Why healthcare is so expensive

Health is a major issue in most countries of the world and various related questions like why healthcare is so expensive are frequently asked by people. Sometimes a major part of our income gets used to meet health expenses. Often, due to these health expenses, we compromise our needs as well.

Therefore, to solve these healthcare-related problems health insurance plans are made. The importance of these health insurance becomes more valuable if your medical expenses are very high per year. But at the same time, you have to be attentive while selecting a health insurance plan as there are some health care plans whose costs are very high.

Also, these healthcare insurance schemes vary from country to country. These plans depend upon the company doing insurance, also insurance rates and plans vary from each company. But before discussing health insurance let’s know why healthcare is so expensive?


Why Healthcare is so Expensive in the US(United States)?

  • It’s quite surprising that among all nations of the world the US healthcare system is the most expensive healthcare in the world.
  • The United States is very concerned about its healthcare system therefore the country spends a healthy amount for proper services and smooth performance of the administration.
  • Also, the US has high pharmacy-related expenses.
  • The country pays more salaries to their health caretakers as compared to the other nations of the world.
  • Using the latest technology and modern equipment to track health diseases is also one of the crucial factors of the expensive health care system of the US.


List of Other Healthcare Expensive Countries:

1. Germany

Why healthcare is so expensive
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Germany acquires the second spot among the list of the most expensive healthcare system in the world. The cost of Germany’s healthcare system is very high mainly because of the large bureaucracy and its spreading reforms. Due to these issues, the people of Germany are suffering a loss of millions.

Almost 88% of people in Germany have a government health insurance plan and the remaining population has private insurance.


2. Sweden

Why healthcare is so expensive

The healthcare system of Sweden is in the 3rd spot in the world in terms of expensiveness. The health care system of Sweden can be divided into three levels

  • Local
  • Regional
  • National

Healthcare is mainly covered through the taxes which citizens pay to the government. As healthcare is covered through tax therefore they don’t have to pay extra money for their treatment. But there is also a bit annoying factor, as sometimes patients are required to weigh longer to meet the doctor.

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3. Canada

Why healthcare is so expensive

The Healthcare system of Canada is very similar to Sweden. Canada uses the ‘Single-Payer’ system for the health treatment of citizens. Here the government pays the insurance of citizens through the taxes which they receive from all over the country. Government hospitals and Private doctors take care of the health treatment of people.

The government payments to insurance companies where at the time of need insurance companies helps people by paying their health bills.

At the same time, the government does not cover all health problems and expenses as they have set certain boundation related to health problems.


4. France

Why healthcare is so expensive

The healthcare system in France is mainly run by the National Health Insurance Program which is handled by the government. The government insurance returns almost 70% of their health expenses and sometimes returns nearly 100% in case of high expenditure.

France has a very fast and responsible health care system. You can take appointments with doctors without facing any delays. The consultant amount is not very high which is only €23, from which 70% is refunded by insurance policy plans.

The healthcare system of France also provides options for patients to select a doctor of their choice. The government also offers one free checkup every 5 years to patients which is a plus point for every resident of the country.


5. Japan

Why healthcare is so expensive

We often hear that the average life span of a Japanese person as compared to other countries. Along with other factors, the Health care system plays a very crucial role in their longer life period.

All in Japan must have health insurance given by State. People can select doctors and hospitals of their own choice that come under the Insurance Plan.

The different types of healthcare Insurance available in France include Social Health Insurance (SHI), National Health Insurance (NHI), Nursing Insurance, etc.

Along with Japan, United Kingdom(UK) Italy, Spain, South Korea, Russia, Brazil, Turkey, South Africa, India comes in the list of most expensive Healthcare System in the world.

So, these are some top nations of the world in terms of their expensive healthcare system. I hope this article will let you know the answers to your question of why healthcare is so expensive in various countries around the world.

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