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It has been more than a year now that we have been waiting for the Paradise PD season 4 update. But well, Netflix refuses to give us any tea about it so here we are, discussing it on our own. And why shouldn’t we? We need to have something to gossip about – and the Paradise PD season 4 update is the topic today.

There’s not a lot to discuss, to be honest. We’re just here wondering if the fourth season will come out or not because there have not been any new developments in the confirmation announcements of the show.

Well not to worry. If you are looking for Paradise PD Season 4 update, Fiferst got it for you. So without further due, let us, straight dive, into our topic of today!

Paradise PD Season 4 Update – What Do We Know About The Animated Show?

Paradise PD” is one of the most popular shows that premiered on Aug 31, 2018, on Netflix. It focuses on a small-town police department which is unable to function properly due to their stupid behavior and as a result, the crime in that town is increasing day by day.

It can also be said that if Paradise PD is there, there’s no need for actual criminals in the town as their stupidity is enough to ruin everything!

The show has a total rating of 6.8 stars out of 10 stars on IMDb while 40% of people on Rotten Tomatoes like the show. This is later balanced with 85% of Google users liking the show.

Paradise PD Season 4 – What Is The Show About?

Paradise PD is one of the most exciting and thrilling animated sitcoms to watch. The show is known for its jokes – that are all the time so above the regular humor one would want. All the time, ready to offend anyone and everyone.

The basic outline of the show tells us that the show is about a Police Department of a town that is not particularly at the top of its game. It cannot protect the people of the show, any crimes, or anything illegal that is happening in the not-so-big town.

The town is also not very normal.

Paradise PD Season 4 – From Where Will It Begin?

animated team in Paradise PD
Source – Netflix

When and if Paradise PD Season 4 comes up, the show will pick up from where it left in the third season. Remember there was so much happening in the third season. There are so many open threads here and there in the third season of Paradise PD, that gives a lot of space for the fourth season to blossom.

To get more information about where the Paradise PD season 4 will begin and how the third season ended, you should check this article by Fiferst on Paradise PD Season 3 Ending Explained – How, Why, and When?

An excerpt of which is given below in italics:

After the attack at Gina and Kevin’s wedding (which doesn’t happen, btw…), Gina disappears as her life is ruined and a new monster emerges.

By the end of season 3, Karen goes into labor while Randall tries to calm the monster down with a performance of “Pump Up The Jam”.

To know more, click on the link above.

Paradise PD Season 4 Update – Is It Under Production?

Animated characters four in numbers, Paradise PD season 4 update
Source – Netflix

This is the big question Fiferst is willing to answer today!

Paradise PD Season 4 update – whether the show is under production or the fans should start looking for new shows to watch?

Well, for the hardcore fans of the show, you have to hold on to the hope as the show is not yet canceled. It is the word in the air that the show is under production for the fourth season.

The fans are advised to remain calm and not to worry about the upcoming season as there was a gap of two years between the first and the second season.

However, the third season took over after just a year, it does not demolish the possibility that the fourth season is going to show up after a long gap.

We understand that the lack of confirmation from the officials is making it hard for the fans and giving them bad anxiety about the show (okay, that might be an exaggeration) but there’s soon a lot to come!

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Paradise PD Season 4 Trailer – Is It Released?

No, the Paradise PD Season 4 trailer is not yet released. The show does not have a confirmed release date, but deep down, we know that the show will hopefully come out soon on our screens.

Although there are no official announcements on the Paradise PD season 4 release date, there are no announcements related to the cancellation of the show either – and that is what keeps the fans hopeful.

We are sure Netflix will not disappoint millions of fans of the show.

For now, Fiferst has embedded the third season’s trailer right below for you. Watch it and recall how hilarious the last season was!

While of course, keeping the hope for the 4th season alive!

Summing Up | Paradise PD Season 4 Update

This was all for the Paradise PD season 4 update. Although Netflix has not been answering questions, looking at the popularity of the show and the entertainment it brought to Netflix, Fiferst is pretty sure that Paradise PD season 4 is under production.

Because, why else will someone keep the audience away from good entertainment, and for how long?

The show will make it to the fourth season and we will see it on our screens soon. The only thing that has been putting the show’s fans in a muddle is the delay in the official announcement.

It has been more than a year and there’s no official word from Netflix as to the confirmation of the show or the slightest hint of it. We have hope.

If there is any more Paradise PD season 4 update, we will put them right here. So, you might want to bookmark this page.

Fiferst will see you soon with more interesting articles and updates quickly, until then, think of it as a goodbye!

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