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Have you watched Sony Liv’s JL50? While scrolling your social media accounts recently you may have seen the reactions of several peoples on the JL50. If you aren’t aware of what I’m talking about then let me tell you that recently Abhay Deol featuring the JL50 Hindi web series has been released over Sony Liv. So, let’s know what are those factors that we should consider before watching the JL50 season 1.

Highlighting Factors of the JL50 Review:

1. Intense Storyline

JL50 review

In the beginning, the audience sees a plane whose name is JL50, which has been collided in North Bengal. After the accident of the plane, the two members who remained alive were Prof. Mitra(Piyush Mishra) and Pilot Bhiu Ghosh(Ritika Anand).

Although it was a normal accident yet the surprising thing about this whole incident was that plane departed from Kolkata more than 3 decades ago. Now, you may be thinking that where the jet was and all those who were inside it?

Now, an executive from the CBI department whose name is Shantanu(Abhay Deol) gets the task of inspecting the suspicious case. Now, when Shantanu starts linking the clues of the incident the only ones through which he can move forward to the case were those two persons i.e Mitra and Bihu Ghosh.

JL50 review

His further study regarding the case directs him towards dubious guy Prof. Das(Pankaj Kapur), he reserved the ticket but he didn’t sit on the flight. Das tells Shantanu that he is unlinked to all these incidents, he is just a prof. Of Quantum Physics and he didn’t travel because he was suffering aerophobia.

Now, Shantanu and his group get a push from the center and he was asked to gather all the proofs to reach the conclusion of the case. After Bhiu awakes she says that she is linked to 1984 where her pursuit was hacked to approx 10 minutes.

Shantanu doesn’t trust such talks and he tries to find the family of true Bhiu Ghosh whose members were part of this JL50 journey that was started more than 3 decades ago.

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2. Dedicated Acting By Cast

JL50 review
One of the most important factors that make the JL50 review more interesting and connected to the audience is the superb acting by the cast. Abhay Deol has done his job pretty well, he has represented his role of Shantanu(CBI Officer) in a very effective way.

The thing that makes Abhay’s character finest is despite not much good in physic he puts his sincere efforts to continue the inspection process.

It is pretty well to see him handle situations like this and this makes him unique from the CBI executives of our movies who win battles from a huge crowd of people lonely without any damages to their bodies.

Pankaj Kapoor is also an integral part of the JL 50 cast who maintains our interest throughout the web series with his natural acting skills. The most notable thing regarding him is that his role growth from the starting episode to the final episode.

JL50 review

The concept of time movement in the JL 50 season 1 is covered very smartly as compared to other movies based on this concept. In the series, you will never see a magic ship or time movement until you will get to know about any solid reason.

JL50 season 1 takes us from Calcutta(1984) to Kolkata(2019), making us feel that there was always something special in that town to deliver to people. The music that was used in between the scenes made them more intense and serious.

Along with Abhay Deol and Pankaj Kapur, other stars of the JL50 cast including Ritika Anand, Piyush Mishra, and Rajesh Sharma also delivered effective performances through their respective characters.


3. Superb Ratings

JL50 Review

Before watching any show or movie one thing often we do is that we visit IMDb to check how viewers have responded and how many stars any particular show or film has gathered there.

You will be amazed to listen that JL50 season 1 has collected stunning 8.3 stars on IMDb after receiving votes from 850+ viewers. Not only on the IMDb JL50 has also got 3/5 stars on Times Of India(TOI) which is pretty well.


4. JL50 Trailer


The Trailer of the web series was published on the 2nd of September over Youtube. Till now it has crossed 3 million+ views and the surprising thing is that it is still trending over Youtube India. The trailer has received 44 thousand+ likes which clearly signals that audience has shown interest while watching it.


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