Asur Season 2 release date

Nowadays, we are witnessing intense competition among several OTT platforms and I think we are getting the full benefit of it. Do you know how? We are receiving offers to watch multiple good web series and shows every 10-15 days due to this rivalry between digital streaming platforms. In the 1st quarter of this year, Voot India amazed its users by releasing Asur which got remarkable responses from users.

Now, after watching such a nice thriller many fans are consistently asking questions like – Will Season 2 of the drama arrive? If yes, then what will be the Asur season 2 release date in India? Recently, I have got some latest information about it to share with you. So, Are you ready to listen? If yes, let me start.

What will be the Cast, Story, And Release date of Asur Season 2?

1. Will there be Season 2 Of Asur?

Asur Season 2 release date

If we talk about the second installment of Voot’s one of the best crime thriller, we haven’t got any authentic information about it. But one of the lead actors of the drama Barun Sobti has indicated strong intent for the renewal of Asur season 2. Therefore at this time, it is slightly difficult to say anything on the making second.

After seeing such a fabulous season 1 definitely, our hopes are high from makers. Although makers haven’t said anything on the renewal still we are looking forward to seeing a green signal from their side. But till then we have to sit calmly and keep an eye on further updates.

What will be the Asur Season 2 Plot?

Asur season 2 release date

The point where season 1 of the series ended is a powerful signal that season 2 will be made sure. Although the two main culprits who were assumed Shubh have been grabbed. Latterly, it has been found that they aren’t actual Shubh but the actual one is depicted as Rasool who is working in the CBI squad.

Shubh has cleared his objectives by killing Sharib Hashmi. It is looking that he is ready for a nail-biting battle. It seems that he has a team of multiple guys who can do anything on his single order. He showed this in the last, as soon as a reporter departed from the gas chamber he murders one more guy. And the women looking out for Nikhil’s child supplies poison to that child.

Seeing this unsatisfied ending we will certainly get an opportunity to watch an extremely electrifying battle in the upcoming Asur Season 2. Dhananjay losses his job while Nikhil considers Dhananjay responsible for his child’s death by saying Dhananjay’s past faults are the main cause behind his daughter’s demise.

Hence probably we will see a war between Dhananjay and Nikhil. In the final episode, we have also seen the killing of Shariba Hashmi and the up-gradation of Nushrat. So, there will be a new squad of CBI in the next season.

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What Will Be The Asur Season 2 Cast?

Asur season 2 release date

After looking at the level of performances that actors have given in part 1 it does appear that makers will change the cast in season 2. But there are possibilities that we will witness some change in Asur Season 2 maybe we will get to see some new faces.

But there are many chances that previous stars will continue in Asur Season 2 also. If it will happen then we will again our favorite ones replicating their previous characters. If so –

  • Arshad Warsi will be seen as Dhananjay Rajput.
  • Barun Sobti will play the character of Nikhil Nair.
  • Anupriya Goenka will deliver his role of Naina Nair.
  • Ridhi Dogra will replicate his role as Nusrat Saeed.
  • Amey Wagh will display the character of  Rasool Shaikh.
  • Pawan Chopra will portray the character of Shashank Awasthi
  • Vishesh Bansal will be seen as Shubh.

How Many Episodes Will Be In Asur Season 2?

Asur Season 2 release date

In part 1 we have seen 9 episodes including –

  • Episode 1: The Dead Can Talk
  • Episode 2: Rabbit Hole
  • Episode 3: Peek-a-boo
  • Episode 4: Ashes from the past
  • Episode 6: The devil has a face
  • Episode 7: The firewall
  • Episode: 8 Let there be darkness
  • Episode 9: End is the beginning

Hence as per predictions, there will be 8-10 episodes in season 2 also.

Has The Trailer Of Asur Season 2 Arrived?

No, the trailer has not arrived yet and it is also not fair to expect it right now. Presently, the creators have not even disclosed whether they will make season 2 or not? So, If you have heard any news regarding the trailer of season 2 then it is totally false.

Voot India has published only a single trailer on Youtube which is of Asur season 1. Apart from this, the channel hasn’t posted anything about season 2. So, If you haven’t seen yet the trailer of part 1 you can easily watch it above.

How To Download Asur Season 1 Episodes?

Asur season 2 release date

Part 1 of the crime thriller released by Voot has gathered stunning 8.4/10 stars. Moreover, 21000+ IMDb users have given good ratings to the drama which makes it one of the highest voted Indian web series. I believe these figures are sufficient to prove why Asur is Voot’s best web series.

So, If you still haven’t seen the drama and just made up your decision to watch it. Then, I can tell you how this can be made possible? Are you enthusiastic to know it? I hope so. To watch the thriller firstly make sure that you have a good internet connection and then download the official Voot App.

So, you have to open the app and sign up there. Now, you have to buy a subscription to the OTT platform as it doesn’t offer its premium services free to anyone. After taking the subscription you have to type the name of the series on the search bar of the app.

And then you can watch the Arshad’s Warsey’s Asur episodes smoothly.

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