Criminal Justice Season 2 release date

You might have seen Hotstar’s Criminal Justice that was released last year. The crime drama achieved great success and became one of the highest-rated series in India. After watching season 1 many people also demanded its renewal. In fact, most of them started asking about Criminal Justice Season 2 release date.

I also loved watching season 1 of crime drama and I too want to see stunning Vikrant Massey again in action in Criminal Justice Season 2? But will our wishes be fulfilled? I think God has listened to us because today I have got very great news to put in your ears. Are you excited to know it? I think you are, so here we go.

What Are The Major Updates Of Criminal Justice Season 2?

1. Has The Makers Renewed The Drama For Season 2?

Criminal Justice Season 2

After seeing our immense love and hungriness to watch Criminal Justice Season 2 makers have given celebratory news to the fans. Telling about the renewal of the series BBC Studios India’s production business head Sameer Gogate, announced “We are very excited to work with Applause Entertainment once again for bringing in the season 2 of our most iconic, award-winning drama series — Hotstar Specials presents Criminal Justice,”

“The success of season 1 has shown what good content can achieve, and we hope the second season will be equally loved by the audiences.” But he hasn’t commented on the Criminal Justice Season 2 release date.

Talking about the crime drama Head Marketing Manager, Ashok Cherian included “Hotstar Specials presents Criminal Justice had a fantastic launch of its first season and received rave reviews from audiences and critics alike. It was our first partnership with BBC Studios, that was based on the singular objective of telling great stories. With the second season of Criminal Justice that will stream on Hotstar VIP, we want to take this creative partnership to the next level.”

Although the Criminal Justice Season 2 release date is not yet confirmed but one thing is clear that soon we are going to witness another banging drama from Disney+ Hotstar.

What Will Be The Story Of Criminal Justice Season 2?

Criminal Justice Season 2

In part 1 we see a story revolving around Aditya who spends a half-night along with his passenger, Sanaya(Madhurima Roy). As he senses midnight he finds Sanaya killed and her corpse has multiple stabbings. Seeing this he instantly departs from there but due to miss fortune, he faces an accident on his way to home.

Madhav Mishra is ready to fight his case but in between this Mandira Mathur arrives and becomes ready to fight his case. Now, she succeeds in proving Aditya guiltless from the rape accusations but she is unable to prove him guiltless in murder allegations. After this, his assistant advocate Nikhat Hussain(Anupriya Goenka) and Madhav Mishra(Pankaj Tripathi) makes their efforts to rescue him.

Now, Aditya has been sent to Jail because of doing Sanaya’s murder(which he hasn’t committed). But Madhav Mishura doesn’t give up and he keeps fighting for Aditya. One day he discovers that Sanaya used to go Rehabilitation center to leave his bad habits. So, he checks Sanaya’s call history and there he finds something very important.

On that day Sanaya has dialed four wrong numbers which he thinks mysterious. Now, he goes into detail about them and explores that they are the numbers of occupational drug traffickers. He gets to know that Sanaya was thirsty to take drugs which he left 3 years ago just before the night he was killed. She was a member of the welfare organization which has been run by his dad’s close colleague and his spouse.

Later, it has been discovered that the organization is indulged in child prostitution. And, lastly, it has been found that his wife is the main culprit behind the murder of Sanaya. In this way, Aditya proves to be innocent.

Therefore, it seems that we will see a fresh story in the forthcoming Criminal Justice season 2. But what will happen exactly in the upcoming part is still unknown.

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What Will Be The Criminal Justice Season 2 Cast?

Criminal Justice Season 2

Makers haven’t revealed the names of actors who will act in the upcoming season 2. But as per predictions, it is looking that many stars of the previous season will be seen in the second installment of the drama too. As per the report of Gadgets 360 Mita Vashist, Anupriya Goenka will be seen again in the crime drama.

Apart from them, other names aren’t revealed yet but as the effect of this COVID-19 will decrease in the coming months. We might get to hear the names of the remaining stars. Till then we have to wait patiently.

How Many Episodes Will Be In Criminal Justice Season 2?

Criminal Justice Season 2

In season 1 we have seen 10 episodes which are –

  • Episode 1. Once Upon a Night
  • Episode 2. Under Arrest
  • Episode 3. The Price of Life
  • Episode 4. The Trial
  • Episode 5. Beginning of the End
  • Episode 6. Judgement Day
  • Episode 7. A New Kingpin
  • Episode 8. The Going Gets Tough
  • Episode 9. A New Kingpin
  • Episode 10. The Mystery

If the writers become successful in again making a gripping story then season 2 will also have 8-10 episodes in season 2 too.

Has Criminal Justice Season 2 Trailer Arrived?

The shooting of the drama has not even started yet the trailer is far away. Youtube only has a Criminal Justice Season 1 trailer, so, If you haven’t seen yet the trailer of part 1 then you can watch it above. Just like its episodes, the trailer of the series has got amazing responses from the audience as it has collected fabulous 6.6 Million+ views on Instagram.

How To Watch All Episodes Of Criminal Justice Season 1?

Criminal Justice Season 2

The crime thriller has secured staggering 8.1/10 stars on the IMDb and after seeing these figures every web show lover would like to watch it at least once. So if you forgot to watch it, I can tell you how you can watch its all episodes.

Are you curious to know? I think you are, so let me begin. Firstly, you know that we should have a good internet connection to watch any movies or series so makes sure that you take care of that. After this, you have to download the official app of Disney+ Hotstar and thereafter you have to sign up there.

And then you have to purchase the subscription of the platform and thereafter you have to type the name of Criminal Justice on the search bar of the app. Now, you can enjoy watching episodes of the drama.

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