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Are you eager to know the UFC 250 results of last night’s match? If yes then be ready to witness the answer to your question. UFC men’s Bantamweight Champion Cody Garbrandt has won the match terrifically last night. He attained the title of the winner by defeating Raphael Assuncao in the last moment. Just before the final bell, he hit Raphael with a hooker-cut which made Raphael fall on the ground.

Here the last moment finish by Winner Cody Garbrandt:


Actually, it was doing or die match for Garbrandt. He got the much-needed win for Garbrandt. He has only seen the face of defeat in the last three matches. But, this time he broke his losing streak. At the last point of the match, he hit the most required shot on Dominick Cruz to attain his title of winner.

The 1st round and 2nd round of UFC 250 Final Match

UfC 250

The first round of the match was mentally intense. Both of the fighters didn’t deliver many punches. They stayed apart keeping on each other. Garbrandt was focusing to hit on the lower calf of Assuncao, while Assuncao was continuously fluctuating between his position.

In round 2 the match gained momentum. Now, Garbrandt starting focusing to hit the legs of Assuncao, which was already slightly injured. In between the match, Garbrandt hit superbly to Assuncao which led to falling him on the ground. This time Assuncao managed somehow to stand.

But after some time the powerful final punch came which stuck Assuncao to the ground. Finally, Assunncao received his first winner award after December 2016.

Dominick Cruz is 28 years old is an American Professional fighter. Till 12 May 2020, he was on the 9th spot UFC 250 rankings. In Mixed Martial Arts he has won 12 matches out of 15 matches. In Amateur he has 6 wins out of 8 matches.

Here are some interesting tweets on UFC 250 Fight


So, last night’s match between Cody Garbrandt and Raphael Assuncao was one of the most thrilling matches ever in the history of UFC 250. 

Source: USAToday

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