A police officer; Happy Valley Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Hot Updates!

If you are a fan of mystery and drama shows, the chances are rare that you are not aware of Happy Valley, the British crime drama show. And if you are here, the chances of that happening diminish even more, because we’re here to talk about Happy Valley season 3 release date!

The show has conquered the hearts of millions all across the world and now is ready to add to the number with season 3 of the show (or is it not). The plot, the cast, and just everything about the show are just so surreal that one can’t help but get themselves engaged in the show and relate to the characters. And this is what somewhere and somehow makes a show worth watching.

Whether it is Happy Valley season 3 release date, the plot, the cast, or anything related to that, we have tried to put everything together and frame it here for you. So, with no further dues, let’s dive straight into the pool of Happy Valley!

Let’s just start with the very basics- what do we know about the show so far and then move forward.

Happy Valley Season 3 Release Date- What Do We Know So Far About The Show?

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There is a lot to know about Happy Valley. But this one post won’t be enough for Fiferst to tell you that. But if we have to tell you, we would tell you why Happy Valley season 3 is one of the most anticipated shows in 2022.

The show has an astounding likability on Rotten Tomatoes where 98% of people/viewers like the show while 89% of Google users like the show as well.

Not just this, the show has a rating of 8.4 stars out of 10 on IMDb.

The show by far has 2 seasons released with six episodes each, and for season 3, we’ll also be looking for six episodes as well. Now, as far as the plot of the show is concerned, let’s talk about that.

What Is Going To Be The Plot Of Happy Valley Season 3?

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After such an exquisitely rated series, who wouldn’t want to know the plot behind it? Even if you do, wouldn’t you want to have a recap?

Well, either way, the Happy Valley season 3 plot as officially described by Netflix is: “Yorkshire police sergeant Catherine Cawood pursues the man who assaulted her late daughter, unaware he is now part of a secret kidnapping plot.”

Now, what happens in the show? Let’s have a little more detailed version of this plot.

The show, set in West Yorkshire, tells us the story of Catherine Cawood, one of the most strong-willed police sergeants. Although strong-willed, she is still trying to process her dear daughter’s suicide that she committed 8 years earlier.

Now, she’s onto the person who assaulted her daughter and wouldn’t give up. But, unaware of the bigger things she is getting herself into.

Who Is Going To Be In Happy Valley Season 3 Cast?

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With this amazing plot of Happy Valley season 3, has to come, and equally amazing cast as well. And to carry this legacy forward, there should be a strong cast in season 3 as well. So, here is the Happy Valley season 3 cast (expected)  as the actual cast has not been announced as of now.

  • Sarah Lancashire as Catherine Cawood; a Halifax Police Sergeant.
  • Charlie Murphy as Ann Gallagher; a kidnap victim,
  • Siobhan Finneran as Clare Cartwright; Catherine’s sister,
  • George Costigan as Nevison Gallagher; Ann’s father.
  • James Norton as Tommy Lee Royce; a drug-offender.

This was for the main expected cast of Happy Valley season 3. Now for the recurring cast, a list has been made below:

  • Shirley Henderson as Frances Drummond; Ryan’s teacher,
  • Matthew Lewis as Sean Balmforth; a murder suspect.
  • Julie Hesmondhalgh as Amanda Wadsworth; John’s newly estranged wife.
  • Amelia Bullmore as Vicky Fleming; John’s mistress,
  • Kevin Doyle as John Wadsworth; a Detective Sergeant,
  • Karl Davies as Daniel Cawood; Catherine’s son,
  • Rick Warden as Mike Taylor; a Police Inspector,
  • Katherine Kelly as Jodie Shackleton; a Police Detective Inspector (DI),
  • Susan Lynch as Alison Garrs; Daryl’s mother.
  • Vincent Franklin as Andy Shepherd; a Detective Superintendent.
  • Con O’Neill as Neil Ackroyd; an old friend of Clare.
  • Robert Emms as Daryl Garrs; a bullied and disturbed young farmer.

We can also expect to have fresh faces as well in the third season of the show.

Is Happy Valley Season 3 Renewed?

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Now that we already know the expected plot and the cast of Happy Valley season 3, what do you think? Is the show renewed? What is Happy Valley season 3 renewal status?

Let’s make a dig into that.

Earlier, when season 2 of the show went off the air, it was not supposed to have a season 3. But a few days to the silence, Sally Wainwright couldn’t hold herself anymore and says:

“I’m delighted to find myself back in the world of Catherine Cawood and her family and colleagues for the final instalment of the Happy Valley trilogy, it’s been wonderful to see the lasting impact this series has had on audiences all over the world.”

However, the third season of Happy Valley will be the last one to air.

So, the Happy Valley season 3 renewal status is: Approved!

What Is Happy Valley Season 3 Release Date?

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Now that we know for sure that Happy Valley season 3 is on the cards, the question arises, when the card is going to come out? When is the Happy Valley season 3 release date? When can we expect to watch the show?

Here is what we know about the Happy Valley season 3 release date:

As Fiferst already mentioned, Happy Valley season 3 will start the shooting and filming process “early in 2022”. Since we are already in 2022, there is not much time left for the shoot of the show to start.

Following that schedule, the Happy Valley season 3 release date can be in the middle of 2023 at the latest and the end of 2022, at the earliest.

And if the show comes out in late 2022, what can be better than that, right?

Is Happy Valley Season 3 Trailer Released?

As we mentioned earlier, the shooting of Happy Valley season 3 will begin in a few days. That would automatically mean that there is no content yet to create a season 3 trailer from.

The trailer for this British drama series would come out 6-8 weeks before the actual show would release.

So no, the Happy Valley season 3 trailer has not yet been released and viewers should not expect any trailer from the show before the end of this year, 2022 or 2023 beginning.

Meanwhile, why don’t you refresh your memory of season 2 with the Happy Valley season 2 trailer we have right here for you?

Where Can I Watch Happy Valley Season 3?

You can watch Happy Valley season 3 on AMC+. The 6 episodes from season 3 will be released there while you can watch the other two seasons, in America and Canada, on AMC+ as well.

The show Happy Valley can also be watched on BBC One in the UK.

Summing Up | Happy Valley Season 3

So, good news for fans! The show’s filming will kick off in just a few days and we’ll get season 3 of the Happy Valley season 3 in the first few days of 2023!

How cool is that!

But don’t you think 2023 is a fair time away? Absolutely yes!

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