Roger Jenkins Net Worth

When we think of being rich, the very few names that come to our minds are that of some actors or actresses, some super hit artist, or a business owner. But as times are strengthening, people are discovering more and more. So has been done by our today’s prospect – Roger Jenkins. Come along with us today to talk about Roger Jenkins net worth.

You can do wonders if you love your job. Whether it is a corporate job, being an artist, or a professor. And in today’s case, an entrepreneur and financier.

Without further revealing a lot, let us straight get into Roger Jenkins net worth. Mind you guys, this is not the only thing we’re going to discuss here. There is so much more than that.

You’ll find out soon – keep reading for Roger Jenkins net worth.

Roger Jenkins: An Introduction

Roger Jenkins Net Worth
Source – The Times

Born on September 30, 1955, Roger Jenkins is a Financier and an entrepreneur. But the journey wasn’t this easy. He’s paved his way to the top. He was one of the highest-paid bankers of all time during his era.

The British Financier’s full name is Roger Allan Jenkins. His parents were the managers of an oil refinery. He got his schooling done at the Edinburgh Academy and then from there, went ahead to pursue his degree in Economics from Heriot-Watt University.

He got done with his graduation degree in 1978 and thereafter began working with Barclays as a trainee; he led the firm as the Head of Private Placements by 1984. After the next three years, in 1987, he left it and joined hands with Kleinwort Benson, where he gave the next seven years of his life.

In 1994, the left Kleinwort Benson and again joined his home team – Barclays.

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Roger Jenkins: Education and Career

Roger jenkins with his wife
Source – The Times

As also mentioned earlier, the Financier and Banker received his schooling education from the Edinburgh Academy while he pursued Economics as his major from the Heriot-Watt University in 1978.

His journey has been quite ordinary, while unique in its sense. As he got done with his education in the year 1978, He immediately started working at Barclays.

For those who are not aware of what Barclays is, Barclays is a prominent provider of financial products on a global scale, encompassing wealth management, corporate and investment banking, credit cards, and consumer banking.

For all of about 48 million customers and clients worldwide, Barclays trades lends, invests, and secures money.

In 2009, Jenkins left Barclays, again. In 2010, he founded the consulting company Elkstone Capital. He also joined the management and investment committees of the Brazilian bank BTG Pactual in 2011.

Roger Jenkins Relationships

Roger Jenkins Net Worth 2022, Life, Career, And More!
Source – The Telegraph

Roger Jenkins has been in three marriages altogether – and also three divorces.

It was in 1980 that he got married for the first time to Cathrine McDowell and had a baby together.

In 1999, he married again to Sanela Diana Catic, now known as Salena Diana Jenkins. Both of them have 2 children together and separated from each other in 2009 and then later took divorced in 2011.

This is also known as the “happiest divorce ever”.

Their divorce made her one of the wealthiest women in the United Kingdom.

A year after their divorce, in 2012, Jenkins again appeared in the headlines when he began dating the Australian supermodel, Elle Macpherson. This relationship did not end with a marriage. It was in the year 2018 when he married a Brazilian Actress in LA, Larrissa Andrade.

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Roger Jenkins Controversy

Roger Jenkins has been spotted in a lot of headlines lately. The reason is not monotonous. Sometimes it is his ex-wife and sometimes the charges that have been pressed on him.

Well, let’s discuss both of them below.

The controversy that revolves around the name of Roger Jenkins is when he with other two Barclays bankers tried to mislead the market by disguising 322 million pounds ($393 million) in extra expenses that the bank paid Qatar in exchange for crucial liquidity during the global economic meltdown.

The case was brought up to the court by the Serious Fraud Office. Barclays was also said to be involved in it but in 2020 the court redeemed the bank, but the charges from Jenkins were not taken off.

Roger Jenkins and his other two mates defend themselves, denying the allegations.

The allegations include conspiring with an alliance with the former Finance Director of Barclays Mr. Chris Lucas to falsify information in official documents to gain money or do lasting financial damage to others.

What Is Roger Jenkins Net Worth?

Roger Jenkins is, without a doubt, one of the wealthiest financiers right now. Well, one proof of it can be how his wife became one of the richest women in the United Kingdom after their divorce.

So we can only imagine how much Roger Jenkins net worth is.

However, Roger Jenkins net worth is estimated to be around $80 million. 

See? Told you… not only actors and business people are “rich”. A corporate job and later entrepreneurship have gotten him there.

Summing Up | Roger Jenkins Net Worth

So this was all for Roger Jenkins net worth. Roger Jenkins net worth in recent years is estimated to be around $80 million.

With three divorces and a major controversy, Roger has stayed in the limelight and headlines. His career has had its trials, and stays and leaves – he made his name in what he does well.

Although charges have been pressed against him for giving false financial advice, and he’s making through them.

This was all for Roger Jenkins net worth. I hope you found it helpful and got to know what you were here for. If you did, well and great. If you didn’t, let Fiferst know about them and we’ll work on it as soon as we can.

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