13 reasons why season 4

What is happening in ’13 Reasons Why Season 4′? The NetFlix drama series has added some new cast members to the show. The new season of the web series has added new clay’s therapist to its cast. Dr. Robert Ellman will be seen in the role of clay’s therapist.

What are 13 Reasons Why Season 4?

Actually ’13 Reasons Why’ is a drama series that was started in March 2017. Three seasons of the series have been already successfully telecasted on Netflix. And now the fourth season of the web series is released yesterday on NetFlix.

The web series is based on Jay Asher’s book which is written by him in the same name. Brian Yorkey(Creator) has divided the book into four parts. One season is made on each part of the book. The story of the book revolves around thirteen tapes of a teenager Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) after she killed herself.

After the start of ’13 Reasons Why’ many members of the show got a chance to perform on big screens. Langford acted in the movie Love, Knives Out, and Simon. Dylan Minnette also got boast in his career as his band tied to deal with Atlantic Records in 2018. Hannah Baker is also not a part of 13 reasons why season 4. Therefore the show is including some new members to the cast in season 4.

The role of Gary Sinise in 13 Reasons Why Season 4

13 reasons why season 4

Gary Sinise has been included in season 4 of the web series. He will be seen in the role of Dr. Robert Ellman. He is there to support Clay Jensen. He will help him to deal with his mental health problem. Stating about his role Netflix said, “A compassionate, incisive, no-nonsense adolescent and family therapist who works to help Clay Jensen battle anxiety, depression, and grief.”


The role of Castellanos in ’13 Reasons Why Season 4

13 reasons why season 4

Here the football team is very much eager to know the reality behind Monty in 13 reasons why season 4. This time they will meet a new face named Diego Torres (Jan Luis Castellanos). He is serving as a captain of the Football Team of Liberty High. He is shown as a very short-tempered person. He also creates a healthy bond with Jessica. Castellanos is growing steeply in his career as a few times back he got a chance to act in various episodes of the TV drama series Runaways.

Main Cast of 13 Reasons Why Season 4:

  1. Christian Navarro as Tony PadillaHe has a very humble nature. His whole family got banished in the previous season.
  2. Brandon Flynn as Justin FoleyHe is the older foe of Clay but now his good companion.
  3. Ross Butler as Zach DempseyHe is an older player of the football team who badly hit Bryce Walker prior to his death.
  4. Grace Saif as Ani Achola She is playing the role of Clay’s Girlfriend. She trapped Monty in the killing of Bryce’s. She did all that just to save Alex.
  5. Miles Heizer as Alex StandallHe is the previous boyfriend of Jessica. He is one who is majorly liable for the death of Bryce Walker.
  6. Dylan Minnette as Clay JensenHe is playing the role of hero in the web series. He is now facing problems to overcome stress due to his classmate’s death.
  7. Alisha Boe as Jessica Davis – She is an older companion of Baker. She is also very much responsible for the demise of Bryce Walker.
  8. Justin Prentice as Bryce Walker – He is a very criminal type of man who used to do rapes of girls at Liberty High. His suspicious murder was the main theme of season 3.
  9. Devin Druid as Tyler Down – He is very much interested in photography.
  10. Timothy Granaderas as Monty de la Cruz – Initially he was blamed for Bryce’s murder but later he was murdered in the Jail cell.
  11. Tyler Barnhardt as Charlie St. George – He supported Monty for doing Bryce’s murder.
  12. Austin Aaron as Luke Holliday – He was one who use to give steroids at Liberty High to people.
  13. Deaken Bluman as Winston Williams – Ex-Lover of Monty who was aware that ani would blame him for Bryce’s murder.


1. IMDb – 7.7/10

2. Rotten Tomatoes – 39%

3. TV.com – 8/10

So, this was all about the 13 reasons why season 4. All the updated news about the cast as well as scenes has been given above.

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