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Impatient for Future Man Season 4 release date? Let’s get in & check whether Future Man season 4 will be returning to Hulu this year or not.

“Future Man” is a Hulu original American sci-fi comedy television show produced by Kyle Hunter, Ariel Shaffir, Evan Goldberg & Josh Hutcherson who also played a leading role in season 2. The pilot of the series premiered on Hulu on Nov 14, 2017. The second season made a comeback on Jan 11, 2019, & season 3 again returned on Apr 3, 2020. Both the first & second seasons have 13 episodes each, with the third season marking its end on the 8th episode.

Season first received a pretty good response from the viewers. The second season of the show saw an increase in the fanbase of the series. The most recent season i.e. third continued to entertain the audience with its inarguable humor that made this drama a huge success. The show has a rating of 7.7/10 as recorded by IMDb.

In this article, we will share every update concerning Future Man Season 4 – release date, cast, and plot.

Future Man Season 4: What We Know So Far

The season first of the series narrates the story of Josh Futterman, a young & aimless janitor living with his parents. In his free time or mostly at night, he plays a video game called, “Biotic Wars” which is considered to be very difficult to complete. After failing many times, he become victorious and was able to complete the game & hence becoming the first competitor ever to do so.

As he was enjoying his success, the main characters of the video game, Tiger & Wolf out of nowhere appear in human form in front of him. They tell him that they came here from the anti-utopic future world of 2162 namely through time travel.

It turned out that this video game was a test to find a powerful savior for the world that was in the video game Biotic Wars. Josh along with Tiger & Wolf set off a dangerous yet one of the most humorous journeys to save the future world. They then travel back in the past to the year 1969, where Josh finds his younger parents.

They fight various battles there as their main motive was to stop a scientist named Dr. Kornish from producing medicine that will cure herpes. Furthermore, they were doing so to prevent the futuristic world from the destruction that will be caused by this invention.

Josh, Tiger & Wolf
Source – Hulu

Season second is set in the far future exactly opposite to season first’s past setting. Josh, Tiger & Wolf are shown doing the events that will prevent this anti-utopia future world to happen. They almost completed this task when they are caught by time travel police. By the end of the season second, they all are seeing fighting in a competition that is basically a television reality show hosted by Susan.

The third season starts immediately from where season 2 ended. We find Josh, Tiger & Wolf fighting the match set for a reality show. Meanwhile, Susan is trying to manipulate his superiors to keep his robot family including, a robot wife & a robot daughter. Keeping everything aside, this season continued to make its audience laugh from its funny time travelling to historic periods of France, Japan and Russia. Every time travel is shown in the drama is marked by the comedy & jokes that will leave your stomach hurting by laughing.

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Future Man Season 4 Release Date: Why the show has been cancelled?

Since the debut of the “Future Man”, the series has proven itself as one of the most dangerous yet funniest inspections of the concept of time travel. The show is popular for its perfect blend of classic science fiction and stupidly vulgar jokes that will make you gag. Through the journey of three seasons, the show explored various timelines including that of historic times through the concept of time travel.

Future Man Plot
Source – Hulu

However, by the end of season third, we find Josh is tired of fighting battles & wanted to return to his own time. He gets to know through Susan that the past & present timelines will collide and end up in “The Big Suck” a sort of black hole. To prevent that from happening he remains in 1999 & enjoys the younger version of himself.

There is a piece of bad news for the fans, Future Man Season 4 is not going to happen. Though makers haven’t told us about the reason for not renewing for the fourth season. We all can figure it out by the way they bind up the story by the end as they all saved the world and Josh bid goodbye to his friends Tiger & Wolf. However, immense popularity & demand from the public may force makers to come up with Future Man Season 4, but again there is no surety.

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Future Man Season 4 Plot: What Could Have Been The Storyline?

Season third ended with a sense of peace both among the characters & audience. The protagonists of the show sealed the entrance that made the time travel possible practically ending the possibility of Future Man Season 4.

Source – Hulu

If by any chance there is a revival of the fourth season, it will be focused on futuristic soldiers or people trying to break the seal & get into another world. As for Josh, considering the fact that he became for powerful & self-confident person, will get out of his comfort zone & achieve success in his life.

But the epilogue of the show killed all possible plots hence declaring that season third is the finale of the series. Hence, there will be no Future Man Season 4.

Future Man Season 4 Cast: Who Could Have Been Part Of It?

If season fourth-ever happened, there is a possibility that some characters will be removed from the show by analyzing the ending of the series. Though there are also high chances of introducing some new faces. Let’s now take a look at the characters:

Future Man Cast
Source – Hulu
  • Josh Hutcherson as Josh Futterman, a janitor by the day and a video game player by night.
  • Eliza Coupe as Tiger, a warrior from the future & protagonist of the video game “Biotic Wars”.
  • Derek Wilson as Wolf, a companion of Tiger who along with her & Josh save the futuristic world.
  • Ed Begley, Jr played the role of Gabe Futterman, father of Josh.
  • Glenne Headly played the role of Diane Futterman, mother of Josh.

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Future Man Season 4 trailer: Will It Come?

Sadly, Future Man Season 4 won’t be happening, so it’s obvious that there will be no regarding that. But here is the trailer of last season that will make you go crazy by laughing.

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