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As Netflix released Wrong Side Of The Tracks season 2, we continue to be blown away by the show. It is understandable that we would be interested in knowing about the Wrong Side Of The Tracks season 3 release date. The show takes us into a chaotic universe of weapons and illegal substances, and the emotional plot continues to keep us engaged. Tirso Abantos, the show’s main character, and every other cast member’s abilities as actors contributed to making the show an absolute pleasure to binge-watch.

We are all aware of how exciting Spanish shows can be, and that’s why we’re all obsessed with them, true? And whenever a show is rumored to be one of the highly awaited Spanish hits of Netflix, we’re hooked on it! Since we’ve seen season 2, we’re all curious regarding the Wrong Side Of The Tracks season 3 release date. Let’s get all our answers!

Wrong Side Of The Tracks Season 3 – About The Show

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Before directly jumping to the Wrong Side Of The Tracks season 3 release date, let’s explore the main storyline of the drama. Tirso Abantos is a former army man who now lives in Entrevas and owns a hardware shop. The widespread availability of illegal substances has exacerbated the area’s general standard of daily life.

Irene, Tirso’s granddaughter, results in getting herself into problems by telling her beau, Nelson, that she desires to go off with him. Nelson, who was doing drug smuggling for the nearby criminal Sandro, devised a plan to steal the drugs and then utilize the earnings to flee with Irene along with carrying the entire cash.

Irene tells her grandfather Tirso that she got late getting home because things failed to go the way planned. But her plan fails as soon as Tirso finds out a drug in her suitcase. The drug dealer Sandro orders his man Ezequiel the task of following the culprit. Tirso discovers that spending time together at the house is the most effective way to rectify Irene.

In police headquarters, Ezequiel helps Nelson in evading the inspection being organized by Amanda, the recently chosen head. Then we got to know that Nelson was working with officers for a long time.

Nelson and Irene’s intended leaving is put on hold when Nelson mistakenly wounds Alicia, Tirso’s past close neighbor while trying to find the illegal substances that are now in Tirso’s hands. In, the discovery of illegal substances, Amanda and Ezequiel are keeping their eyes on Nelson and Irene.

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Wrong Side Of The Tracks Season 3 Release Date – Will It Air In 2023?

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Now, we have arrived at the most awaited section which is the Wrong Side Of The Tracks season 3 release date. We’re conscious that making a show is expensive, right? And bringing a follow-up season is a more tough job than making the launch season. Moreover, the continuation becomes more difficult if the show is a Netflix original. Wrong Side Of The Tracks is a suspenseful action mystery. With two seasons under its wings and having interlinked stories, it’s understandable that viewers will desire more.

However, the creators don’t seem enthusiastic about the Wrong Side Of The Tracks season 3 release date or they may be concealing it. They haven’t provided a word yet, but we cannot take it as negative because there hasn’t passed much time since the arrival of Wrong Side Of The Tracks season 2.

However, the show has been greenlit for season 3 back in November 2022. It is going to take some time before the creators reveal the Wrong Side Of The Tracks season 3 release date.

Wrong Side Of The Tracks Season 2 was made available on Netflix on March 1, 2023. The third outing is expected to air in the spring of 2024, like the previous two seasons. Let’s hold our nerves and wait for it!

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Wrong Side Of The Tracks season 3 Plot – What will happen in the upcoming season?

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The drama tells the story of Tirso Abantos, an apparently ordinary hardware operator having some black secrets. However, what’s good is that Tirso never hides, and never pretends to be someone he isn’t. Once Tirso’s granddaughter, Elaine, becomes entangled in a black universe of illegal substances and he fails to fight back. Tirso accuses Elaine’s beau, Nelson, of pushing her into that situation.

Now, Tirso’s path to safeguard Elaine from the grips of Sandro, an illegal substance mafia, starts here. The highlight is Elaine’s consistent obstinacy and proneness to put herself into difficulties. Wrong Side Of The Tracks Season 2 concluded with plenty of surprises so season 3 has a lot of things to show.

The peculiar Phantom might serve as the primary narrative for Season 3. The final episodes indicated an arms seller murdering Amanda’s dad. As Amanda has turned a police officer, this season could revolve around Phantom’s arrival in The Blocks and Amanda’s feud with him. Tirso and Elaine, are also going to be in the limelight. We could see Amanda’s vengeance on Phantom, which could jeopardize Elaine and Tirso’s growing bond. Furthermore, Gladys, Nelson’s mom, and Tirso’s bond require more attention in season 3!

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Wrong Side Of The Tracks season 3 Cast – Who will be part of the next season?

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Cast members play a huge role in a show’s success. And in this show, the cast hasn’t failed to impress. This show features some of the finest actors and actresses including:

  • José Coronado portrayed Tirso Abantos
  • Luis Zahera portrayed Ezequiel Fandiño
  • Nona Sobo portrayed Irene Sánchez Abantos
  • Felipe Londoño portrayed Nelson Gutiérrez
  • Laura Ramos portrayed Gladys
  • Manolo Caro portrayed Sanchís
  • Manuel Tallafé portrayed Pepe
  • Itziar Atienza portrayed Amanda Martos

As per Wikipedia, some actors like Natalia Dicenta, Michelle Calvó, Óscar Higares, and Álex Medina will be seen in the new season.

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Wrong Side Of The Tracks season 3 Trailer – Is it coming soon?

Currently, the trailer for the Wrong Side Of The Tracks season 3 has not been released yet as the show is yet to be renewed. However, you can watch the trailer for the previous’s season linked above.

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Is The Wrong Side Of The Tracks Worth Watching?

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The show has a rating of 6.9/10 on IMDb whereas on Rotten Tomatoes, some critics praised the show’s gritty realism and compelling characters, while others felt that the show was too formulaic and didn’t bring anything new to the table. The audience score is 84% indicating that the show has resonated more with viewers than with critics.

Common Sense Media gave the show a 3 out of 5-star rating. They noted that the show contained strong language, violence, and drug use, which may not be appropriate for all audiences. They also praised the show’s portrayal of complex family dynamics and the importance of perseverance and hard work in overcoming adversity. However, it cautioned parents to use their own judgment when deciding whether the show is appropriate for their children or not.

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Where to Watch the Wrong Side Of The Tracks?

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You can stream the show on Netflix. So this was all for the Wrong Side Of The Tracks season 3 release date. We hope all your queries were solved in this piece. We are hoping that the third season will be released soon. Stay tuned for more updates!

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