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‘Sherlock Holmes’ the king of spy and detective dramas became the household name of every house ever since the character came into existence, Isn’t it? The love and craze of the audience for the spy have continued to exist ever since years. Burn Notice was the addition to all the mystery-comedy taste for the audience and succeeded to create its separate fan following ever since 2007.

The American action television series has several seasons because of the deep impression on its audience. Burnt Notice comedy is a blend of comedy-action series and has ended up to 7 seasons. The show was dropped for the first time back in 2007. The binge-watch drama series was a blockbuster for the American TV platform during its premiere. It is simply based upon the theme that how was the mystery solved. 

Spy dramas have always been a hub of curiosity and suspicion for the audience always keen about mysteries. The fair-play of the show with the audience led to a massive fan following of the show over the years. For Nine long years, the show has tended to gain a consistent increase in its fan base. But ever 2013 there are no updates or flashes regarding the show that could keep the audience updated.

Although the story was wrapped up in season 7. But still, the audience anticipates the new action-comedy thread and awaits suspiciously for the drop of Burn Notice Season 8 of the show.

Burn Notice Season 8 – What we know so far

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The favorite spy drama that proved to be binge-worthy and worth every content embedded within it was broadcasted on several OTT platforms and with each season of Burn Notice new twists and turns are lined up for the audience.

The American spy drama aired for the first time in the year 2007 when there wasn’t any easy access to YouTube and other sites, especially in India. But still, the series managed to be a massive hit and create its huge fan base on several social media platforms.

The Burn Notice season 7’s last episode premiered in the year 2013 after a successful run of almost 6years leaving its audience stunned with its astonishing drama. 

The show received an overwhelming response from its audience and huge fan base. 

Undoubtedly, Burn Notice Season 7 had a perfect ending enclosing all the closures and resolving all the threads, but still, the audience was unhappy with the fact that it’s the last episode of Burn Notice.

Now it’s almost a long span of nine years since any updates regarding Burn Notice season 8 arrived!

Let’s hope for a comeback of everyone’s favorite spy drama Burn Notice’s season 8.

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Burn Notice Season 8 Release Date – Is the Eight Outing cancelled or coming?

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Burn Notice Season 7 is the last season of the show that aired on USA networks in June 2013. But even after the massive success, the makers of the show announced the cancellation of the upcoming drop of Burn Notice Season 8.

There may be several reasons to be taken accountable for such statements but due to lack of any update, flash, havoc or headlines and any regarding official statements and claims. No assumptions can be made either for a drop or a release.

The primary reason for cancellation considered was the well-planned ending of the Burn Notice Season 7 that led to the closure of all the threads and mysteries leaving no scope for any new season. 

Therefore even makers are in a state of bewilderment about what next should be served to its audience that could keep them glued to their respective zones and make them aspire the same way they did for the previous Burn Notice seasons.

So hoping for the best and drop of Burn Notice Season 8.

Until then keep waiting patiently!

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Burn Notice Season 8 Plot – What can happen next?

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The story of Burn Notice revolves around protagonist Jeffery Donovan (Micheal Western) a spy agent, spies were not fired like the common people at Miami. Instead, he gets burned and was left with nothing behind without his name because you are stuck in a city where your agency wants to keep you for the spy mission.

So, after some time, he decides to take revenge on the people who burned him but he doesn’t want to be alone in that situation so, he decided to take his former partners whom he used to enjoy with the cheers of the cocktails in good time.

Moreover, his girlfriend is also with her in every situation whether is it good or bad. At last, they decide to work effortlessly and serve the people of Miami without a single penny or a self-interest. The show because of its great spy story was a hit and still remains awaited after 9 long years.

Let’s see what brings out in the Burn Notice Season 8!

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Burn Notice Season 8 Cast – Who will be part of the eighth installment?

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As of now, there are no official statements or claims by the makers of the show because of the havoc of the cancellation of Burn Notice Season 8 all around.

But until there are any official claims it would be even difficult to assume what next awaits for the audience.

Whereas cast of the show becomes the relevance of real to reel ones. The viewers start relating these characters of shows to their real lives. 

Therefore chances of replacement of characters are possible new faces can be seen only if Burn Notice Season 8 drops.

The cast of the favourite spy drama Burn Notice Season 7 was-

  • Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen.
  • Gabrielle Anwar as Fiona Glenanne.
  • Bruce Campbell as Sam Axe.
  • Sharon Gless as Madeline Westen.
  • Paul Tei as Barry Burkowski.
  • Richard Schiff as Phillip Cowan.
  • Chris Payne Gilbert as Guest Star.
  • Jeff Chase as Guest Star.

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Burn Notice Season 8 Trailer – Has the trailer dropped yet?


Since there is no official update or claim from the makers for the drop of Burn Notice Season 8 bomber, the audience can binge-watch on the existing content of the previous seasons and episodes that can be streamed on the OTT platform.

Above all the show was a long thread of mysterious events and if the viewers wish they can even roll down through the memory lane reliving all the show memories.

And to relive the Burn Notice journey up to season 7 the audience can even watch the previous season as well as the trailer and watch out for season 8 drop too. Until then happy waiting and keep rolling through the already released season!

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