Illegal Season 2 release date

This year has remained much better for Voot as most of the series released by the OTT platform has received an awesome response from viewers. During the lockdown, the digital streaming platform dropped Illegal web series and people enjoyed a lot watching it. In fact, I too loved the acting of Akshay Oberoi and Neha Sharma.

Now, many fans are saying that a series like this deserves renewal and that’s why most of them have started asking about Illegal season 2 release date in India. But have the makers hinted about season 2 or not? To know the answer follow me till last as I have found something fresh to put into your ears. So, Let me begin.

How Will Ilegal Season 2 Plot Be?

Illegal season 2 release date

The drama narrates a tale of respectable advocate Niharika(Neha Sharma) and shows her fighting spirit for Justice. People used to call her “the mad lawyer” because of the tactics that she executed in the last case to attain victory. Despite refusing Niharika has been pressurized by her one of his elders to fight the case of a rapist.

From here series becomes more interesting because Niharika is already working on Kubbra Sait’s case and it’s not even finished yet. Still, he has been pushed to handle another case. At the ending of the drama, we see Puneet Tandon stating to Niharika where he told her that JJ is a murderer of Mehar Salam so they need to battle the case opposite him instantly.

It is seeming that as the story will proceed we will witness multiple spins and turn because now they to solve both the cases. As per the ending, it is looking that makers have planned something sparky for Illegal season 2. But will it happen or not? To know the answer we will have to wait a few more months.

Will there be Illegal Season 2?

Illegal season 2 release date

As of now the creators of the crime thriller haven’t given any signal regarding season 2. The crime thriller has gathered stunning 7.5/10 stars on the IMDb and by giving these ratings fans have cleared their intent. They are fully enthusiastic to see again Neha Sharma in action.

But the creators haven’t given any signal regarding Illegal season 2 release date and I believe it will be too early to expect part 2. Probably due to COVID-19 they aren’t say anything on the second installment.

So, we have to wait till the situation becomes normal, maybe after that makers give us amazing news to us. Till then we can’t do anything instead of having patience.

Who Will Be Part Of The Illegal Season 2 Cast?

Illegal season 2 release date


Stars who have acted in part 1 have given pretty well performances. Most viewers have applauded their acting skills and that’s why they want to see them again. I hope makers will surely consider this parameter while making season 2.

Hence, as per this, we will witness our favorite stars replicating their previous roles. No doubt there are also chances of addition where we shall be introduced to some new faces but mostly these actors will be seen playing their roles. If it will happen then –

  • Piyush Mishra will be seen as Janardhan Jaitley.
  • Neha Sharma will play the character of Niharika Singh.
  • Akshay Oberoi will replicate his role of Akshay Jaitley.
  • Satyadeep Mishra will deliver the role of Punnet Tandon.
  • Kubbra Sait will portray the character of Maher Salam.
  • Deepak Tijori will be seen as Surya Shekhawat.
  • Kitu Gidwani will play the character of Rohini.

Apart from them, actors like Ankit Gupta, Vicky Arora, Nikhil Sangha, Kirti Vij, Parul Gulati, Aditi Tailang, Vicky Arora, and many others may be seen reprising their characters.

How Many Episodes will be in Illegal Season 2?

Illegal Season 2 release date


In part 1 we have seen 10 episodes including-

  • Episode 1: The Mad Lawyer
  • Episode 2: Justice Delayed, Justice Denied?
  • Episode 3: Take The Stand
  • Episode 4: Play or Get Played!
  • Episode 5: Courting Trouble
  • Episode 6: Two Wrongs Make a Right
  • Episode 7: Innocent Until Proven Guilty
  • Episode 8: When the Past Comes Knocking
  • Episode 9: Plausible Deniability
  • Episode 10: The Final Face-off

If the writers again make a gripping and suspenseful script like the way they made earlier then we will again get to see a similar number of episodes. As per predictions Illegal season, 2 will have 8-12 episodes.

Has The Trailer Season 2 Arrived?

The trailer of season 2 hasn’t arrived yet and it is also foolish to expect that because even the renewal of the series is still not confirmed. The official channel of Voot India has published the trailer of Illegal season 1. In that one can see a small glimpse of Neha Sharma acting as a lawyer Niharika Hussain.

People have adored a lot the trailer of crime drama as it has been viewed more than 32 lakhs times on Youtube. Apart from this, it has also got 15K+ likes along with several encouraging comments by the audience. So, if you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it above.

How To Download Illegal Web Series Episodes?

Illegal season 2 release date

Voot has established itself as an OTT platform just a few times ago but within a short interval, it has delivered some jaw-dropping web series which even many popular platforms failed to do. Illegal- Justice Out Of Order is also an integral part of Voot Select. Hence, it is quite obvious that the platform will not offer its services without any taking charge.

The drama has remained successful in leaving an effective impact on viewers. So, If you are also planning to watch it then I can tell you how you can make it possible. Firstly, I want to clear you that you don’t need to download the Illegal web series episodes. You can watch them without doing so.

To do that initially you have to download the official app of Voot. Then, you have to sign up there, and thereafter you have to buy the subscription to the platform. After finishing these steps you simply type the name of the Illegal web series on the search bar of the app. Now, enjoy watching episodes of the crime thriller.

Source: IMDb

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