Shaitaan Haveli Season 1

Believe it or not but still we Indian love to watch horror shows and especially when they are seasoned with comedy punches. The story of Shaitaan Haveli Season 1 fits quite well in the above context. Even you know that it is not the only show which is based on this theme before ‘Shaitaan Haveli Season 1 many movies based on this concept have been made earlier.

In the past, you could have seen Akshay Kumar’s Bhool Bhulaiyaa, Rajkumar Rao’s Stree, Gang Of Hosts, and many others. Now, a web series based on a similar concept has been made by Ajay Singh but before watching it let’s know how the ‘Shaitan Haveli season 1′ is?

What makes ‘Shaitaan Haveli Season 1’ Entertaining?

1. Entertaining Storyline

Shaitaan haveli season 1

The story of the series describes us a group that wants to make a movie arrives at a villa located in a distinct village. But the conditions become sensitive when they all came to know that the villa is ghostly. Despite such a horrible situation, the director continues his shooting.

Now, the story becomes more intense from the 5th episode when villain Chandaal enters into the it who is basically a wizard and has come back from death to take revenge from the Thakur family because they murdered him.

If you are planning to watch ‘Shaitaan Haveli Season 1’ after listening to its thrilling story then let me tell you that it has only 8 episodes having a duration of approx 22 minutes each. Hence you can watch it in just one chance.

2. Superb Acting by The Shaitan Haveli Cast

1. Bhupesh Singh

Shaitaan haveli season 1
The audience sees him in the character of movie director Hariman while watching the series. After watching him in Shaitaan Haveli audience start thinking that they have seen him somewhere else also. You may be thinking the same therefore let me tell you could have seen him in movies like Gangs Of Wasseypur(2012), Ek Tha Tiger(2012), and several others.

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2. Varun Thakur

Shaitaan Haveli season 1
Varun Thakur is a part of the movie that is directed by Hariman(Bhupesh Singh). Before becoming part of the Shaitaan Haveli cast he has acted in Shahrukh Khan’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Varun also owns a youtube channel whose name is SNG(Schitzengiggles). In the web series, Varun has played his role superbly.


3. Neha Chauhan

Shaitaan haveli season 1
Audience witnesses Neha in the character of Prarthana while watching the web series. You may not have seen her more in Hindi movies because she has mostly acted in the south movies. The only Hindi movie that she has done in her whole career is Love Sex And Dokha that was released in 2010.


4. Zahid Ali

Shaitaan haveli season 1
But do you know the fact that Zahid is not only an actor but he is also a Norwegian stand-up comedian? Before becoming the part of Shaitaan Haveli cast he played role in films like Hellfjord and Izzat. He was also part of the Indian Tv serial ‘Hum Aapke Ghar Mein Rehte Hain’.

Along with these stars, the other members of Shaitaan Haveli Season 1 include Pippa Hughes, Shweta Singh, Mukesh, Adi Irani, Surender Thakur.


3. Decent Ratings

Shaitaan Haveli season 1
If you haven’t watched the web series till now, then its IMDb ratings will make you to the Shaitaan Haveli season1 download. The web series has gathered 7.1 stars over IMDb after receiving votes from more than 600 people.

Not only Shaitaan Haveli got good ratings from viewers on IMDb but it also got pretty well responses from Google users. More than 93% of Google users have said that it is an entertaining web series.


4. Shaitan Haveli Trailer


The responses of people on any trailer somehow prove that they are interested in watching the web series. The same happened in the case of Shaitaan Haveli season 1 when it received 1.4 lakhs+ views and 900+ likes over Youtube.

The complete web series has been directed by Ajay Singh. Therefore, If you haven’t it yet, then now the time has arrived to watch it.

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