Last year Netflix dropped one of the best Hindi web series ever made on a real incident. The Delhi Crime was made in a so nice and effective way that it directly touched the hearts of people. While watching the drama people felt the real pain that the victim’s family went through. It is a reason why people gave such an overwhelming response to the drama.

Now, many fans want to see more stories like this that show the ultimate winning of justice. I think this a major cause why they keep asking about Delhi Crime Season 2 release date from the last few months. Even I too want to know when will part 2 of the drama come. That’s why to end my curiosity I finally discovered something interesting regarding the series. So, Are you excited to know what it is? I think you are, so let’s begin.

What Changes Have Been Made In Delhi Season 2?

Has Delhi Crime Season 2 Release Date Revealed?

Delhi Crime Season 2 release date

The first update about the drama is that this time instead of Richie Mehta, Rajesh Mapuskar will direct the episodes of the series. Perhaps you have not heard his name but let me tell you he has worked in the role of Assistant director with Rajkumar Hirani in ‘3 idiots’.

However, makers haven’t disclosed Delhi Crime Season 2 release date but they have confirmed that the second installment will be made soon. Clearing all speculations in a conversation with Indian Express previous director Richie Mehta said – “There is going to be the next season. Same characters, different crime.”

However, when will season 2 come is still unknown. Initially, there were rumors that season 2 will arrive by the end of 2020 but seeing the present situation it doesn’t seem that the drama will arrive soon. But as per predictions, it appears that we will get an opportunity to see it in the second half of 2021.

How will the Delhi Crime Season 2 Story be?

Delhi Crime season 2 release date

As I earlier told the drama is based on a truly horrific incident that happened in Delhi in 2012. A young girl was raped by 6 males and the incident is not limited to this in fact her companion also got raped on the running bus. Those men gave very tough treatment and hard-hitting to that girl due to which she suffered wounds and as a result, she lost his life in the next 11 days.

This terrible happening filled a sense of fire in the nerves of people and thereafter multiple objections arisen for the sake of justice. The story of Delhi Crime mainly shows an inspection done by the Police Department of the city. The episode begins where a police squad can be seen searching the injured suffers who are down the road.

Thereafter DCP, Vartika Chaturvedi receives the message regarding the whole matter through call. Seeing the cruelty of the incident she calls it ‘insanity’. After this, she is certain to cross all hurdles to bring out the culprits in the upcoming 10 hours. She wants to do so as soon as possible otherwise criminal will ran away.

Hanging between sentiments and the requirement of his job, she gives her best and puts his all efforts so that the family of suffers can get justice. Crowded with sentiments, political drama and indignation Delhi Crime displays all flashbacks of the incident.

In the final episode, the mystery gets solved and the drama ends on a conclusive note. That’s why Richie said that this time they will make the drama on a fresh plot. But on which incident the plot will be made is still unknown. So, we have to wait for a few more months to hear further updates.

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What Will Be The Cast Of Delhi Crime Season 2?

Delhi Crime Season 2 release date

Richie has cleared in her statement that this time too the cast of the series will remain the same as before. However, some new faces can be added in the upcoming season. As per sources, it has been revealed that a real-life IAS officer has been included in season 2.

Besides him, the lead characters of the drama will remain the same. Hence this time again our previous stars will be seen on screens replicating their respective characters. If that happens then –

  • Shefali Shah will play the role of Vartika Chaturvedi.
  • Rasika Dugal will be seen as Neeti Singh.
  • Aakash Dahiya will replicate his character of Devinder.
  • Adil Hussain will portray the role of Kumar Vijay.
  • Rajesh Tailang will be seen as Bhupendra Singh.
  • Denzil Smith will play the role of Vishal Chaturvedi.
  • Yashaswini Dayama will display the character of Chandni.
  • Avijit Dutt will replicate his role as Gururaj Dixit.
  • Gopal Datt will be seen as Sudhir Kumar.

Apart from them, other stars like Sanjay Bishnoi, Mridul Sharma, Jaya Bhattacharya, Swati Bhatia, Anurag Arora, Vinod Sherawat, Ayush Sehgal, Rhea Bedi, Abhilasha Singh, Gaurav Rana, Govind Singh, Vipin Katyal, and Ashok Mehta can be seen playing their previous roles.

How Many Episodes Will Be in Delhi Crime Season 2?

Delhi Crime season 2 release date

In season 1 we have seen 7 episodes including-

  • Episode 1: Episode #1.1
  • Episode 2: Episode #1.2
  • Episode 3: Episode #1.3
  • Episode 4: Episode #1.4
  • Episode 5: Episode #1.5
  • Episode 6: Episode #1.6
  • Episode 7: Episode #1.7

The creators haven’t disclosed the number of episodes that the coming season of the series will have. But if we go as per predictions the season 2 will have 7-10 episodes.

When Will Delhi Crime Season 2 Trailer Come?

The makers renewed the series a few months ago but whether they have started shoot for the drama or not? not even confirmed. That’s why it will be hard to comment on anything on the trailer. For the trailer, we have to wait for a sufficient time as it will not arrive soon. So, If you forgot to see the trailer of season 1 then you can easily watch it above.

Where Will Delhi Crime Season 2 Arrive?

Delhi Crime Season 2 release date

Season 1 of the drama arrived on Netflix and we really enjoyed watching it. So, it is quite clear that season 2 will also come there. But If you haven’t seen part 1 of the thriller then before the arrival of season 2 you should watch it out. You can visit Netflix’s official website to watch the series.

Hence these are the major updates that we will witness in the upcoming season of the drama. To know the Delhi Crime season 2 release date stay connected with us as we will tell you it as soon as possible.

Source: The Quint

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