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If you are one of those who have enjoyed watching Hollywood movies from the 1980s and 90s, Val Kilmer is a face that you are very unlikely to have missed. Kilmer, who is 62 years of age at present, happens to be a well-known and recognized personality in the industry. No surprises there, credits to his strong career with names and titles that are a statement in themselves.

Val Kilmer began from the prominent Juilliard School and went on to become a part of many hit movies. Top GunTop Secret!, The DoorsBatman Forever, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and Tombstone are just a few of these to start with. Does it all make you curious about Val Kilmer net worth? Well, that’s exactly what we are here for.

For the fans of Val Kilmer, all that you have got to do is to scroll down, read, and discover the facts and information that we have brought here about Val Kilmer net worth, life, and career exclusively for you. Let us get going!

The Life Of Val Kilmer

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Today we know him as Val Kilmer but what was he like before he caught the eye of the public? From where did the story actually start? You must be wondering about that, aren’t you? Worry not because you’ve got us.

Val Kilmer was born as Val Edward Kilmer on the 31st of December, 1959. Born in Los Angeles, his early years did not have a very smooth ride in store for Kilmer. Val Kilmer’s parents, Gladys Swanette and Eugene Dorris Kilmer got separated when he was merely nine years of age. His younger brother passed away when Kilmer was only 19 years old and a few years later, in 1993, he lost his father too.

Coming to his education, Val Kilmer went to the Christian Science School initially. After grade 9, he changed schools and got into Chatsworth High School located in the San Fernando Valley. Later, Val Kilmer became the youngest face in his time to have been admitted to the prominent Juilliard School for acting.

Kilmer had been a constant topic of discussion for the newsmakers and gossipmongers for his relationships ever since he started his career. He is reported to have dated quite a few famous faces. However, it was in the year 1988 that Val Kilmer finally decided to settle down.

He tied the knot with Joanne Whalley with whom he has also shared the screen in some movies. The couple was blessed with two children but decided to part ways and got divorced in 1996.

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Looking At The Career of Val Kilmer

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Before jumping on to the final section on Val Kilmer net worth, let us quickly go through the journey that Val Kilmer has lived throughout his career. Val Kilmer took the first steps into his field when he got the opportunity to act and write for a play titled How It All Began while being at the Juilliard School.

So, it was a theater that took the center stage early in his career to the extent that Val Kilmer even refused a few movies that were offered to him. In the year 1983, the actor got on board with Slab Boys. In the meantime, he also invested in writing and published My Eden After Burns which was his own poetry collection.

It was finally with the movie Top Secret! that Val Kilmer really cracked the code into the movies. This was followed by Real Genius in 1985. The very next year saw Val Kilmer sharing the screen with Tom Cruise in Top Gun which gave a huge boost to his career. Kilmer was then seen as a part of movies, television as well as theater. The Murders In Rue MorgueBilly the KidKill Me Again, and Hamlet were his next few projects.

In the 1990s, Val Kilmer was signed up for The Doors in which he played the role of Jim Morrison. He also became a part of movies like TombstoneHeat, and True Romance. Wait, have you been waiting for the mention of Batman Forever? Yes, Val Kilmer starred as Batman in the movie Batman Forever in 1995. As per Bob Kane, Val Kilmer did justice to the Batman that he created in the comics.

This was followed by movies including The Island of  Dr. MoreauThe SaintThe Prince Of Egypt, and Joe the King. The next decade witnessed movies like Red PlanetSpartanThe Missing, Wonderland, and Deja Vu.

Before entering the 2010s, the actor did some crime-based movies as well. The TravelerThe TwixtSong to Song, and The Snowman were his projects in the 2010s. He also became a part of Citizen TwainEntourageKnight Rider, and Psych.

In May 2022, Top Gun: Maverick was released. Just like the announcement made back in 2018, Val Kilmer and the rest of the cast brought back their roles on screen from Top Gun of the 1980s.

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Val Kilmer Net Worth In 2022

Val Kilmer is smiling
Source – CNN

Here is the section that happens to be the highlight of this article – Val Kilmer net worth. As reported by Celebrity Net Worth, the net financial worth of Val Kilmer can be estimated to be around $10 million. Read on to understand the Val Kilmer net worth value in a better way.

While he was riding high on success, Val Kilmer was one of the highest-paid actors during his prime days. He was paid notably well for some of his movies like Batman ForeverThe SaintAt First Sight, and The Island of Dr. Moreau. However, things took a turn when his health conditions and not-so-positive reputation brought his work life and market value down.

Talking about real estate, Val Kilmer had been the owner of a ranch that spread across nearly 6,000 acres. Back in 2011, Kilmer sold around 5,300 acres of this property in New Mexico for $18.5 million. For the remaining part, another deal was sealed in the years that followed. As per the reports, near about 160 acres of this capital still remain under the possession of Val Kilmer.

Alright, pals, it would be all that we have got to make a part of this article on Val Kilmer net worth. Hope that it did help the curious corners of your brain. We would see you soon with another spicy topic at Fiferst. Till then, stay in good spirits.

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