Mattress Mack Net Worth, Life, And Career!

Corporate jobs lead you nowhere – business is the key. We know it is not always true, but it’s not false for today’s prospect, Mattress Mack aka James McIngvale. Yes, you know it, we’re going to talk about James McIngvale or Mattress Mack net worth in today’s article.

It all starts with a few dollars and leads to millions. Like with Mattress Mack. Not only is he a well-known business owner, but he is also known for his betting colossal sums on sports.

Intrigued? Are you eager to know more about how he made millions from a few thousand dollars? We hope your answer was yes as we’re going to be discussing it today!

We’ll discuss more of Mattress Mack net worth and his life further in the article. What you have to do is just keep reading. This blog is gonna be pretty interesting!

Let’s begin by getting to know him better. Who is Mattress Mack?

Knowing Mattress Mack – Who Is He?

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Born in 1951, Mattress Mack is now one of the most famous business owners ever. No one would have imagined that before 1981.

But what happened in 1981? What changed 30 years after his birth? How did James become Mattress Mack? And now, what is Mattress Mack net worth?

One example of his popularity is the fact that Fiferst has written about him and here you are, reading about it.

Let’s discuss how James McIngvale became Mattress Mack! What’s the journey? Let’s discuss this in the section below.

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Mattress Mack – Early Life And Career

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James McIngvale was born in Starkville, Mississippi, as mentioned above, in the year 1951.

His parents’ names are George McIngvale (dad) and Angela McIngvale (mother).

The business owner has spent his early days on the land where he was born – Mississippi. Once done with high school; he moved to Texas and started pursuing his higher studies at the university.

Well, it was the university where he met the love of his life – they got married.

He has a grand family, and they seem to be thrilled. James and his wife have 4 children together. What’s more? They also have 6 grandchildren!

Although a wonderful football player, he always knew he wanted to be a business owner.

It was in the year 1981, 30 years later, his life took a sharp turn when he launched a $5,000 Gallery Furniture from his pickup truck.

Those $5,000 were not any $5,000. Those were his life’s savings that he invested into Gallery Furniture.

And, of course, the business wasn’t an instant hit. He has had his ups and downs. But the lesson to learn here was to never give up!

His life further escalated when James bravely took the last $10,000 he had and invest them in local commercials. The story of the tagline of the brand is pretty hilarious.

It was while one commercial for the brand was being shot and James got agitated. The cameras kept on rolling. He went ahead and took funds out of his pockets while shouting –

Gallery Furniture saves you money!

The crew got their perfect shot, and the line was a blast!

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How Does Mattress Mack Make His Money?

If not yet mentioned, according to a report that came out in 2015, the company gallery Furniture makes a revenue of around $150 Million annually.

The major source of Mattress Mack’s money is his brand. 

Do you know how many stores Mattress Mack owns?

The American Businessowner has 3 Furniture outlets. The biggest one is situated in Grand Parkway while the smallest one is in Post Oak.

What Is Mattress Mack Net Worth?

mattress mack wearing an astros hoodie
Source – Chron

If you are waiting for us to answer what is Mattress Mack net worth… seems like your wait is over.

Mattress Mack net worth as estimated recently in 2022 is $300 Million. James has earned a noble name in his active years in business, and his net worth seems worthy of what he has worked for.

The 71-year-old business owner is also a philanthropist. During the killer Hurricane Harvey in August 2017, he was the one who started to allow his stores to be used as shelters for the victims.

Then again, in the year 2019, he did the same during Tropical Storm Imelda. and then again in 2021 during Hurricane Ida.

A generous generous man!

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Is Mattress Mack A Billionaire?

Gallery Furniture is one of the best furniture sellers in the United States of America these days. The journey began from inexpensive furniture, and gradually escalated to the high ranges.

He is known to place bets and sometimes haven’t gone too well for him. But that’s what they’re all about.

Mattress Mack net worth seems to be tricking everyone into believing that he’s a billionaire, but that is not the case.

Mattress Mack is not a billionaire. Mattress Mack net worth is $300 million.

Summing Up | Mattress Mack Net Worth

The estimated Mattress Mack net worth is about $300 million. Some updated reports claim it to be about $310 million.

If you think about it, there’s just a difference of 10. But in MILLIONS!

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