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Who doesn’t love thrilling, adventurous, and dark web series, right? The Wilds, as the name suggests, offer fans the same thrill. But after the finale of the second installment, will there be The Wilds season 3? Check it out now.

“The Wilds” is a drama TV series developed by Sarah Streicher. The first season of the show aired on Dec 11, 2020, on Amazon Prime Video. The show has two seasons in total. The first season received positive reviews in comparison to the second installment.

It got favorable reviews from critics who praised the plot, writing and acting. It has a rating of 7.3/10 as reported by IMDb. Before going into the details of the release date, let’s see what happened till now in the show.

Spoilers Ahead!

The Wilds Recap: What Do We Know So Far?

The Wilds Season 1 follows a bunch of teenage girls traveling to Hawaii for a seminar called the Dawn of Eve program meant for young females’ empowerment. These girls belonged to varied backgrounds. While they were mid-way their plane crashed into an ocean, but the girls were able to escape the accident and end up trapped on a remote island.

The group of teenage girls taking their luggage after plane crash
Source – Prime Video

The girls were unaware of the fact that they all were a part of a sociological experiment, while they were trying to survive on the deserted island. The plane accident was not an accident, it was faked by Gretchen Klein, the director of the Dawn of Eve program. The survivors are questioned after their false rescue by two men who were pretending to be FBI agents.

In The Wilds Season 2, we saw a bunch of teenage boys including Rafael Garcia, Josh Herbert, Seth Novak, and many more who also becomes victims of Klein’s staged plane crash in the name of Adam program.

While the girls are still held prisoner in the underground bunker, they begin to learn the truth about the whole situation and try to contact the boys. On the other hand, boys are similarly questioned by two men Faber and Young, as a part of their “supposed” rescue.

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The Wilds Season 3 Release Date: Will It Get Renewed?

The Wilds Season 1 was a blockbuster and got so much lot of love that after a few days its airing, Amazon Prime Video renewed the series for a second season.

The bunch of teenage boys on the deserted island in the second season
Source – Prime Video

But sadly, the second installment of the show wasn’t able to live up to the expectations of the fans. After wrapping The Wilds Season 2, the series was officially canceled by Sarah Streicher.

In Jul 2022, the series was dropped after two seasons. Shannon Berry who played the role of Dottie confirmed the news of the cancellation and posted a heartfelt message on Instagram. Sadly, you won’t be getting The Wilds season 3.

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The Wilds Season 3 Plot: How The Story Could Have Progressed?

We learned in the second installment, the girls discover that there are boys as well who are a part of this experiment just like them but they are detained on a different island. In The Wilds season 2 ending, the boys decide to embark on a dangerous journey in order to search for a way off the island.

The girls screaming for help while they are stranded on the island
Source – Prime Video

Eventually, they join the group of girls in a room, where Klein introduces them to the start of a new experiment, through an announcement. With that announcement, the show comes to an end, leaving fans curious about the upcoming events.

But what could have happened? It was most likely that the joined group of teenagers would’ve faced new challenges while trying to adjust to that situation. It was also expected that since they were together, we would’ve seen some romantic involvement also.

Since The Wilds season 3 has already been canceled, there is no fun talking about the third season’s expected storyline.

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Who Could Have Been In The Cast Of The Wilds Season 3?

The Wilds season 3 won’t be happening, but you could have expected everyone including surviving youths would have made a comeback if the show had continued. From the girl’s group including Sophia Ali, Shannon Berry, and Jenna Claus to the boys’ group.

Cast of The Wilds season 3
Source – Prime Video

There are always chances of introducing new characters; we would have seen them if the show would’ve been renewed for a third installment. Below are the names of the actors who were part of the series.

  • Sophia Ali as Fatin Jadmani
  • Shannon Berry as Dorothy “Dot” Campbell
  • Jenna Clause as Martha Blackburn
  • Reign Edwards played the role of Rachel Reid
  • Rachel Griffiths as Gretchen Klein
  • Charles Alexander as Kirin O’Conner
  • Zack Calderon portrayed the role of Rafael Garcia
  • Nicholas Coombe as Josh Herbert

More actors in recurring roles were, James Fraser as Ian Murnen, Jarred Blakiston as Alex, Jen Huang as Susan, and Elliott Giarola as Devon Klein.

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Is There A Trailer For The Wilds Season 3?

Since The Wilds season 3 has been officially dropped, it’s obvious that there will be no trailer regarding that. Sadly, we will never get to know the fate of the survivors from the second season.

But before the official cancellation, Prime Videos uploaded a blooper video. You can check out that video linked below, and cheer your mood up.

Where To Watch The Wilds?

The Wilds season 3 won’t be returning but you can binge watch previous two seasons on Amazon Prime Video.

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