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‘Football fever’ has always been a fever for every age group, isn’t it? The teenagers, young, adults are all stuck to screens with snacks to witness huge football smacks! The feeling of joy on a goal makes everyone dance and roll!

The buzz of football and its love can be seen whether it’s a match or a series. QB1 Beyond the Lights – was the one for all the die-hard fans of this energetic sport. The vibe of this series could directly relate to its audience.

QB1 Beyond the Lights is an American documentary series whose season 1 dropped back in the year 2017 for the first time. The overwhelming response and attention grabbed by the show led to the constant release of QB1 Beyond Lights Season 2 and 3 in consecutive years 2018 and 2019. The show initially began from GO90 and moved to Netflix because of wide goof and TRP.

Since 2019 the crazy football audience has been longing for a new QB1: Beyond Lights Season 4 comeback. When will a new season arrive? Is it under making? What will be the plot? Is it dropping or not? The list of questions is on…

So, here’s to what our facts could coin to regain your patience and about all the updates so far!

QB1 Beyond the Lights – What have our sources could collect so far?

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‘QB1 Beyond the Lights’ is a series which is revolving around the chasing of the football teams in the senior schools. It is scripted by renowned producer Peter Berg, widely known for his headlined series ‘Friday Night Light’.

QB1 Beyond the Lights was mainly conceptualized on the story of nine athletes who finally were successful in achieving their dreams of college scholarship after facing several obstacles and failures. Firstly, it was premiered on the OTT platform of GO90, later it was also broadcasted on the hub of web series Netflix. The two prominent athletes in the story Justin Fields and Jake Fromm landed upending their careers and heading forward towards a new journey in collaboration with NFL.

The web series was immensely applauded by the audience for its uniqueness in portraying the struggles of athletes to meet the desired standards and blooming outcomes for their sport. The true experiences of sportsmanship highlighted in the story carried away the hearts of its audience.

Furthermore, there’s no such official claim by the makers of the show for the drop of heartwarming QB1 Beyond the Lights Season 4 because its more than a year now since any updates regarding the new season, but due to the show’s high performance on-screen and huge fan base, there are highs expectancies of a new season drop!

So, let’s hope for a new enduring QB1 Beyond the Lights Season4.

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QB1 Beyond the Lights Season 4 release date: When is a new season dropping?

Player and coach are giving pose in front of camera
Source – Netflix

There is no specific statement for the release date of QB1 Beyond the Lights Season 4, but the anticipations are made by the followers of the show. The new season was expected to be dropped in the current year of 2022 because of the indications made by the creators and the buzz of the show.

Several reasons were considered for the delay of the show, while some said due to pandemic restrictions the delay occurred, while some came out with the fact that the faces of the show had made a shift. Yet there was nothing confirmed by the production houses. However, QB1 Beyond the Light’s first two seasons were dropped back to back.

The fans kept longing for QB1 Beyond the Light Season 4 year after year expecting a drop of a new season, because it’s almost 2 years leap after the last season dropped back in 2019.

So, the viewers need to grapple themselves for a heart-throbbing drop of new arrival probably by the end of 2022 yet again!

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QB1 Beyond the Lights Season 4 Cast – Who will be in the cast of the upcoming season?

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Source – Netflix

The first three seasons of QB1: Beyond the Lights followed the trend of the most hyped trio of their leads. In every season the securing of a scholarship from a good university was mandatory for an enlightening career build towards NFL. There is no update in the inclusion of new faces to the show as of now because Netflix has still kept its audience under suspicion about the focus in Season 4.

The Florida Times confirmed that a senior named Carson Beck at Mandarin High School in Jacksonville will be associated with the team of characters in the show. As we all know that social media is a hub of information of all rumours, wherein on Twitter the confirmation of the inclusion of Richardson, Bryce Young, Carson Beck was hyped.

Though fans are sure about the main characters, still they should wait for official statements before any assumptions. In the end, all we can do is wait and urge for a new QB1 Beyond the Lights Season 4.

So, it would be interesting to witness a new season and cast. Until then fans should wait for official confirmations.

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QB1 Beyond the Lights Season 4 Plot – What next awaits its audience?


QB1 Beyond the Light Season 1 is all about the hardships and challenges faced by young athletes in sports and their careers. The plot of season 1 is all built about the journey, struggles of athletes how they hail from obstacles and outshine with the desired enlightening results.

The plot is inspiring and showcases the balance between passion and academics. The roller coaster ride of nine athletes in the story intends the youth towards an inspiring journey. The creator of the story Peter Berg was successful in delivering to its audience, which was seen by the outcome of the show.

The story has certain while the story and plot head-on. The facts about QB1: Beyond the Lights, Season 4’s plot still pertains to remain a secret. Although, there are some indications of what next would happen and what suspicions are lined up for its fans.

Whereas, the audience is ready to witness all kinds of the plot because the urge and longingness for a comeback continue to grow day by day. It’s been almost 2-year leap since the series last season dropped. Viewers just want an end to their urge and desire for the blockbuster to come back soon!

Until then the wait is on, the will is strong! And we are all set to witness a new QB1: Beyond the Lights Season 4 along!

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