pennyworth season 3 release date

Pennyworth is an English crime series whose first episode aired on 28th July 2019 on Epix. The drama focuses on characters invented by DC comics. Just a month ago makers have launched the second season of the series and like the first season, it too has got awesome responses from viewers and positive reviews from the critics.

It has successfully crossed the mark of 8 stars on IMDb and 91% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Since the release of its second season rumors have caught fire over the internet. Speculators have begun questioning the fortune of Pennyworth Season 3? Some are saying it has been canceled while others are saying it has been renewed.

But let me tell you that both of them are wrong? Now, you might be thinking why I’m saying this. I’m saying so because I have explored out authentic details regarding the upcoming season that you really need to know. So, here is what I have discovered.

Has Epix Announced Pennyworth Season 3 Release Date?

Pennyworth Season 3 Release Date

Epix has neither revealed any information about the release date nor the renewal status of next season. So, any rumor about the cancellation and renewal of drama is completely wrong. It is not based on any fact. Speculators have just interpreted the wrong details on the basis of their assumptions.

Creators will let us know once they are ready with their decisions. We all know that how difficult it has been for every production unit to film the entire series during this COVID-19 pandemic.

That’s why it won’t be easy for them to finish the entire shooting for Pennyworth Season 3 episodes by adopting all precautionary measures. Considering these parameters Epix hasn’t taken any decision for the third installment of the series.

So, hopes are still alive and we can get a chance to watch season 3. So, we just need to wait as in the coming time everything will be sorted. We will inform you if Epix discloses any progressive updates about the next season.

How Will Pennyworth Season 3 Plot Be?

Pennyworth Season 3 release date

The episodes of the series spin around the 1960s era of London. The characters of drama have been extracted from DC novels. The drama shows the life events of the titular Wayne family butler Alfred Pennyworth. He is now ready to establish his fresh security firm in an alternate London.

However, after some time he falls prey to Raven Society which is a squad that is making a strategy to end the British administration. Later, the Raven Society starts putting efforts in opposition to the British government by collaborating with American executives.

Now, to block them he begins working with No Name League which is owned by Martha Kane and  Thomas Wayne. At the ending of season 1, Lord Harwood forces PM to step down from his post within 24 hours. He also mentioned that if PM fails in doing so he will bring massacre in the entire London.

So, No Name League gets a big assignment of eliminating the Queen and the PM from their respective ranks. In the final moments of season 1, an unknown guy fires a bullet at Thomas Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth’s dad installs an explosive at the place where PM and Queen have planned to organize a victory dinner as they have thrashed the Raven Society.

The explosive enters the place but Alfred successfully saved the Queen. If you want to know the killer of Thomas Wayne and whether the PM is alive or not? You can watch the newly released season 2 at Epix. A lot of season 3 episodes are yet to be released so anything can happen. That’s we can’t predict anything about the season 3 plot.

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Who Will Be Part Of Pennyworth Season 3 Cast?

Pennyworth Season 3 release date


We have already discussed earlier that makers haven’t even renewed the series for the third time. That’s why it’s a bit difficult for us to anticipate its cast. But if you have watched both seasons till now then you must have noticed that creators haven’t made modifications in the central characters of the drama. They are the same in both seasons.

So, maybe they won’t change the main actors in the next season too. However, there are possibilities of the addition of new faces in season 3. But it won’t affect the lead actors of the series. Hence previous actors will reprise their roles in the next season too. So, the stars that are going to be seen in season 3 are –

  • Jack Bannon will be seen as Alfred Pennyworth.
  • Ben Aldridge will portray the character of Thomas Wayne.
  • Hainsley Lloyd Bennett will display the character of Deon Bashford(Bazza).
  • Ryan Fletcher will present the character of Wallace McDougal(Dave Boy).
  • Dorothy Atkinson will deliver her role as Mary Pennyworth.
  • Ian Puleston-Davies will play his role as Arthur Pennyworth.
  • Paloma Faith will portray the character of Bet Sykes.
  • Jason Flemyng will display the character of Lord James Harwood.
  • Polly Walker will present the character of Peggy Sykes.
  • Emma Paetz will play the role of Martha Kane.
  • Ramon Tikaram will be seen as Detective Inspector Aziz
  • Edward Hogg will deliver his role of Colonel John Salt.
  • Harriet Slater will display the character of Sandra Onslow.
  • Jessye Romeo will play the role of Katie Browning.
  • James Purefoy will be seen as Captain Gulliver Troy.
  • Jessica Ellerby will portray the character of The Queen.
  • Danny Webb will display the character of John Ripper.
  • Richard Clothier will deliver his role of  Prime Minister
  • Simon Day will be seen as Sid Onslow

Other stars like Jennie Goossens, Steve Edwin, Anna Chancellor, Sarah Alexander, Charlie Woodward, Jessica De Gouw, and Simon Manyonda will play their respective roles.

Is There Any News Of Pennyworth Season 3 Trailer?


Not all the episodes of season 3 have been released yet and fans have started asking about the third season trailer. Don’t you think it is a completely out-of-the-box question? I agree that we all are die-hard fans of drama and we all have a burning desire to watch the third season trailer as soon as possible but at the same time we have to understand that it isn’t possible right now.

Firstly, creators will announce the renewal of the series for the third time thereafter all other tasks linked to post-production will be done. After that shooting of Pennyworth Season 6 episodes will take place and after the completion of all these processes trailer will be launched, hence still a lot of time is remaining before the trailer arrives on Youtube. So, till then you can watch the second season trailer embedded above.

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