Ghoul season 2 release date

Ghoul is one of the best mini Hindi series produced by Netflix India. The crime drama was released 2 years ago and the best thing that we all love about it the series has only 3 episodes due to which anyone can watch the whole drama at once. The concept of the series has been shown gracefully to viewers and that’s why fans gave an awesome response to it.

More than 700 days have passed and now all fans want their question to be answered. They are enthusiastic to know Ghoul Season 2 release date, plot, and many more things. But will the makers be able to fulfill their expectations? Well, nothing much has been revealed yet but there are some things that can give hints about upcoming season 2. So, let see what are they?

How will be the Cast, Plot, and Trailer of the Second Installment of the drama?

1. Has Ghoul Season 2 Release Date Revealed?

Ghoul season 2 release date

As per sources, it has been discovered that critics really praised season 1 of crime drama. Especially the kind of ratings that the series has gathered has influenced the makers a lot. The number of stars suggests that the series should be renewed for further seasons. That’s why it is seeming that Netflix India wants to work more on this project.

However, neither creators nor the streaming partner has made any official announcement regarding Ghoul Season 2 renewal. COVID-19 could be one of the reasons behind this. As we have seen in the last couple of months where various movies, shows, and series have suffered losses due to this dangerous virus.

Many have shifted their release dates and even some of them have postponed their projects for 6-8 months. I think the same has happened with the Ghoul also that’s why we don’t get any updates about it. So, we have to wait for a few months more until the creators disclose any positive news.

How will the Ghoul Season 2 Plot be?

Ghoul Season 2 release date

In the starting episode of the series, we see the coming of frightened inquirer Faulad Singh, and Nida is along with him at his back. Now, Nida conversates with the Maulvi(Islamic Scholar) who is required to confess the reality regarding the recognition of Ali Saeed(Mahesh Balraj).

Now, the Maulvi reveals – “In Arabic mythology, the ghoul is mentioned. The one locked in your cell is not human but a Ghul, an evil spirit or what the Hindus call a monster or demon”. In this way, she mentions how to awake the Ghoul.

The ghoul can be called by making its figure in their own blood. Exactly similar to what was appeared on the stomach of that guy in the initial episode. That ‘Ghoul’ utilizes an individual’s culpability to make him/her kill. Thereafter, ‘Ghoul’ consumes a slice of flesh and then puts the body to return to life and after that ‘Ghoul’ settles.

Now, a surprising thing happens where Ali Saeed’s corpse was discovered in his shielded home, slightly consumed. Further, a horrifying incident took place as the ghoul in face of Saeed Ahmad pounces on underconfident Faulad Singh and settles in his body after which he leaves all convicts in jail.

Then he follows Nida and later runs away in the final moment that why no one was ready to trust her when she explained all that she witnessed. Major Das(Ratnabali Bhattacharjee) considers Nida a betrayer and then she succeeds in persuading all employees to held answerable Nida for all the mess that has happened.

But it was found later that when Ali Saeed was taken to custody the word he pronounced multiple times was of Nida Rahim and because of that she was instantly taken into the custody of a military detention center. Thereafter she was murdered by Dacunha(Manav Kaul) because he efforts to finish Nida.

In the ending episode, we see Nida ready to donate his life to again recall the Ghoul. Now, It will be interesting to see what will happen when Ghoul arrives again in season 2. Hence the story has much more left to show us.

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What will be Ghoul Season 2 Cast?

Ghoul Season 2 release date

The makers haven’t said on the cast of the upcoming season. However, seeing the kind of performances that actors have given in part 1 it appears that they won’t be changed in season 2. So, there are strong chances that we will see our previous favorite stars replicating their earlier roles. If that happens then –

  • Radhika Apte will be seen as Nida Rahim.
  • Manav Kaul will play his role as Colonel Sunil Dacunha.
  • S. M. Zaheer will replicate his character of Shahnawaz Rahim.
  • Ratnabali Bhattacharjee will display the role of Major Laxmi Das.
  • Mahesh Balraj will portray the character of Ali Saeed.
  • Rohit Pathak will be seen as Captain Lamba.
  • Robin Das will portray the role of Maulvi (Muslim Cleric).
  • Surender Thakur will play the character of Faulad Singh.
  • Resh Lamba will play the role of Sinister Man.
  • Mallhar Goenka will display the character of Subedar Babloo.


How many Episodes will be in Ghoul Season 2?

Ghoul season 2 release date
In season 1 we have three episodes including –

  • Episode 1: Out of the Smokeless Fire
  • Episode 2: The Nightmares Will Begin
  • Episode 3: Reveal Their Guilt, Eat Their Flesh

If the writers again become successful in making a gripping story then season 2 will have 3-6 episodes.

When will Ghoul Season 2 trailer Arrive?

The trailer of season 2 has not released yet and also it will not arrive soon because the creators haven’t even renewed the series to make the next part. that’s why it will take fair enough time to arrive among us. Till then you can revive the memorable moments that you experienced while watching season 1 by watching its trailer inserted above.

Where will Ghoul Season 2 come?

Ghoul Season 2 release date

We all want to enjoy season 2 of the crime thriller even more than season 1. To do so we don’t need any kind of disruptions. But what do you think, how this can be achieved? Let me tell you how this can be done. As well all know that Ghoul is a part of Netflix originals and therefore it is quite obvious that season 2 of the drama will arrive there.

Hence before the release of drama just makes sure that your internet connection is good. Apart from this you also have to download the official Netflix app. So, be ready with the arrangements because only in this way you will be able to remove the obstacles that will come.

We will let you know the Ghoul season 2 release date when we will discover it. Till then stay connected with us for more updates regarding the drama.

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