Pushpavalli season 2

Did you watch Pushpavalli season 1? Once I was surfing amazon prime video to watch something interesting and entertaining, then I found the Pushpavalli season 1 web series. Although I was not in a good mood to watch it yet I clicked to see how it is?

As the 1st episode finished I couldn’t resist myself to watch its further episodes until I finished the last one. Now, after watching its season 1, I decided to watch Pushpavalli season 2, and believe me it was worth watching. Therefore In this article, I’m going to discuss why you should watch Pushpavalli season 2?

What makes Pushpavalli Season 2 an Interesting Web Series?

1. Connecting Storyline

Pushpavalli season 2

The story of Pushpavalli season 2 resumes from Pushpavalli’s commitment to Vidyuth who is a very nice, and loving man. He has been picked by her mother. This occasion is organized in Banglore where now it has been found that Pushpavalli will take avenge from Nikhil who made fun of her and insulted her.

Now, she moves to Banglore so that there she can spend some time with her fiance and make an impact on her family. As she arrives there she was allotted her previous occupation in Pankaj Library. Now, there she came to know that he has an affair with a girl whose name is Swati.

Thereafter, Pushpavalli starts residing in Vasu’s PG without telling him which creates more troubles for her life. As the plot proceeds, the audience gets to see a bunch of lies of Pushpavalli that she tell Nikhil to win his trust in herself. On the other hand, she keeps talking about taking revenge from her clueless fiance and Pankaj.


2. Superb Acting By The Cast

1. Sumukhi Suresh

Pushpavalli season 2
She has played the main character of Pushpavalli in the web series. If you don’t know her then let me tell you that Sumukhi is a stand-up comedian, director as well as a writer. Sumukhi is famous for designing comical drawings that she draws in her live shows.

She mainly became famous represented the character of Sumukhi Chawla(NGO worker) in mockery Youtube series whose name was Better Life Foundation. Now, she again attracted the audience towards herself by playing her role brilliantly in Pushpavalli season 1 and Pushpavalli season 2.


2. Preetika Chawla

Pushpavalli season 2
You will see her in the character of Swati while watching the series. She has not only acted in Pushpavalli but has acted in the web series like Made In Heaven, Better Life Foundation, Girl In The City 2, and Shitty Ideas Trending.

She was not only part of these web series but she also acted in movies like Mumbai Diaries, Luck By Chance, One by Two, etc. The way she played the character of Swati in Pushpavalli is made her catch the attention of the audience.

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3. Manish Anand

Pushpavalli season 2

Manish is representing the character of Nikhil Rao in the web series. But before becoming the part of Pushpavalli season 2 cast she acted in movies like Ishqeria, The Trip, and Prince. Her role was also spotlighted among the audience.


4. Naveen Richard

Pushpavalli season 2

Naveen portrayed the character of Pankaj in Pushpavalli season 2. His role remained a favorite of many viewers. Naveen is among those rare comedians of India who are multiskilled. His comedy web series ‘Don’t Make That Face’ was also released over amazon prime in the year 2017.

Along with these stars, you will get to see Ashok Pathak, Latha Venkatraman, Shraddha, Urooj, Sumaira Shaikh, Niharika Dutt, Kaavya Bector, Sonali Thakkar, Rahul Subramanian, Kumar Varun, Gaurav Kapoor, and several others in their respective characters.


3. Pushpavalli Review

Pushpavalli season 2
The best thing about Pushpavalli season 2 is that it has collected amazing 7.4 stars on the IMDb which are quite well. Many of the voters have given more than 8 stars to the series which clearly shows that they liked the series a lot.

The Pushpavalli season 2 not only gathered stunning ratings on IMDb but it has also got 3/5 stars on the Binged which clears that it is a worth watching web series.


4. Pushpavalli Season 2 Trailer: How People Reacted After Watching The Web Series?

The trailer of the Pushpavalli season 2 was published on 8th March 2020. Till now it has got 1.7 lakh+ views over Youtube with more than 1.4 thousand likes. While scrolling social media accounts what I found most people there also were commenting positively about the series.

So, these are the reasons that you should consider before watching Pushpavalli season 2. From story to acting I found each parameter equally well. Now, your turn has come, so Do watch and tell me how it is by commenting below.

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