applauded his intact direction.

5. Crackdown Review: IMDB And Times Of India

Crackdown review
If you are still waiting for the ratings to finalize your decision then let me tell you Crackdown has accumulated decent 6.5/10 stars on IMDb after receiving 140+ votes. The widely circulated newspaper of India, Times Of India has given a staggering 3.5/5 stars which clears that Crackdown is a binge-watch series.

In the episodes, you will also get to see a short love tale between Divya and Riyaz. The web series has been specially made for those who are huge lover crime shows. Crackdown consists of a total of 8 episodes, and a good thing about them is that each of them has an average duration of just 30 minutes.

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