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Fantasy is a word that carries 100’s dreamy emotions and a world that ignores the existence of the real world. These fantasy feelings lead to the creation of dramatic thrill fiction artworks, that fascinate their audience and they feel carried away in those emotions.

This is how in 2012 Rise of the Guardians an American fantasy action film was released to tangle its audience with its variety of emotions, drama, and thrill.

In 2012 even having applications like Netflix was a fantasy! DreamWorks Animation produced this 3D animated action conceptualized on a book series ‘The Guardians of Childhood’ and inspired by a short film ‘The Man in the Moon’. The film was also facilitated with an Annie Award for the beholding category of ‘Best Animated Features’.

So, it would be interesting to watch what thrill and fascination wait for its audience almost after 10 years of the leap. But why there has been such a long leap for the upcoming new season? Will it be even back? Or is Rise of the Guardians Season 2 cancelled?

Here’s to what our sources could recollect so far…

Rise of the Guardians Season 2 – What do our sources know so far?


Rise of the Guardians Season 1 premiered way back in 2012. The animated action was produced by Dream works and directed by Peter Ramsey, which awfully couldn’t perform as expected on the screen and remained underrated.

Although, after being nominated for several awards under various categories the film faced losses also. Rise of Guardian’s first season showcases the story that how for ages the well-adorned personalities and the most fantasized creatures like Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, and Tooth Fairy are always on duty to protect children globally from every kind of problem and evil eyes.

The story revolves around the format that how these Godfather personalities with their unusual powers overthrow the evil Boogeyman. This is how Rise of Guardians has its fantasy hangover and a drop on the viewer’s mind. Will a Rise of the Guardians Season 2 with more glimpses of godfather love and glimpses fantasy world be back?

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Rise of the Guardians Season 2 release date – Is it dropping or is it cancelled?

Animated characters of Rise of Guardians
Source – Netflix

Rise of the Guardians Season 1 arrived on the screens long back in November 2012. It’s almost a decade since the curious audience has been waiting for a brand new comeback of the fantasy world.

Now several reasons can be held responsible for the delay in the making and comeback of Rising of the Guardians season 2. While budget and the gross income of the movie on screen can be considered the prime reason because the movie’s gross income managed to be earned was $306million against the budget of $145million. The movie suffered a loss of almost $83 million that was used as distribution in the market.

Secondly, a pandemic may also be acknowledged as the reason for the delay in the market because it led to disruption of the market and several large networks also.

So, as of now no official claims regarding the making, the release of the movie has been revealed. And no assumptions can be possibly made because there are no hints, updates, headlines, rumours, or buzz regarding the show’s release.

Therefore, fans need to hold onto another level of patience because this possibly may take more time and viewers should wait until any official confirmations come out.

Until then watch the Rise of the Guardians season 1 streaming on Netflix and adore your favorite Guardian!

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Rise of the Guardians Season 2 Plot – What new will be in the upcoming season 2?

Animated character of Rise of Guardians Season 2
Source – Google

Rise of Guardians is the story all about how the guardians are up to motive that is to lighten up the lives of the children with the aroma of happiness around. These guardians in reality also have a lot of relevance in the lives of the children because of the fairytales, bedtime stories that lead to character buildup of Santa, Tooth fairy to be acknowledged and children feel connected to them.

In season 1 all the godfathers gathered and they overthrew the evil Boogeyman who always wanted to create problems in the life of the children. In the climax of Rising of the Guardians have fell weakened and Jamie the child who never lost the trust and believed in guardians even after their powers were weakened, brings along all the friends to become the strength and support of the guardians.

This restoration of faith of children and power of guardians too and to confront Pitch’s dream that becomes meaningless when all the children join. This imbibes the power within godfathers also to fight against the villain. This restores the belief of children into guardians and Jack along with his friends is made the saviour of the children of the world who has to protect them always.

So, if the Rise of the Guardians Season 2 drops it will again focus on how evil powers have made their way back with more powers ways to threaten children. It would be even more interesting to watch the face-off of guardians and evil powers and the magic spread of fantasy drama yet again.

The relishing 3D experience and over joyous feeling amongst the children calls for a brand new drop of Rising of the Guardians Season 2 to spread the charismatic aroma around again.

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Rise of the Guardians Season 2 cast – Will there be new faces to experience?

Cast of Rise of Guardians season 1
Source – Vulture

Since there’s no official claim either by the production house or by the makers of the show. So, there remains a list of unanswered questions for the audience because of no official announcements, claims, or headline flash regarding the show updates.

Now, along with the comeback of Rising of the Guardians Season 2 cast is something that is amongst the most curious parts of the raised questions. Probably the star cast may appear again in the upcoming season. So here’s the list of the cast

  • Chris Pine as Jack Frost.
  • Jude Law as Nightmare King
  • Alec Baldwin as Nicholas St. North.
  • Hugh Jackman as Easter Bunny
  • Isla Fisher as Tooth Fairy
  • Dakota Goyo as Jamie Bennett
  • George MacKay as Jamie Bennett’s elder sister
  • Jacob Bertrand as Monty
  • Dominique Grund as Cupcake
  • Olivia Mattingly as Mary

It would be interesting to witness the roller coaster story of evils and guardians yet again with the existing characters and expecting some new add ons in the characters as well.

Till then keep waiting for any related content confirmation. Until then, Happy Waiting!

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