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Has the filming of McMafia Season 2 started? Or is there any new update that has come? We all are wandering here and there in search of these questions. But I promise you that your search will end now as we have prepared the entire list of all updates that we have received so far.

Mcmafia is one of those rare shows that was released in two different countries on two different platforms. It first aired in the UK on BBC One and later on AMC Networks in the USA. It is basically a British Crime drama series that has been extracted by the book of journalist Misha Glenny. Hossein Ammini and James Watkins are the ones who have created the show for Television.

McMafia has not only provided entertainment but also has introduced us to the new laws in the UK. The amendments shown in the show have been adopted by the Government and in fact, a new law is also created that promotes the collection of illegal foreign income. Now we are eagerly waiting to witness another real-life incident in season 2, but will it happen?

With the details of the season 2 release date here you will be told what will you get in season 2 then what to say! So let’s start with the primary one, the release date.

McMafia Season 2 Release Date: Is It Revealed?

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BBC had announced the renewal of season 2 two years ago but the exact arrival date is still unknown. We got the first season of McMafia on the occasion of the new year in 2018, however, it was launched in the UK only and after that, it arrived in the USA on February 18, 2018.

In May 2018 the creators Hossein Amini and James Watkins stated “We are so thrilled with how McMafia has resonated with audiences across the world and are delighted to be given the opportunity to cast more light on the shady of transnational criminals and their enablers in finance, law, intelligence agencies and even in governments.”

We all know that these productions are quite big and they spend millions on their work, so definitely the show will take a longer time to arrive. So, we have to be patient enough while waiting for the McMafia season 2.

McMafia Season 2 Cast: How Many Actors Are Going To Return?

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James Norton has portrayed the lead role of Godman in season 1 and with his terrific acting, he proved that he was the most suitable guy to play that character.

Apart from these two, the actors who played their characters effectively include Juliet Rylance as Rebecca Harper (Alex’s fiancée), Aleksey Serebryakov as Dimitri, Maria Shukshina as Oksana Godman (Alex’s parents). Faye Marsay has presented the role of Katya Godman, Alex’s sister, and we have watched David Dencik as Boris Godman, Alex’s uncle.

So, these are those who have been an integral part of season 1 but should you expect them in season 2 as well? No official announcement has come about the cast, but we are expecting that they will replicate their respective roles in McMafia Season 2 also. We have seen a lot of actors in season 1 but it doesn’t seem that they all will return, so some new faces can also be witnessed in season 2.


McMafia Season 2 Plot: What’s Going To Happen Next?

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The drama shows the changing life of a normal investment banker Alex Godman who turns into a dangerous smuggler. The drama shows us the real modern world where heroin-like drugs are becoming popular among youth. And it also gives you the internal struggle of Alex that he faces at the time of nurturing his criminal world.

Due to its interesting storyline, The Guardian has concluded the series by mentioning, “It’s beautifully put together, the script is a cut above average, and there is a sense of much more power and energy waiting to be unleashed that may well be enough to carry viewers across eight episodes, Europe and most of the Middle East. Whether any of us can cope mentally with being shown what a web of irredeemable mass corruption the world is, I don’t know.”

Season 1 starts with the involvement of Alex in the drug-dealing world where he gets tempted to the dark world of offence as well as fraud. Along with showing this criminal environment, the showrunners have gracefully presented the life problems of Alex. Now, the interesting thing is that all the three problems of life beginning from his battle for avenge and survival to protecting his family, and defeating his fascination have been shown simultaneously.

Many critics have mentioned this show as self-completed so according to this, no new seasons of this show can be made. But the large fanbase of the show wants to see more new outings of the drama and show makers have also decided to go for season 2. In season 2 Alex can be seen as enjoying leisure in the mafia world as in the last episode he escaped from a security agency with the help of his bodyguard.

So now let’s wait and watch what happens next, but have you got any trailer for season 2?

McMafia Season 2 Trailer: It Is Launched?

The BBC hasn’t released any trailer of Mcmafia season 2 but here we are putting the trailer of season 1 to refresh your three-year-old memories. How did you feel when you first watch the trailer of this crime show?


So with the trailer, we are wrapping up things here. We hope that we have been able to answer your questions associated with the Mcmafia season 2 release date, cast, plot, and trailer.

Until you get season 2, you can look at some of our good creations that will surely help you to kill your thirst for crime shows.

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