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Want Paradise PD season 3 ending explained? Paradise PD is one of the most exciting and thrilling animated sitcoms to watch. The show is known for its jokes – that are all the time so above the regular humor one would want. All the time, ready to offend anyone and everyone.

Howsoever the show is like, it has just been three years and three seasons the show and we already have a great fanbase for it – well looks like a lot of people are not taking any offense to it (good thing, no?). Whatsoever it is like, there were three very very successful seasons of the show, and looks like there is no ending to the show anytime soon.

But with season 3 ending, there were several questions unanswered and some couldn’t understand the ending of the show. But not to worry, Fiferst as always is here for Paradise PD season 3 ending explained – because who else does it better?

Before further delay for Paradise PD season 3 ending explained, let Fiferst quickly tell you about the basic information of the show, and then we straight jump to the ending – how does that sound?

Let’s begin!

Paradise PD Season 3 Ending Explained – What Do We Know About The Show So Far?

Paradise PD season 3 ending explained

The basic outline of the show tells us that the show is about a Police Department of a town that is not particularly at the top of its game. It cannot protect the people of the show, any crimes, or anything illegal that is happening in the not-so-big town.

The town is also not very normal.

The first season of the show was released back in 2018 on the 31st of August and it blew up. The fact that the show has adult comedy and dark humor and it is streaming on Netflix already says so much about the show.

The show has a total rating of 6.8 stars out of 10 stars on IMDb while 40% of people on Rotten Tomatoes like the show. This is later balanced with 85% of Google users liking the show.

Not let’s get to “Paradise PD season 3 ending explained”.

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Paradise PD Season 3 Plot – What Happens?

a lot of animated characters

Season three of the show picks up from where it left us in the second season. The town is recovering after it turned into a pizza – that lets the citizens and characters of the show fight with the pizza headspace.

Meanwhile, in the third season, Randall decides that he wants to be a father again while Kevin is still in love with Gina. But you guys know Gina, she’s still into men who are overweight. A lot is going on in the third season, there’s a lot to take in.

The ending of the third season happens with the twelfth episode, named Parada-ISIS. ISIS is because Dusty mistakenly joins the organization thinking it is a “gym”.

Well, isn’t that interesting…

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Paradise PD Season 3 Ending Explained – How, Why, and When?

dynamic poster of Paradise PD Season 4
Source – Netflix

Gina has had her surgery and the bullet has been taken out of her brain with that, her obsession with obese men goes away and she proposes to Kevin (what a good day for him, isn’t it?).

After the attack at Gina and Kevin’s wedding (which doesn’t happen, btw…), Gina disappears as her life is ruined and a new monster emerges.

By the end of season 3, Karen goes into labor while Randall tries to calm the monster down with a performance of “Pump Up The Jam”.

Hopson, Fitz, and a few others get eaten by the monster.

So that was all for Paradise PD Season 3 ending explained, Fiferst hopes it helped you. Well if you’re looking for Paradise PD season 4 – look here.

Paradise PD Season 3 Trailer


We understand, that no matter how keenly one watches a show, there are always bits and pieces we miss out on or forget. Well not anymore. Fiferst is here for you to remind you and for you so that you can catch up on the bits and pieces of the show.

Below is attached the trailer of the Paradise PD season 3 trailer so that you are known of all the major events taking place!

Paradise PD Season 3 Ending Reviews

animated team in Paradise PD
Source – Netflix

The show is loved by so many people it is hard to get bad reviews for the show. Yes, you got us right. Even though the show is liked by just 40% of people on Rotten Tomatoes, a famous platform where shows get rated and reviewed, the fact that the show is liked by 85% of Google users says a lot about the show.

The show has harsh humor, agreed, but it targets the audience who liked that kind of humor. And for the ones who do not, they can stay away from it. But it’s never too late to give something new a try.

What’s Next For Paradise PD Season 3?

After the show came to an end, the fans of the show are waiting for the fourth season to arrive at the soonest. And looking at how the show has gained popularity, Fiferst does not think it should take a lot of time for the show to get renewed for a fourth season – and viewers can soon expect a Paradise PD season 4!

Summing Up | Paradise PD Season 3 Ending Explained

So this was all about Paradise PD season 3 ending explained. Fiferst hopes that you found it helpful.

If there are other things that you would want us to add to it, you can write us an email or the comment section is just the place for you – how about that? And our team will get on it as soon as possible.

So, that was finally all for Paradise PD season 3 ending explained. We’ll meet soon with another post just like this. Until then, think of it as a little pause. Bye!

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