Secret City season 3 release date

If a political drama is made suitably then it definitely attracts the attention of the audience. Not only senior citizens but also millennials love this genre of shows if they are created in a thrilling way. Popular networks like Netflix understand this thing quite well, especially because the first content of the network was the political one, widely known as House of Cards. This is a reason why they consistently create politics-based content.

Secret City is one of the multiple drama shows launched by Netflix. The spy thriller was released on Netflix globally on 26th June 2018. Since the launch of the first season the political thriller has been successful in making its space in the hearts of viewers. It has scored an impressive 7.4/10 stars on the IMDb while whopping 100% critics ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. The second season of the series was premiered on Netflix on 6th March 2019.

Since then fans have been waiting to know the Secret City season 3 release date. They are craving to know the fate of the third installment of the series. So, here is what we have discovered for so far –


Secret City Season 3 Release Date – Is It Returning In 2022?

Secret City Season 3 release date

The final episode of the first season aired on 3rd July 2016 while the second season of the series telecasted on 6th March 2019. Thanks to Netflix which gave us such a nice show. Now, if we talk of Secret City season 3, no official details have been disclosed about it yet. We have been waiting for almost two years but till now showrunners haven’t shared any progressive update about season 3 with us.

We all know how popular the series has been in different countries of the world, it is one the most recognized dramas internationally. If we consider its popularity, it deserves a renewal but till now no clues have been dropped that can increase our hopes. If creators give it a red signal then fans will surely be shocked as this is something we aren’t expecting. Trusted sources like The Cinemaholic had predicted last year that season 3 would be out by March 2020 but unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

We haven’t received any official details regarding Secret City Season 3 from Netflix, therefore, we can’t tell you when the third edition of this political drama will arrive. However, we are hoping that the show will soon receive a green signal for season 3 and will be back by the end of 2022.

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Secret City Season 3 Plot –  What’s Going To Happen Next?

Secret City Season 3 release date

In the first season, we have seen Harriet Dunkley who works as a political reporter for The Daily Nation in Canberra. During her working hours, the reporter figures out a hidden harmful plan in her exploration for truth. The dangerous confidential warned her life as well as career. In fact, it also affected the pattern of living of all Australian citizens. The first season mainly shows the scenes of developing stress between China and America.

In the second season, Harriet comes to jail and instantly gets accidentally trapped in a political and army cover-up. It’s looking that the hands of Carolina Bailey are involved in it. Bailey who was Attorney General and Minister of Justice in the first season becomes Minister of Home Affairs in the second season. Later, it gets revealed that Baily is secretly working for the Chinese who are going to harm the army of Australia severely.

In the second season, Harriet comebacks to the known lands of power and politics in order to expose an Army program so hiddenly that even the Prime Minister of the country doesn’t get any clues about it. has acclaimed that how coming back of series is going to be dramatic according to the fact that Australian politics is facing quite disputable and stormy time in its entire history.

So, both seasons have remained quite interesting and entertaining. Now, we are expecting the same from season 3 also. We actually don’t know what will happen in Secret Season 3 episodes as showrunners haven’t shared any official synopsis for the third season. If they reveal any details about it in future, we will surely inform you.

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Secret City Season 3 Cast – Will There Be New Faces In The Upcoming Outing?

Secret City Season 3 release date

As I already informed you earlier in this post that showrunners haven’t dropped any hints about the forthcoming season. However, Anna Torv who plays the character of Harriet Dunkley has remained the heart of the series. It’s impossible to think of Secret City season 3 without her. She has smartly and impeccably portrayed her character. She has earned huge appreciation for playing her role so effectively.

Apart from her other actors have also done their roles superbly. So, it’s seeming that most of the former actors will return in the forthcoming season. Creators can also introduce new stars in the show but additions of these new actors won’t affect the places of lead actors. New stars will be given fresh roles while former actors will replicate their previous roles. As per this, the cast of the upcoming season will be as –

  • Anna Torv will play the role of Harriet Dunkley.
  • Jacki Weaver will be seen as Catriona Bailey.
  • Marcus Graham will deliver his role of Andrew (Griff) Griffiths.
  • Sacha Horler will portray the character of Ludie Sypek.
  • Justin Smith will display the character of William Vaughn.
  • Aleks Mikic will present the character of Thomas Maher.
  • Danielle Cormack will deliver her role as Karen Koutoufides.
  • Laura Gordon will be seen as Caroline (Cal) Treloar.
  • Rob Collins will play the role of Lieutenant Joseph Sullivan.
  • Don Hany will portray the character of Ewan Garrity.
  • Joel Tobeck will display the character of Jim Hellier.
  • Robert Rabiah will present the character of Sami Al Masi.
  • Louisa Mignone will be seen as Mina Al Masi.
  • Tom Wren will play the role of Alex Berezin
  • Benedict Hardie will portray the character of Declan Boyd.

Apart from them, other stars like Michael Denkha, Di Adams, Christopher Kirby, Frederick Du Rietz, Dalip Sondhi, Fiona Press, and many others can also be seen in the upcoming season.

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How Many Episodes Are We Going To Witness In Secret City Season 3?

Secret City Season 3 release date

In the previous season, we have seen 6 episodes including –

  • Episode 1: Run Little Rabbit
  • Episode 2: The War Zone
  • Episode 3: Pale Horse
  • Episode 4: Broken Bird
  • Episode 5: From Whom the Bell Tolls
  • Episode 6: Two Cheers for Democracy

Netflix hasn’t disclosed any information regarding the episodes of Secret City season 3 but we have observed that in both of the previously released seasons there were 6-6 episodes so if the third season will follow this sequence then it will also have 6 episodes.

Secret City Season 3 Trailer – Can We See It In 2022?

We can’t tell you when will third season trailer arrive as Netflix hasn’t even given green light to the upcoming season. So, the third season’s trailer is far away. Once creators are ready with their decisions they will surely inform us. Till then you can watch the Secret City season 2 trailer inserted above.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions Related To Secret City Season 3 –

1. Will there be Secret City Season 3?

Credible sources like Wikipedia have reported that it’s not clear whether the third outing of the drama will come or not. The future of the third season of the Australian political thriller is still in suspense.

2. How many seasons are there of Secret City?

Till now two outings of the drama have been released successfully.
3.  Is Secret City worth watching?
The series has earned 7.4 stars on the IMDb which is pretty good. So, as per the rating point of view, the drama is worth watching.

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