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Known for his commendable contribution to the American music industry, Mickey Gilley passed away this year on the 7th of May when he was at 86 years of age. This songwriter and singer also happened to have a great hold on the piano and made very important contributions to country music. He has left a legacy behind for fans and future artists to follow.

Fans and followers always wish to stay updated about their favorites. Well, for the fans of Mickey Gilley, somebody definitely has to take care of their interests. Look, here we are with an article on Mickey Gilley net worth that also brings reliable and juicy information about his early life, background, and career till he passed away on May 7, 2022.

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Mickey Gilley Net Worth – Early Life & Biography of Mickey Gilley

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Source – The Natchez Democrat

You came to know Mickey Gilley either after listening to one of his amazing tracks and became his fan or maybe after his death and became curious to know more about him. Did we make the right guesses? Well, in either case, you must be eager to know how Mickey Gilley started and what his life looked like before his career began. Here, we are to help you out!

Mickey Gilley was born on the 9th of March, 1936 as Mickey Leroy Gilley in Natchez, Mississippi in the US as Mickey Leroy Gilley. He was the son of Arthur Fillmore Gilley as his father and Irene as his mother.

The singer happened to be the cousin of the well-known Jerry Lee Lewis who helped immensely in his growth. In fact, the initial push in Mickey Gilley’s career came through Jerry Lee Lewis’ inspiration and success.

When Mickey Leroy Gilley was only seventeen years of age, he got married to Geraldine Garrett. The two were blessed with three children, namely Keith Ray, Michael, and Kathy. This wedding took place in 1953 and came to end in the year 1961 when the couple parted ways and got divorced.

However, a year after this, Mickey Gilley exchanged wedding vows with Vivian McDonald. Mickey and Vivian had a son named Gregory. Mickey Gilley’s second marriage continued till Vivian passed away in the year 2019.

Earlier this year in May, as revealed by Zach Farnum, his publicist, Mickey Gilley took his last breath inside a hospital at Branson. At the end of his life, Mickey was 86 years of age.

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Mickey Gilley – Taking You On A Ride Through Mickey Gilley’s Career

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We know that you are here to know about Mickey Gilley net worth but since music was the major known source of his income, won’t it be fair to know about his career first? Let’s get into it!

It was not until the 1950s that Mickey Gilley decided to take singing professionally. The credit behind this decision could go to the success of one of the songs by his cousin brother, Jerry Lee Lewis in the 1950s. In fact, Mickey Gilley worked with Jerry for quite some time and it was Jerry from whom he got his piano lessons as well.

Mickey Gilley’s music career began in the 1950s. A song from this period that deserves a mention would be Call Me Shortly which was dropped in the year 1958. The song came with the DOT label. The singer also released various single tracks that Huey Meaux produced. In the decade that followed, Mickey Gilley started becoming popular in Texas with many followers and gave various performances in the clubs.

Mickey Gilley’s first album, Down the Line, came out in the year 1967 under the label of Paula Records. His song titled Now I Can Live Again was a part of this album. The singer inaugurated the Gilley’s Club in Texas in the year 1970. This nightclub, counted as the Biggest Honky Tonk of the world got burnt in the year 1990 to be replaced by a school.

In the year 1974, Mickey Gilley and Playboy Records signed a deal that proved to be extremely fruitful for his career. Under this label, Mickey Gilley dropped his massive hit, House of Roses. This decade witnessed some amazing numbers from the singer.

Some of these include City LightsBring It On Home To Me, Window Up Above, and not to forget, She’s Pulling Me Back Again. Eventually, by the end of the decade, a decline in Mickey Gilley’s popularity surfaced on the charts.

In the 1980s that followed, Mickey Gilley tried to experiment and bend a little toward pop music. During those days, Gilley made a comeback with Stand By Me for Urban Cowboy.

This track brought the singer to the top and was followed by massive hits one after the other. True Love WaysLonely Nights, and A Headache Tomorrow (or a headache Tonight?) are among the successful songs dropped by Mickey Gilley during this period.

Mickey Gilley signed a deal with Airborne Records in the year 1998. This deal gave birth to the album Chasin’ Rainbows which held another hit track, She Reminded Me of You. In his entire career, Gilley gave as many as seventeen top hits in the country. Well, that certainly is a career worth remembering.

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What Is Country Singer Mickey Gilley’s Net Worth?

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Source – CNBC

Here’s the last segment of this article about Mickey Gilley net worth. Count on us to bring you facts and information from trustworthy sources about Mickey Gilley net worth.

So, what was the net financial worth of Mickey Gilley at the time of his demise? Celebrity Net Worth has updated Mickey Gilley net worth to have been approximately $20 million when he died in May this year.

Most of his income came from his songs and the music career that he made for himself over the years. Apart from this, Mickey Gilley also had a theatre in Missouri that he possessed.

That would be all for now. Thank you for staying with us till the end of the article, folks! For more information and updates about celebrities, stay in touch with Fiferst.

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