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In the American music industry, who hasn’t heard about Chief Keef? He has created a name for himself in the area of rapping, singing, and songwriting – To be precise, he has touched the chords in a direction that would appeal to modern-day music lovers.

A rise in the name and fame directly leads to an upsurge in curiosity and speculations about celebrities. If you’ve known him, you must have also wondered about Chief Keef net worth. Haven’t you? If your answer to this question is positive, this article is exactly what you need!

We bring the most relevant and reliable information about Chief Keef net worth, early life, career, and more for you in one place. All that you have got to do is to invest less than five minutes into this article. Scroll down, read, and discover an overview of all that is to be known about the American rapper. What are you waiting for? Get started already!

Chief Keef Net Worth – Taking A Tour Of Chief Keef’s Early Life & Childhood!

Chief Keef is smiling
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This article happens to be about Chief Keef. However, we hope that you know that it is not his real name. Yes, you heard that right. Chief Keef happens to be the name that was chosen by this young artist to be used for him on the stage. Want the details? Read on!

Chief Keef was born on August 15, 1995 in Chicago as Keith Farrelle Cozart. His mother, Lolita Carter was not married and delivered him when she was only 15 years of age.

Alfonzo Cozart was his father, however, Chief Keef did not live with the man since his early days. As per the information that we have, the rapper lived with his grandmother in Chicago. It was his grandmother who took the role of his legal guardian.

Chief Keef’s childhood was spent in the south side of the city where the Black Disciples street gang enjoyed an impactful hold. In fact, Chief Keef also happens to be a member of the same group.

His early education was completed at Dulles Elementary School. Later, he moved to a therapeutic day school that went by the name of Banner School. As per reports, the rapper was 15 years of age when he opted out of Dyett High School.

Do you know that Chief Keef was named after his uncle, Keith Carter or Big Keef? Well, that was a new piece of information for us and happens to be true. Do not stop. Keep scrolling down and read this article about Chief Keef net worth to uncover more interesting facts!

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Chief Keef Net Worth – A Quick Overview Of Chief Keef’s Career

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You might be surprised to know that Chief Keef started taking steps in the direction of rapping at a very young age. How young? He was just five years old when he stepped into its world with the help of tapes and a karaoke machine owned by his mother.

Chief Keef became infamously known for his mixtapes, The Glory Road and Bang, which he released when he was only 16 years of age. Throughout his career, he has been involved in various legal and financial affairs. At a point in his life when he was legally put under house arrest, Chief Keef started uploading content on his YouTube channel.

If you are familiar with terms like mumble rapping and drilling, you are most likely to have heard about Chief Keef. The 26-years-old rapper is given the credit for having started these traditions by many. His song I Don’t Like is said to have enormously contributed to the development of ‘Drill.’ The track did not just become a hit but also brought popularity to Chief Keef as it was taken up and remixed by Kanye West.

Right after this, there were various labels tried to bring Chief Keef on board, however, the young artist made his final choice with Interscope Records. This was followed by the release of his first studio album that went by Finally Rich. The year 2012 witnessed the release of his song Love Sosa while 2013 brought Chief Keef’s collaboration with Kanye West on Hold My Liquor.

In 2012, Chief Keef dropped two mixtapes which led to a negative reaction. As accepted by him, his drug addiction issues led to a downfall in the quality of his tracks that were released later. However, he dropped another mixtape called Back From The Dead 2 independently that held many of his tracks.

There came a turning point in his life after a shooting incident that brought Chief Keef to the point where he took up a position at the opposite end of violence caused due to gang wars. He tried to organize a concert for Marvin Carr who lost his life during the incident but failed as the police stopped his appearance via hologram in fear of the concert leading to provocation or further aggression.

The quantity of his music started declining in the years that followed to the extent that 2016 even saw him announce his retirement. Contrary to this, Chief Keef did become a part of some collaborations. In 2019, he expressed his intention to launch Almighty So 2 and also produced a song called Chrome Heart Tags.

Let us now step towards the final segment about Chief Keef net worth!

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Chief Keef Net Worth – Know About Chief Keef Net Worth In 2022

Chief Keef is looking at someone
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After taking a peep into his life, career, and story, we have reached the most exciting part of this article you must have been waiting for. Thank you for being patient because like always, here we are with reliable information that would bring your confusion to an end. It is time to talk about Chief Keef net worth.

As per the update of Celebrity net worth, the updated annual financial worth of Chief Keef is about $1 million. His deal with Interscope Records was canceled as the requirement made by the label could not be met.

However, this Chief Keef net worth value has been calculated after keeping his work, promotions, as well as possessions, and property into view. The estimation also takes the amount spent by him on child support claims, real estate evictions, and other legal matters.

That was all we had to share with you about Chief Keef net worth for now. For more such spicy articles about the net worth of leading celebrities, stay in touch with Fiferst and keep watching this space!

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