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This time Fiferst is here with a sneak peek of a renowned American actress and producer’s life. The artist who has been winning millions of hearts since her magnificent performance in the comedy-drama ‘DINER’. Yes, you’ve guessed it right, today we will be talking about Ellen Barkin net worth.

Ellen Barkin is an amazing actor who got famous after her debut film ‘Diner’. Since then, she has played several challenging roles in movies like Switch, Sea of Love, and The Big Easy. She earned a Tony Award for The Normal Heart and an Emmy Award for Before Women Had Wings.

We are talking about a woman with huge fame, who doesn’t wanna know how much her net worth is. So here we will be telling you Ellen Barkin net worth along with some information about her career, early life, and much more. 

Ellen Barkin – Know About Her Inspiring Career

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Ellen Barkin’s breakthrough performance was in Barry Levinson’s comedy-drama Diner (1982), which got excellent feedback for her performance. Even after her unfamiliarity and his lack of acquaintance with her work, she persuaded director Bruce Beresford to give her a role in the film Tender Mercies in 1983.

Later, she worked in many movies that got popular. The suspenseful The Big Easy which was released in 1987 and Sea of Love which was released in 1989 are one of them.

Additionally, she has appeared in movies developed specifically for television, including The White River Kid and Before Women Had Wings, for which she received an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or Movie (1999). On XM’s Deep Tracks, she co-hosted the Theme Time Radio Hour and provided the opening narration for each episode.

Later, along with her brother George and her ex-husband, rich tycoon Ronald Perelman, she founded a movie production firm in 2005. She then earned the 2011 Tony Award for Best Featured Actress. For her role in “Another Happy Day”, she has won praise. Her appearance was named one of the year’s top female presentations by IndieWire.

She played ‘Dani Kirschenbloom’ in the Showtime light entertainment “Happyish” in 2015. She also played Janine “Smurf” Cody, the mother of the criminal gang, in the show ‘Animal Kingdom’. The 2010 Australian film starring Jacki Weaver as Smurf served as the inspiration for the television series.

She put her career on hold somewhat after getting married to billionaire and chairman of the Revlon company Ronald O. Perelman in 2000. She intermittently appeared in edgy movies like She Hate Me and Palindromes, both released in 2004.

In 2006, she and Perelman got a divorce. With the help of her brother George Berkin, a screenwriter and former editor-in-chief, she entered the independent film industry just before divorcing her husband in late 2005. The company they founded was called “Applehead Pictures”.

Her most recent appearances were made in The Chameleon (2010), Very Good Girls (2013), The Cobbler (2014), Hands of Stone (2016), and Active Adults (2017).

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Ellen Barkin – Tracing Her Journey

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Ellen Barkin was born on April 16, 1954, in the Bronx, New York. Her family is Russian Jews. She was raised in the South Bronx and Queens and decided to pursue acting in her teenage years. Later, she was welcomed into Manhattan’s High School of the Performing Arts.

She then went to Hunter College, where she double majored in acting and history, and went on to get her degree. She had considered becoming an ancient history teacher but changed her mind and went back to acting, her initial interest. Her schooling was continued in New York.

She pursued theatre as her subject and learned the same for seven years. Then she finally got her first audition secured. Besides that, She carried on working as a waitress at a Club.

She appeared in plays such as “Shout Across the River”, “Extremities”, “Fool for Love”, and “Eden Court”. She received universal acclaim for her debut lead role in Diner (1982), in which she shared the screen with Mickey Rourke and Daniel Stern.

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Ellen Barkin – Her Life Beyond Cameras

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While enjoying multiple perks of fame, there are a lot of disadvantages too. Not having privacy is one of them. Most often celebrities are open about their relationship in public but even if they want to keep it private they are never able to do so.

The personal lives of celebrities are one of the things that makes them more curious about them. In 1987, Ellen Barkin married her co-star Gabriel Bryne and later they parted ways in 1993. They have two children together – a son and a daughter. In 1999, she and Byrne were divorced.

In 1998, she was in a relationship with actor Johnny Depp, with whom she co-starred in the film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Her collection of “Magnificent Jewels from the Collection of Ellen Barkin” was auctioned off in October 2006 at Christie’s in New York for $20,369,200. In 2007, she filed a lawsuit against Perelman for not putting $3.4 million in investment funds. 

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Ellen Barkin net worth

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So after learning about Ellen Barkin’s work, career, and personal and professional life, we have now arrived at the most intriguing part of the article. Yes, it’s Ellen Barkin net worth. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Ellen Barkin net worth is estimated to be $ 80 million.

After looking at her journey, we know she has come a long way and made her place in a lot of hearts. But despite her acting and producing career, she also manages her finances very well. 

More than 10 property investment assets, 6 cars, and 1 luxury yacht are possessed by Ellen Barkin. Over $25 Million in cash is also included in her assets. A $14 million capital consisting of 12 stocks is also owned by her. Companies like Walmart, Apple, Amazon, and Berkshire Hathaway include several of Ellen Barkin’s stocks.

So this was all the information related to Ellen Barkin net worth from our side. We hope we were able to answer all your queries. For more exciting updates and information about the actress, stay connected to Fiferst.

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