Good Witch Season 7 release date

Good Witch is a Canadian comedy-drama series whose introductory season was released on 28th January 2015. The show streams on the Hallmark Channel and it has come out as one of the most successful dramas for the network. It has scored stunning 7.9/10 stars on and decent 7.3/10 stars on the IMDb. So far six seasons of the series have released and the last season was wind up on 18th August 2019.

For the last two years show lovers have been waiting to know the Good Witch Season 7 release date. In July 2020, season 7 got a green light from the showrunners and if you are also a big fan of this drama then let me tell you that your wait for the upcoming season is over. Yes, the tv line has revealed great news regarding season 7 just a few days back. So, here is everything that we have explored about the seventh season of drama so far –

Are We Getting To Know Good Witch Season 7 Release Date?

Good Witch Season 7 release date

In February 2021, the TV line disclosed that Good Witch Season 7 will air on 16th May 2021 on the Hallmark Channel. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic this time we have waited longer to know the premiere date of season 7. And as the waiting duration was extra, showrunners have kept the arrival date of season 7 similar to previous seasons. If you remember the sixth season was launched on 6th May 2020.

It’s quite fascinating to understand the new COVID-19 precautionary measures the actors had to follow during the filming of the season. As per Bell’s Instagram, the stars started working in October, and the shooting of season 7 finished last February. The actor revealed that the upcoming season won’t have multiple kissing scenes between pairs like the previous season because of the recent health security measures. However, she promised, “it’s still romantic, don’t worry.”

Simultaneously, Bell also mentioned that the latest season can be launched in April but it’s looking that Hallmark is smartly trying to bring a twist in the arrival dates of its top shows. Good Witch Season 7 release date in May signifies it’s will be premiered soon after the network’s popular series When Calls the Heart concludes its eight-season.

How Will Good Witch Season 7 Plot Be?

Good Witch Season 7 release date

The latest Hallmark’s official media statements claim that velvet bags crowded with soil that Cassie, Joy, and Abigail have got in the climax of the sixth season will give birth to a new enigma for the cousins to solve. It seems that bags will push the Merriwick cousins to explore previous incidents that have thrown them in a situation which they are facing presently.


Furthermore, Bell mentioned on Instagram that Good Witch Season 7 is going to be an “intense,” “emotional,” and “very magical” season. “The Merriwicks, we’re on an adventure, kind of a mystery, to try and find out about our past,” she included in her Instagram reel. Viewers can also get to see enough romance as the imprecation that created a gap between Abigail and Donovan has been smashed.

So, now ill-fated lovers are entirely unrestricted to enjoy each other’s company. We are definitely going to witness a bunch of cute moments in the upcoming season. Don’t forget to pin down the date of 16th May 2020 in your diary. So, be ready to watch another rip-roaring season of the fantasy drama.

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Who Will Be Part Of Good Witch Season 7 Cast?

Good Witch season 7 release date

Hallmark hasn’t revealed any official details about the cast of the forthcoming season. But reports of trusted sources like Looper claim that former actors will be back in the Good Witch Season 7 episodes. Lead stars of the drama like Catherine Bell and James Denton have delivered superb performances in the previous seasons of the drama. Viewers have liked the way through which they presented themselves on the screen.

Not only viewers critics have also praised their acting skills. Apart from this, we have also seen the suspenseful ending of the previous season which can’t be concluded without the core characters of the show. So, if we consider these factors then the possibilities of return of previous stars look quite higher. So far we haven’t received any details about the addition of new actors in season 7. So, according to the latest information, the actors that can be seen in season 7 are –

  • Catherine Bell will play his role of Cassandra Nightingale.
  • James Denton will deliver his role of Dr. Sam Radford.
  • Sarah Power will be seen as Abigail Pershing.
  • Catherine Disher will portray the character of Martha Tinsdale.
  • Kylee Evans will display the character of Stephanie Borden.
  • Marc Bendavid will present the character of Donovan Davenport.
  • Scott Cavalheiro will play his role of Adam Hawkins.
  • Peter MacNeill will deliver his role of George O’Hanrahan.
  • Katherine Barrell will be seen as Rejoyla Harper.
  • Paul Miller will portray the character of Tom Tinsdale.

How Many Episodes Will Be In Good Witch Season 7?

Good Witch season 7 release date


In the sixth season, we have seen 10 episodes including –

  • Episode 1: The Anniversary
  • Episode 2: The Chili
  • Episode 3: The Clock
  • Episode 4: The Dinner
  • Episode 5: The Mandala
  • Episode 6: The Dream
  • Episode 7: The Tableau
  • Episode 8: The Chocolates
  • Episode 9: The Loft
  • Episode 10: The Bird

If we talk about the episodes of the upcoming season we haven’t received any official details about it. However, we have observed that in all of the previously released seasons there were 10 episodes, so if the Good Witch Season 7 follows this pattern then it will also consist of 10 episodes. However, this is just anticipation, exact details will be known only after the launch of the season.


Is There Any News Of Good Witch Season 7 Trailer?


The trailer of season 7 hasn’t arrived yet but it will be released soon. As we told you earlier that the filming of season 7 has completed in February and the creators have decided to launch it on 16th May 2021. So, it’s expected that the trailer can be released in April. So, we don’t have to wait for a long time to watch it. Instead of waiting for it, you can watch high voltage Good Witch season 6 trailer embedded above.

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