The cast members of Servant season 4

Servant is a psychological horror television series. If it gets to see the light of day, Servant Season 5 will be a part of this series created by Tony Basgallop and produced by M. Night Shyamalan that premiered on Apple TV+ in November 2019.

The show follows the lives of a wealthy Philadelphia couple, Sean and Dorothy Turner, who hire a young nanny named Leanne to care for their newborn son, Jericho. However, as the story unfolds, it becomes clear that things are not quite as they seem, and a series of sinister events threaten the family’s idyllic life.

With its gripping storyline, masterful direction, and stellar performances from the cast, the series has become one of the most popular and critically acclaimed shows on Apple TV+. After four successful seasons, fans of the series are eagerly awaiting the premiere of Servant Season 5, which promises to deliver even more suspense, intrigue, and spine-tingling horror.

From the mysterious origins of Leanne’s powers to the true nature of Jericho’s identity, it keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, and Servant Season 5 is sure to be no exception. The gripping plot of this series is sure to make you wait with bated breath from start to finish. For more details about Season 5, read on!

Servant Season 5 – All About the Show!

The cast members of Servant season 4
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The show follows the story of a couple, Sean and Dorothy Turner, who hire a nanny, Leanne, to care for their newborn baby, Jericho. However, as the series progresses, strange and unexplainable events start to happen, raising questions about the true identities of the nanny and the baby.

Servant Season 1 received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising the show’s suspenseful storytelling and atmospheric tension, while others criticized its slow pacing and confusing plot. The second season continued to explore the dark and mysterious world of the Turners, with more secrets and twists being revealed about the nanny, the baby, and the family’s past.

Servant season 3 took the story to even more disturbing places, introducing a new character, George, who has a connection to the family’s past. The fourth season released in January 2022, delved deeper into the show’s mythology, introducing a new religious cult and a mysterious figure known as ‘The Chosen One.’

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Servant Season 5 Release Date – When Will It Arrive?

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Unfortunately, as of May 2023, there has been no official announcement regarding the release date of Servant Season 5. However, despite the lack of official confirmation, there are reasons to be optimistic that the series will return for a fifth season. Firstly, the show has been well-received by critics and audiences alike, with a Rotten Tomatoes approval rating of 80% and an IMDb rating of 7.6/10.

Furthermore, the ending of Servant Season 4 left many unanswered questions and unresolved plot threads, indicating more stories left to tell. Without giving away spoilers, the season finale ended on a cliffhanger that left fans speculating about the fate of the main characters and the direction that the show might take in future seasons.

According to Ready Steady Cut Apple TV+ hasn’t called off the series, but M. Night Shyamalan, the show’s creator, has planned not to go ahead with the show.

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Servant Season 5 Plot – What Can Occur in The New Season?

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One possible plotline for the fifth season could be the aftermath of season four’s explosive finale. In Servant Season 5 ending, we saw Leanne reunite with her mother and leave Turner’s home. This could lead to a new location and set of characters being introduced in season 5. The show’s creators could explore Leanne’s past and how it ties into her present.

Another possibility is that the Turners will continue to spiral out of control as they deal with the aftermath of their actions. In Servant season 4, Sean and Dorothy tried to cover up their involvement in Jericho’s death, ultimately leading to Leanne’s departure. This could lead to a storyline where the Turners try to keep their secret safe, but their guilt and paranoia consume them. Servant Season 5 could also explore the mysterious cult introduced in the fourth season.

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Servant Season 5 Trailer – Will It Be Out By 2023?

Fans of the hit psychological thriller have eagerly awaited the news of Servant Season 5. With its unique blend of mystery, suspense, and supernatural elements, the series has captivated audiences since its debut in 2019. As 2023 progresses, fans are naturally curious about the upcoming season and whether they can expect a trailer soon.

So, let’s delve into the status of Servant Season 5 and its trailer release. Obviously, without having a confirmation of the fifth season, we won’t be receiving its trailer as well!

So you could catch up and watch the trailer from the previous season if you still haven’t!

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Is Servant Worth Watching?

The 2 members of Servant is watching something
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One of the biggest strengths of the series is its atmosphere. The show maintains a sense of unease and tension throughout each episode. The cinematography, lighting, and sound design all work together to create a haunting and unsettling atmosphere that keeps the viewers excited. The show also features some impressive acting performances, particularly from Ambrose, who gives a nuanced and complex portrayal of a grieving mother.

Another strength of the Servant series is its storytelling. The show takes its time to build up the mystery and suspense, slowly revealing bits and pieces of the story with each episode. This slow-burn approach may not be for everyone, but it is incredibly satisfying for those who appreciate a well-crafted mystery. The show also isn’t afraid to take risks, with each episode bringing unexpected twists and turns that keep the viewers guessing.

Servant is worth watching for fans of psychological horror and mystery. It is an engaging show that is likely to keep you hooked. While it may not be for everyone, those who appreciate a slow-burn approach to storytelling will find much to love about this series.

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Where to watch Servant?

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Servant is an Apple TV+ original series, which means that it is available exclusively on the Apple TV+ streaming platform. If you don’t have an Apple device but still want to watch it, you can subscribe to Amazon Prime Video. The series is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video as part of a subscription to the service and is also available on Google Play and Hulu.

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