Paul Sorvino Net Worth

Actor, singer, businessman, and author Paul Sorvino was born and brought up in the United States Of America. He repeatedly played the roles of authorities on both the criminal justice and law enforcement sides.

Paul had a remarkable multi-decade TV and movie career that includes starring parts in movies like “Goodfellas” and “The Firm” as well as television shows like “Law & Order.”

Considering his career in the entertainment world, it only makes sense to wonder about Paul Sorvino net worth. Here is a list of the numerous revenue streams he has used throughout the years.

Paul Sorvino – Know About His Early And Personal Life!

Paul Sorvino and his wife posing for the cameras
Source – Fox News

Ford and Angela Sorvino brought their son Sorvino into the world on April 13, 1939, in New York City. While his father, an Italian immigrant, worked as a foreman at a robe factory, his mother spent much of her time at home teaching piano. Through his adolescence, he pursued a career in theatre and received voice instruction.

Later, he went to the American Musical and Dramatic Academy after graduating from Lafayette High School. Prior to working in the entertainment sector, Sorvino was a copywriter for an advertising firm and studied voice for 18 years. He made the decision to start doing some role auditions at that time to see where he fit in.

Sorvino wed Lorraine Davis in 1966, and the couple went on to parent three children: actresses Mira and Amanda, as well as a boy named Michael. After Lorraine and Sorvino’s divorce in 1988, Sorvino wed Vanessa Arico in 1991. He divorced her in 1996 after his second marriage, which was likewise doomed to failure.

In 2014, Sorvino married political analyst Denessa Purvis “Dee Dee” Benkie, whom he had met while appearing on a Fox News program. He died in the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, on July 25, 2022, at the age of 83, for an unspecified reason.

Paul had several media appearances as a result of situations in which he was protecting his girls. In 2007, the father intervened when the ex-lover of his daughter Amanda threatened her in a hotel. He reached prior to the arrival of the police to speak with the individual and was lawfully in possession of a pistol. The ex-boyfriend was eventually arrested by the police.

As one of his favorite interests, he adores sculpture and is an accomplished cast bronze artist. He also utilized his operatic singing skills by duetting on the 2008 album with Eddy Napoli and singing “Luna Rossa.”

Want to know the exact numbers for Paul Sorvino net worth? Keep reading!

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A Glimpse Into His Career – What Assisted In Building Paul Sorvino Net Worth?

Paul Sorvino During his early days posing for a photoshoot
Source – Wikipedia

In 1964, Sorvino made his professional debut on Broadway in the show “Bajour.” He had several Broadway musical offers as a consequence, and he started showcasing his talents. In the 1970 film “Where’s Poppa?” directed by Carl Reiner, he played his first acting role. He was also nominated for his performance in the play “That Championship Season”.

For his portrayal of Phil Romano in Jason Miller’s 1972 Broadway play That Championship Season, Sorvino won praise from critics. His following performance, in the film “It Couldn’t Happen to a Nicer Guy, was slightly perilous and divisive since his role was thought to be daring and risqué even for the contemporary 1970s. These roles helped to accumulate Paul Sorvino net worth.

As an Italian-American Communist called Louis C. Fraina, Sorvino starred in the epic movie Reds in 1981. After that, he had an appearance in The Stuff, a 1985 science fiction horror film. On the venerable television program Law & Order in 1991, Paul Sorvino portrayed Sergeant Phil Cerreta. Due to the rigorous schedule, Sorvino exited the program after 29 episodes.

He acted as the late Raymond Burr’s replacement in a 1993 Perry Mason TV movie. He additionally portrayed Bruce Willis’ father in the recurring television show Moonlighting. He was the one narrating for The History Channel’s “The Big House” and the villainous voice for “Hey Arnold!: The Movie” in 1998.

In movies like Nixon, The Rocketeer, Goodfellas, and The Firm, Sorvino is most known for playing an authoritative character. He made appearances in television dramas from the year 2000, including That’s Life and Still Standing.

Repo! The Genetic Opera, a musical released in 2008, featured Sorvino as GeneCo founder Rotti Largo. His wife, Dee Dee Sorvino, and numerous other actors co-star in his last movie, The Ride, which was released in 2022.

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Paul Sorvino Net Worth 2023!

A still from one of Paul Sorvino’s movies
Source – Vulture

Paul Sorvino net worth was projected to be approximately $10 million as of 2022, the year of his passing. In 1970, Sorvino made his film debut in the Carl Reiner comedy “Where’s Poppa?” But Sorvino’s earnings in his later years didn’t come exclusively from acting. The 2012 movie “The Trouble with Cali,” which was composed by his child Amanda Sorvino, was one of his productions and directorial efforts.

Along with his numerous business endeavors, off-Broadway productions, and a few musical appearances, he also earned a sizeable sum of money. Sorvino was still a rich man when he passed away, despite being remembered for his financial charity.

Along with starting the American Stage Company, Sorvino has produced a number of well-liked Off-Broadway productions. Since he was a young boy, he has had asthma attacks, and he based his text, “How to Become a Former Asthmatic,” with the help of his understanding. In addition to performing, he was a talented sculptor with a focus on cast bronze.

In addition, he is a gourmet who launched his own chain of pasta seasonings in 2007 under the Paul Sorvino Foods label. His mum taught him to handle the kitchen during his teenage years, and the recipes are based on those she passed down to him. Three years later, Sorvino joined the Janson-Beckett Cosmeceuticals ownership group.

Paul Sorvino established the “Sorvino Asthmatic Foundation” in 1993 with the intention of reducing the suffering brought on by the potentially fatal symptoms of asthma in both children and adults via advocacy, one-on-one assistance, and education.

A significant amount of his acting salary was donated to charities near to his heart, and he and his family also ran a private horse sanctuary in Pennsylvania.

Along with his daughter Amanda, he was an animal enthusiast who advocated in Washington, D.C., for the Americans Against Horse Slaughter organisation. In February 2002, he also contributed to co-founding the Pennsylvania and New York-based Dogfellas Dog Adoption Society.

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