World Against Child Labour Day 2020

Why we are creating awareness regarding World Against Child Labour Day 2020? Before knowing the answer of this question let’s check what is happening in the world with child labours. Due to the coronavirus epidemic the world is suffering a lot, GDP of every nation has been hitted badly. Life of many people have become worst as they are facing a lot to earn their daily bread. This all has increased concern on children of below 18 years age.

World is fearing that children would be pushed for child labourer because of their obligations. They are suffering from financial crisis therefore some people will try to take advantage of their situation.

International Labour Organisation(ILO) is also expressing their concern over the life of many children. The international organisation has reviled that presently approximately 152 million minors are  child labour. From this approx 72 million are indulged in risky tasks. But from 2000 there is drop in the number of child labour, approx 94 million minors have been prevented from being exploited.

Director of UNICEF has also given statement on child labour  “As we re-imagine the world post-COVID, we need to make sure that children and their families have the tools they need to weather similar storms in the future. Quality education, social protection services and better economic opportunities can be game changers,”

The organisation has also told that these minors would be misused.


What is World Against Child Labour Day?

World against Child labour Day

The campaign was started in 2002 whose main motive is to create consciousness regarding exploitation of children. The World Against Labour Day is organised every year on 12 June. On this day all authorities including government and organisation reunites to solve various problems regarding child labour.

As per report of Labour Organisation almost million of small children are indulged in tasks that restricts them from receving primary education, healthcare and liberty. Many of the children are doing slavery which is against their democratic rights. Some of them are also involved in criminal works like smuggling drugs and several others.


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Main motive of World Against Child Labour 2020?

The main motive of World Against Child Labour 2020 is to prevent youths from being exploited. The main motive of this programme is to aware minors about their misuse by people during this Coronavirus epidemic.


Importance of World Against Child Labour Day 2020?

World against child labour day

World Against Child Labour Day is mainly organised so that children can understand their democratic rights. They can prevent themself from misuse by self centred people. If they will be aware of their rights they can help themselves, their constitutional rights will help them to walk in right path.

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So, It was all about World Against Children Day 2020. I hope we will contribute together in removing child labour problems around us.

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